A poem for love. “Show me the way to love.”

Now that’s some good poetry…. =]



Show me the way to love.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A poem written in 1979. Being young and hopeful is when we have no fear of disappointment.


                         Show me the way to love

I found her sitting alone on a Friday night.
Sipping a rum and coke.
I requested to sit with her.
She gave a half smile and told me.
“Seat is empty. I ain’t much company tonight.”

I sat with a sad blue eye beauty. Sitting alone at the Germany guesthaus.
Her long blond hair flowing down her back.
Leaning into a rum and coke like it was her last chance.

I bought her another drink.
I asked for her tale.
She smiled and whispered.
“Same old tale. Fell in love. Love was good. Then somehow the love
evaporated into the wind and nothing was left.”

We went to the quiet lake near the guesthaus and…

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