It makes me remember… (Free Write Friday)

Hey there!

Another insert for Free Write Friday from the amazing Kellie over at Magic in the Backyard.. Please do go have a look at her site!

Our prompt this week is to write a story/poem/flash fiction/whatever with regards to the above picture, which is, incidentally, Kellie’s book cover!!

So here goes nothing…

*”Hey, how about this one?” Sam calls to Claire.
Claire turns around and takes the book out of his hand, their fingers touching for a millisecond. The thrills echoing through their bodies.
“Could work…” She says softly and looks at the cover. Never mind what people says, she always judges a book by the cover, and it has never let her down yet. Her instincts is always right..

She smiles lightly and looks up into Sam’s eyes, and sees her whole heart reflected in his blue eyes…
“It reminds me of that winter… You know…”
Sam just nods and smiles back at Claire, knowing exactly what is going through her mind.

“But you know this is a poetry book… I never read poetry any more…. Well not really. Why would I choose this as my birthday present?”
“Because I can see the cover is talking to you…”
Claire laughs and looks at the cover again.
Her mind wandering to THAT winter…

The fateful winter that showed both Sam and Claire that friends isn’t enough… Suddenly every afternoon after school was spend together, every moment was meant to be spend together… There was hours in the backyard, making up poems, taking turns on the old tyre swing, and only when it grew dark and cold around them, they would remember that is was snowing around them and they should go in.

They spend evenings writing silly poems to one another, and IM’ing it through. It was the winter when Claire discovered she actually liked poetry, and Sam discovered he actually liked Claire.

“I think you should get it. If you don’t, I will have to buy it for you and sneak it into your bookshelf..”
“Why do you want me to have it so badly?”
“Don’t you see… The swing, the snow, The Magic in the Backyard, the poetry. It fits. It makes me remember everything that made us happen… It makes me think of love, of magic, of everything that could’ve happened if we weren’t to scared.”
“Claire, love, I’m not trying to guilt you into anything, I’m just saying, this book, this cover, this name, its US. Its LOVE. And it is all revolving around poetry.”
“Sam, listen. I’m not scared. I love you, you were my best friend, and that winter. It just made me realize how badly, madly I love you. It was too much for a teenager… I couldn’t handle loving some one so much…”
The silence between them grew louder every moment, each holding a point of the book that made them bare all, in the middle of the neighbourhood book shop.
“And now, Claire? What now…?”
“Now, all I can remember is the magic, the magic in the backyard… Our silly poems, the snow, that old swing that made me feel like a little kid. And I want that magic back. But now… Its summer, the swing is gone, and neither of us writes poems any more…”
Sam hesitates a moment, “so buy the book. It has everything. The snow, the swing, the poems. And I believe it holds all the magic we need.”
“No, dear, we have all the magic we need right here.” Claire says, saying the words that they were both waiting for.

In one motion they both drop the book, move together and kiss, kiss like the past three years of only meeting on birthdays haven’t happened. Kiss like they never want to lose one another ever again.

“Uhh, excuse me. Are you gonna take this, or not? Its the last one.”
A teenage girl holds up Magic in the Backyard and looks at Sam and Claire.
“Yes. Yes. That book needs to go home with us.” Says Claire and takes the book.
Sam smiles down at Claire, glad that everything is once again as it always should’ve been all along. All due to that one poetry book…*

So that is my story… This cover makes me just think of love lost and found. Of lonely days in the winter and fun on a old tyre swing… It just looks so… So… Oh I dunno! I just love the cover πŸ™‚

Hope you liked my Flash Fiction!



7 thoughts on “It makes me remember… (Free Write Friday)

  1. Aw that is so precious! A couple grammar/syntax errors were there but I loved what you had going on in the story. Super sweet. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! And as for the errors, I do apologise! I hate errors, but as I’m posting on my BlackBerry, I have a bit of difficulty noticing all of them…. But thanks!

  2. Marlize! This is adorable! I am soooo in love with this, you have no idea! I am struggling so hard to make a choice and now it has become even harder! WOW I just love this…errors and all…it’s innocence and everything!

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