300?! Holy crap on a cracker…

I just noticed something (she’s lying! She’s been waiting for this day all week!) Please ignore my irritating inner voice, she has no idea what she is talking (Does TOO!) Hush, now! Here, have a G’nT

The previous post was number 300!!!

All of this madness started almost exactly 4 years ago (3 May 2010) with this post, and boy did I go a long way from there…

I just want to say, thank you… To everyone reading, to everyone commenting, to all my different inspirations, to all my muses and mostly, to all those who actually think I’m worth something as a writer… Because these days, I don’t really think I’m worth a lot…

But the blog keeps me going, and after leaving it to hibernate for almost a year, I am so happy I started up again, so thank you…

Enjoy your Easter, lovely bunnies and keep reading, commenting and liking…

Love Always,



5 thoughts on “300?! Holy crap on a cracker…

        1. For some one who NEVER drinks tea, I already had two cups… Sad to say its working =] (sad because i don’t like tea winning) =]

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