Day 15 of Honesty

Day 15 — Given the choice between infinite time or infinite money, I would choose…

I have read a lot of answers of other people, and came out confused..

Both choices have pro’s and con’s…
Infinite time: you have enough time to fulfil everything you ever wanted to do (in my case write), you can make all the money you need if you have enough time, I think you would be a bit happier – I mean, there is no looming thought of DEATH. But then, there is the fact that every one around you will die, you will never get the amazing experience of afterlife and if you life forever, then why would you have any drive to finish something?

Infinite money: I believe money would be a great thing to have, you can buy as you want, you can go along life without any money related problems… But then there is the point that money could turn you bad 🙂 or whatever.

But my choice would then be, MONEY!
I can help other people, I could write 24/7, because I wouldn’t have to work for my money, and I could effect the life of people around me, something time would not allow me.

What would you choose??????



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