Being 21…


I know I don’t write a lot, but at least I’m writing every now and then, hey?!

The past weekend brought (and took) with it my 21st birthday…
I still can’t believe it!

The whole party started on Thursday at work, as we were going to the farm that evening and only coming back on Monday, I took cake to work on Thursday… The work bought me a love Bible bag, pretty in pink and orange…

We left town at 5 and stopped in Marble Hall at 8… A long drive, but worth it! I love the Bushveld, every part of it. Which is why the whole party was a weekend do on a game farm, organised by the best aunt!

Friday was full of prepping, buying things and making everything look pretty. That evening we went to a braai at friends of my aunt… We partied, braai’d, danced and just as we grew tired, I fell and tore the ligaments in my ankle…
The night ended rather abruptly, but likely my aunt is a nurse at Casualty, so the ankle got fixed up real quickly…

Saturday brought a lot of pain, and the whole family along with presents, hugs and sympathy for the bad leg! We braai’d some more, played a drinking game or two, and at midnight, we all drank shots on my 21st!

Sunday was my official birthday, and we held a champagne breakfast as celebration… My presents included; a massive Lindt slab, a bottle Lupini Black Sambuca, the most beautiful bracelet and necklace, a pretty photoframe and money…

Sunday ended with everyone in bed, very very early! 🙂

Back at home, my best friend(who couldn’t make it to the farm) gave me more gifts!! An amazing clock with Marilyn Monroe, and the first book of Game of Thrones (expect a book review soon!)

Hopefully, this extended birthday won’t end too soon!



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