Day 4 of Honesty

Day 04 — A blogger friend I’ve known for over five years told me she has been blogging anonymously all this time and most of what I know about her is her fantasy. My reaction to the news is…


Maybe that’s not the right word, but if I were to read about a persons’ daily struggles and opinions, and then after five years, I suddenly hear it has all been fantasy, I would feel like everything is false, her friendship, her comments on my blog, her hurt, her happiness. I would feel like she cheated me. Also, I would feel sad, because what drives some one to make something as honest as a blog, into fantasy???

Perhaps she has her reason, but I would still be quite angry and disappointed about it…


7 thoughts on “Day 4 of Honesty

  1. I can see how cheated would be your reaction. Lots of people have said shock. I think all of your points are valid ones. I thought this was one of the hardest questions to answer along with yesterday’s

  2. I suppose you could also feel cheated if you confided in that person your personal woes – maybe feel exposed to this person who would now feel like a stranger. Good answer!

  3. I have a feeling that after your disappointment of the news, you would give that person the opportunity to explain themselves to you.

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