Recapping January

So I got this idea of doing a recap of every month from one of my blog friends – MikShorty
here is my attempt, late as per usual…

Things that stood out…
– Losing weight by simply being healthier
– Eating sushi for the first time ever
– Getting my Samsung S3 mini
– Reading 10 books towards my 100 book challenge
– Reading Hunger Games for the first time!
– Finding my ‘groove’ at work
– Staying up 24 hours just to watch the Golden Globes live(and planning to do the same for the Grammy’s and the Oscar’s)

The books that made this month good…
– The Casual Vacancy – JK Rowling
– The Goddess of the Rose – PC Cast
– The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
The whole list of books read can be found here…

The movies that made this month good…
[This is just the list of movies that I watched in the month and a quick opinion on the movie. Some movies will be new, some will just be new to me… enjoy :-)]
– Silver Linings Playbook… I loved this movie (mostly because Jennifer Lawrence is amazeballs…)
– The Vow… Cute movie, but a totally useless ending…
– New Year’s Eve… Nice movie, not sure if I’ll watch it again, but I did enjoy it
– Playing for Keeps… We really wanted to watch a movie, this was our choice, epic mistake… Boring, predictable and a waste of time.
– Pitch Perfect (I think we watched this either late December or very early January, but it still counts) I loved this movie, the silly jokes, the dialogue, the songs, the storyline. Everything…

New loves…
[This will be the list of things newly discovered/rediscovered by me that I am loving at the moment)
– One Direction – this is a judgement free zone
– Pinterest
– My S3 mini
– All things Android
– Sushi
– Walking
– Meat Free Mondays
– Positivity
– Water 🙂
– Mumford and Sons
– Of Monsters and Men
– 2nd hand book shops
– A Very Potter Musical
– Sundresses
– Hats (only worn with my sundresses)

New hates…
(This is my save, judgement free space to mention the things that is irritating me this month)
– Dumb people… I am saying this in the nicest way possible, but dumb people irritate me, a lot! It’s like some people get out of bed in the morning and decide ‘let’s not use my brain today’
– Taylor Swift’s love life… Don’t get me wrong, I adore Tay – Tay, but all of these jokes and attention over her love life is making me sick. Let the girl have a bloody life!
– Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber… Just break up already!!!!

And that is my month of January….



2 thoughts on “Recapping January

    1. Thanks! I must say I enjoyed reliving my month… 🙂

      It really was good! Not Harry Potter good, but still a very good read! Very intriguing and that type of book that captures you… I did a review on it on Books and Babbling, my other blog.

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