I dream…

I dream
of moonlight
and stars bright
of love
and everything in between
I dream 
of romantic
and childish
wildish adventures
I dream
of sleeping in your arms
and staying awake
until late into the night
I dream 
of your smell
your touch
your smile
I dream
too much…
I do
too little…

4 thoughts on “I dream…

  1. Love the second verse!

    “Romantic, semantics” and “childish, wildish” are very interesting word pairings.

    How long did it take you to write?
    Great poem 🙂

  2. Thank you!! =] *blushing*

    I’m not usually good with ‘rhyming poetry’, but those words just jumped together…

    Honestly? About five minutes… I usually write poems on the spot and without much effort, when I start thinking about a poem too much, it stops working…

    This one just kinda formed in my brain, screamed to be put on paper, and when I started with it, it just happened =]

    Very glad you liked it!!

    1. Really worked!

      That’s usually how long it takes me to write my poems too actually – although with me, I tend to leave them for a few weeks, let my brain absorb them and then read them over & I usually find myself writing second and thirds drafts of my poems, so I have around 3 variations per poem… Weird, I know!

      Keep up the writing!

      1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who writes on the spot… =]
        Mostly I write on a piece of paper, then when I type it up, it gets changed around a bit.
        But mostly, when I read it later, days, weeks, months later, I realize all the ways I could’ve made it better.

        Thanks, and thanks for visiting! =]

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