Seeing you…

Seeing you again..
Standing there,
as stunning as always
not giving a fuck
not caring
just trying to look impressive

Like always,
You just nod,
a small gesture,
I see you,
small person.
I acknowledge your presence

But then you smile,
That blue eyes light up
And I feel
Like I’m the only one
Who ever got that smile

Then I wonder
Why you left
Why we left
What we had
Years ago

High school love
Silly children things
But still
With that smile
That impressive body
That I can handle the world stance
I think I miss it
miss you
miss seeing you

I have forgotten
To remember all about you…
To remember you…

Seeing you again…
Better than I have ever

2 thoughts on “Seeing you…

    1. I have this theory that u never know if you truly loved some one, until the opportunity to lose them presents itself… And then it’s too late…

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