Day 10 of Honesty

Day 10 — The last time I snooped into something I wasn’t supposed to (like a medicine cabinet in a friend’s bathroom), I found…

Hmmmm, snooping…

Well I have a habit of snooping on phones (if that counts) and have found a few disturbing messages, like a almost BF who sent about 3 or 4 girls the same sort of messages he sent me. Needless to say, that crashed and burned.

In other peoples’ cupboards… Well, there was guns in between underclothes, vulgar magazines, in one of my ex BF’s cupboards’ there was presents from his ex GF’s…

I can’t think of anything else!



9 thoughts on “Day 10 of Honesty

  1. guns in between underclothes? oh boy, I’ve never found that yet. Although, I do live in Canada, it’s easier to find illegal drugs here than it is a gun (not that I go looking for either haha).

    1. Honestly! (Well obviously, cause its truth month) I was about ten years old or so, at a friends house. And we snooped around in her parents room! We got such a fright we ran away!! 😀

  2. i guess sometimes snooping has its benefits. like you, you found out what’s up about almost BF and the presents of exBF from exGF of his. but guns, now that is another story. 😛

  3. The most disturbing… The guns! I beleive you should have the right to own a gun but geez be safe about it. :-/

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