Day 16 of Honesty

Day 16 — I’ve just been granted the power of resurrection but I can only use it to bring back one dead celebrity. I would bring back ________ because…

Well, since I HAVE to choose a celeb and not some one close, I would have 2 obvious choices (obvious to me)….

1) Miss Marilyn Monroe…
I’ve had an obsession with MM since high school, I have watched every THS and collect wall art with her face on, I would love to hear all about her life from the lady herself. She enjoyed every single moment in her life without regret, and I would adore to just spend an hour with her…

2) Miss Jane Austen
The best female writer ever… I enjoy reading her books, her way of seeing things is wonderful, and I would love to have JA alive and well to read my stories and tell me all her little writing secrets…

Who would you resurrect???


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