Weeeeeeeeekend Baby!!!

Lol, heya every one!!!

In exactly 4 and a half hours my weekend starts!!!


So any who, I didn’t have a chance to pre-post the journals post, so I will have to leave you in silence this weekend! *sigh*

But here is Day 3 of my 25 Days of Christmas!!! =]

I want…. An endless supplies of my monthly girly magazines!!! =]

I wish…. For every one to know how amazing they are!!! Some people just don’t get that they are wonderful human beings! Amazing people who needs to know they are the best!!!! So YOU, tell yourself right now that you are great, and you better believe it!

That is my wants and wishes!!! Do share yours!!



#1&2 of 25!!

Weirdest title ever right? WRONG!! I think the previous one got that award!

Any way… I am taking part in yet another challenge from Kellie!

25 Days of Christmas Wishlist!

This is basically a challenge to post a WANT and a WISH every day! And you get this cute button!!!

And I find it very difficult to say no to pretty buttons!!! So I am joining in [a day too late!]

DAY 1!


I want… a shocking pink VW Beetle!!

I wish… for fights to disappear… I wish there was a way to resolve conflict without fighting! Really I do…. Although I am usually the first to fight, that doesn’t mean I enjoy it!!

DAY 2!

I want… books, lots and lots of books! Fiction, research, bio’s, scripts, screenplays. If I can read it, I want it!!! And with that I want a Book-room!!!! [or a library if you want to be so very correct!]  

I wish… for the proper writing motivation to finish my novel before September end next year!!!!

So that is my silly wants and wishes for yesterday and today! Please do join in!!!

Christmas love to you all!!

PS!!! I don’t know if you noticed, but I had a bit of a festive makeover!! =]