Stuck in a fantasy

The last week and a half, I was in Cape Town, a first for me, and with out a doubt my new favourite place.

I fell in love with every bit of CT, Table mountain, the spectacular view from every corner you are at, the friendly people, the FOOD! God, the food!!! And, of course, the wine… I keep joking that I turned into a well-functioning alcoholic, but that’s not new news =]

I was amazed by how much good CT did my soul, sitting on Table mountain, drinking coffee with a raven for company and a view to die for. Sitting in a little hip street cafe with new friends and talking for hours about everything and nothing. Riding around on top of a tour bus, seeing every corner of CT without a care in the world. And writing… Not actual words on paper, still a bit blocked there, but the ideas forming in my head.

I will put up some photos later, for now I’m gonna try to not get yanked out of my fantasy mood =]

Love Always




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