25 before 25

This is list of 25 things to do before I turn 25 in 2016…

But I need your help! I want suggestions of things to do, I can’t promise its inclusion in the list, but I would love seeing all the weird and wacky things you could come up with!! Here is what I have so far…

  1. Go the a theme park! (or at least ride a damn rollercoaster!)
  2. Fly (not with wings, in an airplane) =]
  3. Travel overseas (preferably with The Sister)
  4. Go to a live concert
  5. Get a car
  6. Get published
  7. Lose 15kgs
  8. Read Lord of The Rings
  9. Kiss a stranger
  10. Visit Table Mountain
  11. Spend a whole day in a library/bookshop reading random books and drinking coffee
  12. Start me own side business with The Sister
  13. Go to a real New Years Eve Party
  14. Have a meal on the rooftop (of basically anywhere)
  15. Travel via hot air balloon
  16. Do the whole Spa-day thing…

That’s what I came up with so far. Please comment with your suggestions!


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