25 before 25

I want to make a list of 25 things to do before I turn 25 in 2016…

As you can see the procrastinator in me is giving me more than enough time to complete the list.

But I need your help! I want suggestions of things to do, I can’t promise its inclusion in the list, but I would love seeing all the weird and wacky things you could come up with!! Here is what I have so far…

  1. Go the a theme park! (or at least ride a damn rollercoaster!)
  2. Fly (not with wings, in an airplane) =]
  3. Travel overseas (preferably with The Sister)
  4. Go to a live concert
  5. Get a car
  6. Get published
  7. Lose 15kgs
  8. Read Lord of The Rings
  9. Kiss a stranger
  10. Visit Table Mountain

That’s what I came up with so far. Please comment with your suggestions!

I have also created a page for this list, where you can watch my progress…

5 thoughts on “25 before 25

  1. A good start to the list. I told my children and anyone who will listen. Travel, have fun and test life. These are the things you will hold important in old age.

      1. Bazel, Switzerland, You walk in a two block square into four counties. Swim in all the seas. Climb every mountain in view. Never be negative to no-one. I believe my only regret is leaving with negative words and never seeing someone again. Need to travel Highway one in California and the coastline of Europe. Just have fun and don’t get locked into life before you knew real freedom and beauty. South America would be a good place to wander also.

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