Recapping February

A recap of all the weird and wonderful February-things…

Things that stood out…
– A great month for the restaurant
– Award shows!
– Reading 4 books towards my 100 book challenge
– Girly days with my sister
– Lazy days .om my mom’s couch
– Having flu (and kicking its ass )
– Trying out new restaurants in the area

The books that made this month good…
– She’s got the look – Leslie Kelly
The whole list of books read can be found here…
This was a bad reading month for me…

The movies that made this month good…
[This is just the list of movies that I watched in the month and a quick opinion on the movie. Some movies will be new, some will just be new to me… enjoy :-)]
– Dear John… I read the book last year, and the movie lived up to every expectation.
– Klein Karoo… A local movie that was so amazing, I wanted to watch it again immediately
– Avengers…. So cool! Can’t believe I didn’t watch this earlier!
– Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter…. An entertaining movie! Not sure if I’ll watch it again, but i really enjoyed it!

New loves…
[This will be the list of things newly discovered/rediscovered by me that I am loving at the moment)
– Ed Sheeran
– Game of Thrones (starting to finally read the books)
– How I Met Your Mother (rewatching the series)
– Big Bang Theory (rewatching this as well)
– mint 🙂
– Hugo’s… an elderflower and champagne cocktail I make at work
– Positivity
– I’m still obsessed with my little S3 mini 🙂

New hates…
(This is my save, judgement free space to mention the things that is irritating me this month)
– My cellphone service provider…. after some issue with my upgrade, I haven’t had internet on my tablet for over a month now…
– People poking their noses into my business…
– Cougars….

And that is my month of February, no love found or randomness, just another normal month passing by…..


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