Top Ten Thursday – This sucks…

And here, on a slightly sad note is the top ten reasons this week is sucking, and sucking a lot!!

  1. Saying good-bye to people
  2. Starting to get flu…
  3. Seeing how work is taking over my friends’ life
  4. Having no muse
  5. Being in a non-reading mode
  6. Being surrounded by idiots
  7. Early winter weather
  8. Working while everybody else is preparing for the long weekend
  9. That perpetual headache
  10. FLU!!!!

But then again… Here is all the reasons why this month (March and April) is ruling the year so far…

  1. Seeing people I thought left my life
  2. Getting a typewriter from one of them!
  3. Being offered the opportunity to go to Cape Town!
  4. SHOES =]
  5. Watching some very good movies with some very epic people
  6. Actually penning some good things…
  7. Discovering great music (Tove Lo, Fuzigist, etc)
  8. New Game of Thrones
  9. Some last-minute summer days still worthy of a sundress
  10. New hair, new me =]

In retrospect, I should put my big girl panties on and face the facts, I actually have NOTHING to moan and groan about, I’m having a great year and should remember that.

Love always,


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