I want a do-over!

I suck at this flirting thing…

Oh, yeah I know, I’m very good at the looking all adorable and smiling thing.

But the talking, being interesting thing to a stranger, nope. Not my forte.

There’s this dude… He is beyond adorable! But I can’t stop being me for three seconds to flirt with him…

Why is that a problem, you ask.

Well, stranger who probably don’t care, I am offensive. And sarcastic. And a bit self-involved. And not a perfect flirt.

I am a great person to be around once you get to know me, but until then, people struggle to get into my bubble, and I’m not very good at allowing them in.

Before I see him, I have this convo in my head, perfect, funny, flirting and I pretend that is what’s going to happen.

Then he is here, in front of me. That voice. That eyes. And I screw it up, I go on like I would with my friends, forgetting that I need to flirt and be all cute and shit.

Then he is gone, and I realize slowly that I messed it all up… Again.


So, I demand a time-machine, or a Rewind remote like Adam Sandler had, or just another visit from him…

Worst part, I don’t even have his number to apologize… But he has mine, and nothing….. NOT A WORD

Another funny story; I always have these daydreams where a guy asks me out and I refuse to take his number, because I want the suspense and the unknown, like old days =]

Well, I don’t want that any more. IT SUCKS!


I will make a plan to see him.

I will make plan to flirt.

And I will for once in my life try to be normal…

I lie… =]

But I will get my do-over, and not be loud, obnoxious and sarcastic…

Wish me luck!

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