Why do I blog…?

This question has been bothering me for a few days now… i don’t even know why I’ve been wondering about this…

But anyhow, I was just browsing through old posts of mine, looking for a bit of poetry to use for Valentines day at work (decoration purposes only) and suddenly I realize, I’m bloody good at this shit…

I realize that modesty is an attractive quality to have, but so is believing in yourself. And then I came to a conclusion – THAT is why I write, blog, whatever.
Because the more I do it, the more I believe in myself.

So, for once I’m not goin to apologise for being MIA, I’m not gonna make excuses for not blogging, because honestly, I’m not blogging for you, no offense, I’m blogging for me. And if per chance some one like it, well snaps for me!

But I will say this, thank you.

Thank you for reading this madness.
Thank you for following this madness.
Thank you for liking this madness.
And most of all thank you for not deserting this madness.

I love you.



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