Being 21…


I know I don’t write a lot, but at least I’m writing every now and then, hey?!

The past weekend brought (and took) with it my 21st birthday…
I still can’t believe it!

The whole party started on Thursday at work, as we were going to the farm that evening and only coming back on Monday, I took cake to work on Thursday… The work bought me a love Bible bag, pretty in pink and orange…

We left town at 5 and stopped in Marble Hall at 8… A long drive, but worth it! I love the Bushveld, every part of it. Which is why the whole party was a weekend do on a game farm, organised by the best aunt!

Friday was full of prepping, buying things and making everything look pretty. That evening we went to a braai at friends of my aunt… We partied, braai’d, danced and just as we grew tired, I fell and tore the ligaments in my ankle…
The night ended rather abruptly, but likely my aunt is a nurse at Casualty, so the ankle got fixed up real quickly…

Saturday brought a lot of pain, and the whole family along with presents, hugs and sympathy for the bad leg! We braai’d some more, played a drinking game or two, and at midnight, we all drank shots on my 21st!

Sunday was my official birthday, and we held a champagne breakfast as celebration… My presents included; a massive Lindt slab, a bottle Lupini Black Sambuca, the most beautiful bracelet and necklace, a pretty photoframe and money…

Sunday ended with everyone in bed, very very early! 🙂

Back at home, my best friend(who couldn’t make it to the farm) gave me more gifts!! An amazing clock with Marilyn Monroe, and the first book of Game of Thrones (expect a book review soon!)

Hopefully, this extended birthday won’t end too soon!


The Lovely Layla…

My last guest post for the celebrations is by my stunning sister, Layla [Leandri]. Please do go check her yummy-liciuos food blog out!! HERE I also wrote her a guest post so check that out to!!

What are you waiting for, go!!!!! =]

Hmm, what to write about my sweet sister?

Okay, seeing as se is so keen on Top 10 Lists, maybe a top 10 on why she is so sweet?

  1. She can be very funny, makes you laugh.
  2. She loves reading almost more than I do.
  3. She speaks her mind.
  4. She likes treating someone, which is great for us at home.
  5. She loves telling a story, and although it drives us crazy sometimes, its great to listen to!
  6. She is a very enthusiastic person with what she does.
  7. Likes adventures.
  8. She is a great sister, albeit the fact that I want to strangle her sometimes.
  9. She is always there when I need her.
  10. Lastly, Marlize is just Marlize, my giggling, bubbly sister!

Sis, congrats on making a 1000! I was one of the first that read your blog and have seen you grow with it. Hope there is another 1000 to come very soon!

Love you big time!

Love you more sis!!!

From tomorrow, hopefully, normal blogging will continue! Thanks for everyone who took part in the celebrations of the weekend… Love you all! =]

Erin and vampires….

Meet Erin from go visit her!!!

Hi all! It’s Erin from Wild Archaic. And my guest post for Marlize is about vampire movies. (Don’t worry, I won’t use the “T” word at any point in the post. ;p)

I’m by no means an authority on vampire movies. I have a list somewhere of ones I still want to see. However, like thousands (or perhaps millions) of people over the past several centuries, I’m somewhat fascinated by vampires. And I love movies. Put the two together? The results can be very, very bad—or very, very good. The following are my seven favourite vampire movies.

In chronological order:

Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens (1922) is the earliest extant film adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and is still one of the creepiest vampire movies. The makers changed the characters’ names (Count Dracula becomes Count Orlock, Harker becomes Hutter, Mina becomes Ellen), but they still ran into copyright issues with the Stoker estate. The German expressionist elements—with the Count’s long-fingered shadow, the strange movement of inanimate objects, and even the day-for-night sequences—contribute wonderfully to the eeriness of the film. The music can make or break the movie, though, so if you watch it, hopefully it’s a version with a suitable soundtrack.

The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967) is strange, silly, creepy, and beautiful—everything a (comedy) vampire movie should be. The first time I saw it, it was dubbed into French, which made it even weirder. A professor and his sidekick go to Transylvania in search of vampires, and they find what they’re looking for. Sharon Tate is ridiculously gorgeous in this movie; the decorations in the castle are fabulous, the music is mad, and the ballroom scene for which the movie was originally named (Dance of the Vampires) is certainly memorable.

Love at First Bite (1979) is the vampire movie to watch if you’re in a disco mood. Dracula is kicked out of his castle by communists, so he moves to New York City in search of his one true love. Some of the jokes seem dated (which is fine if you look at it as a period piece), but there’s enough madcap humour that I still love this movie every time I watch it. Richard Benjamin is especially good as the psychiatrist, and the final car-chase showdown is pure zany action-packed goodness.

Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (1979) seems a million miles away from Love at First Bite, though it was made the same year, and it comes in as a close second for my favourite vampire movie, after Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I can’t watch the opening sequence (a room of mummies) without getting shivers. It’s brilliant to see how the mood changes from bright and hopeful to gloomy and desolate. Klaus Kinski probably makes the most convincing and realistic vampire ever, and Isabelle Adjani is hauntingly beautiful. The plague rats, the lines of coffins, the doomed men and women at the feast . . . this is memento mori at its finest. Don’t go in looking for a lot of action, though. This movie is more about thoughts and atmosphere.

The Lost Boys (1987) is good solid family fun. Or almost. Michael, Sam, and their mom move to Santa Carla to live with Grandpa. What they don’t know is that the town is infested with vampires. The funniest part is how ’80s it is, ha ha. (And to be fair, there are a lot of funny parts.) I love Echo and the Bunnymen’s cover of “People Are Strange,” and Dianne Wiest is super fab as the mom. Oh, and in case you’re wondering? I’d pick Michael over David any day! ❤

The much-maligned Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) is still my favourite vampire movie. Gary Oldman is at his very coolest and very sexiest here, and Winona Ryder has rarely been more beautiful. And I would never have noticed Keanu Reeves’ acting if everyone and their mothers hadn’t gone on and on about it (British, stuffy, wooden: it seems fine to me! =p). Throw in Cary Elwes, Tom Waits, Anthony Hopkins, and a scrumptious song by Annie Lennox, and I’m head-over-heels in love. Everything is over the top: the sets, the acting, the music, the costumes . . . and for some people, it doesn’t work. For me? It has been far too influential in my life. I’m going to be so disappointed if an eccentric Transylvanian prince doesn’t cross oceans of time (and just plain old oceans) to find me. Har har.

Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995) is the Dracula movie to end all Dracula movies. Well, not really, but if you’ve seen this, I promise you won’t be able to take the original Dracula (1931) starring Bela Lugosi seriously. Mel Brooks is a genius, and this is his last masterpiece (to date). Leslie Nielsen is wonderful as the Count and Peter MacNicol is way too funny as Renfield. I don’t go through very many weeks of my life without quoting something from this movie.

So! There you have it.

What are your favourite vampire movies? If you’re not into vampires, is there another subgenre you really love?

Hmmmm, I think I should rename this post to ‘Movies I want to watch’ !!! Thanks again Erin! =]

Holly the Strange!

OOHHHH! Sorry Holly! But once again I almost forgot about you! I am bad!!! =[

So this site now has 1000 comments (that’s a big number!) So for my guest post I decided to try something based on that number. Recently I’ve been thinking about life in the year 2019, so for this I’ve decided to go ever further into the future to bring you:

1000 Years In The Future: What Will Life Be Like? (Speculation Shortlist Of 10.)

-Everyone will be part of a social networking site out of necessity (because all communication will happen on this social networking site.)

-Technology will be smaller.

-CDs wont exist, all music will be downloaded.

-There will be some weird jobs created to replace the ones lost through making things more efficient.

-A lot of music will sound the same. The choices will be: Pop/R&B or pop-rock (All Time Low style.) Or something along the lines of every artist/band in every genre sounding and looking the same.

-People will see life as we currently know it in museums and study it in History lessons.

-There will be some form of virtual reality gaming system.

-Several species of animal alive today will be extinct, newly evolved relatives of these species will be around though.

-People will be going on holiday all over the world, and maybe into space.

-hmmm… maybe the world will end?

I know that this isn’t as imaginative as you’d like, but all that “robots”, “flying cars” and whatever else has already been covered by a lot of sci-fi Tv shows, movies and what not. So I decided to go for some potentially more realistic ideas.

Hope you enjoyed that one!!! =]

Princess Yasmine!

I wanna be a Princess!! =[

Hey! It’s Yasmine here.
I’m a pretty new blogger so this is my first guest post. Thanks Marlize. I’m glad I could be included in this celebration of your achievement.
Personally, I think it’s great to set yourself goals and then try your absolute hardest to reach them. They give you something to strive for and keep you going when you feel like giving up or start to lose interest. If nobody had goals then everyone would stay on the same level and never improve themselves, never reach their full potential. And who says we all have full potentials anyway? You shouldn’t put a limit to what you can achieve. You should set your goals as marks or pit stops on the way to infinite achievements.
So, again well done Marlize.
Let this be the first thousand on a never-ending stream of comments.
Thanks Yasmine!! Love it! =]


Mark ‘The Idiot’

Finally, Mark’s! I doubt a link is necessary, as he has written me over a hundred posts by now!! =]

Hello everyone, this is Mark from The Idiot Speaketh, writing my 237th Guest post for Marlize in recognition of her 1,000th comment on her wonderful blog. Usually I would make up some goofy fictional story about Marlize but today I find myself in more of a serious mood.

At some point in this past year, I was introduced to a blog written by a bubbly South African teen named Marlize. Marlize started reading and commenting on my blog, and I on hers. Her wonderful upbeat and bubbly personality just shined on her blog. I was having some serious problems with depression and it was always nice to know that I could go to Marlize’s blog and would quickly come away with a smile on my face. Marlize has a unique gift of making each of her readers feel like family, true family. I think all of you that read her blog would agree with me!

I became Facebook friends with Marlize and would sometimes chat with her, quickly finding out that she is just as great of a human being as what you read of her on her blog. She introduced me to her wonderful Sister Leandri, and then her Mother Elsa. I have even had the good fortune to meet her Grandmother via Skype. Marlize and her family are like members of my own family now. She is truly a remarkable young woman that we all are extremely blessed to call our friend. You cannot ask for a better friend than Marlize. I jokingly call her my Internet daughter. To me, she is my daughter. I thank the blogging world every day for giving me such a great and wonderful daughter.

Have a great day Marlize!

We all love you!

Mark G. Pakulak
Your Online Dad

:”] [that is tears…] I don’t have words!!! =]

I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up [ThoughtsAppear]

This post is by Thoughts Appear! The coolest blogger I know!! =]

In less than 6 months, I turn the big 3-0.

Let that sink in for a moment.




I still haven’t finished my 30 Before 30 list ( And even more importantly, I’ll be old. Young people like Marlize won’t think I’m cool anymore. NOOOOOOO!

In an effort to not feel old, let me relive an experience from my very first boyfriend. I was 16. He was 21. (My parents were thrilled.)

My first boyfriend used to sing the Rolling Stones’s song “Angie” to me (because that’s my name).

I had no clue what he was doing. I thought he just made the song up on the spot. My boyfriend was a musical genius!

You know that song, right? Right? Tell me you’re not sitting there saying, “I have no clue what you’re talking about, Thoughts Appear. I’ve never heard that song. The Rol-ling S-tones? Did I pronounce it right? Who are they?”

Come to think of it…you remember the commercial the post title is referencing, don’t you? Oh, please say you do.

I can’t type anymore. My fingers hurt. I think arthritis is setting in.

That was my ‘old’ friend!!! Snaps for Thought’s!!! =]

The life of Jamie!

The wonderful Jamie is the author of the next bit!! Visit her at

Ms. Marlize asked me to write a guest post and I have been racking my brain trying to think of what to write.   I took another quick look at the about me section of her blog here and was inspired!  Even though she is 13 years significantly younger than I am, we have a lot in common!

Below are her likes and dislikes…next to them is my commentary-


Reading– I too love to read, but only as long as it is chick lit, or things that don’t make me have to think too much.  I read for enjoyment, not to edumacate myself.

Writing- I have loved writing since I could write.  I started writing a mystery novel at the worldly age of 10, and have been writing ever since, and until I started blogging, was too chicken to share it with anyone.

Coffee- can’t really share this one with M…coffee gives me heartburn and on the rare occasion I do drink it, It is more like coffee flavored sugar vs. coffee.

Laying in bed and daydreaming– I love my bed.  My bed is one of my favorite places.  It’s a California King and has a 6 inch pillow top which is perfectly molded to my body.  Everyone loves my bed- my kids are always in it (much to my dismay) and every night after a long day, I flop into bed, and melt into the mattress…I don’t have much time to daydream these days- I normally pass out, but I used to day dream.  I need to get back to that!

Blogging- I am addicted to my little blog, and my friends blogs.  It is a wonderful little family that I have been jumped into and I don’t want to leave my little blogosphere ever.  It helped me through my baby blues and now is just plain fun!

Spending time with my family and friends- I enjoy this too- although I certainly miss any alone time that I used to have,  My besties these days are in the form of a 1 and 2 year old…and sometimes, no matter how hard I try and phase them out, they claw their way back in!

Listening to music- this is where M and I are absolutely the same- we love GLEE!  We are total GLEEKS.  As soon as every Glee album is available on iTunes, I download it, sing it in my car, and even have my children addicted to it.  My husband hates it, but he grew up in the ghetto and listens to hood rat music.  He knows better than to interrupt me during a Glee moment!

Poems– M has lost me here.  I was an English major in college with an absolute hatred for poetry.  It just doesn’t make sense to me!

Flash Fiction– not even sure what this is!

Paramore- I think this is a musical group- but again…M is a dozen few years younger than me so I am not quite up on all the pop culture!

Photos- I love to take pictures.  My entire house is covered in photography (not all mine) and since I got a Canon Rebel for my birthday- I am more into now than ever.  I can’t wait to start taking more and more…I would love to come to South Africa and take some pictures of the animals there…J



Avocado’s- I am a California Girl (we’re undeniable…)- I love avocados and would eat them every day if they weren’t so damn fattening!

Peas- Amen!  Whoever invented the pea is an idiot.  I also feel the same way about mushrooms and shrimp.  No one needs to eat those.

Backstabbing– Nobody likes a backstabber.  Nobody.

Hypocrites– these people are pretty annoying…say one thing, do another.  Be up front- be who you are, not who you think everyone wants you to be!

(This is my hate and I know M will VEHEMENTLY disagree)…Justin Beiber!  Somebody beat this kid up and cut his hair!!!


My list of hates would be a little longer, but it’s good that M is not jaded and really only hates 4 things, 2 of which happen to be food!


If I ever get to South Africa, I am looking up Ms. M…and I hope to travel there someday- if anything, I just want to listen to people talk- I love the accent! J

Awwww thanx Jamie!! I love this!!!

What is normality…

The coolest Canadian I know! From [ ]

Hey, this is the crazy Candian chick from whatsnormality!

So 1000 comments eh? I’m not surprised that her fabulousness, Marlize is so popular. She has become a fantastic blog friend of mine, and reading this blog filled with posts reflecting her bubbly, happy, just simply fun personality always puts me in a good mood.

Congrats Marlize! And I wish you and your readers the best this holiday season.

Thanx T!!! I love the simplicity!! =]

Madame Classic!

It seems wrong calling the girl any other name… =] Meet Classic from [ ]

Walking contentedly to her computer, the girl sits. No one knows where the words come from, the easy flow and rhythm of sentences and wit and flair which cause each reader to return for yet another genuine emotional high. Rain turned to sunshine, wilted turned to bloomed, crawl turned to stride, all through the words of this simple, remarkable person. And of course the day came, the day in which we all had in the back of our minds (even if our minds were not even aware of it).

We all knew it was inevitable. It simply had to come about. The event had to occur.

Marlize’s blog has reached 1000 comments.

Yes, I am talking about the chica from every Girl’s Corner who deserves to have an entire blog post written on her behalf in honor of this impressive feat because, come now, can you really read a single blog post and not come away in a lighter mood than when you came? [awwwwwwww]

I still remember the first post I read from Marlize, from when I first saw her blog. And what struck me most swiftly and dead-on was that, this girl doesn’t try to be witty or uplifting or use blogospheric rhetoric to get readers. She does it all without trying. What made me take notice was the contentment I felt in reading her posts; the simple happiness that comes from completing the rereading of a favorite novel with a happy ending or when one see’s a stranger helping a stranger in the street, all with no expectation of getting something in return. That is the feeling of reading her blog, and indeed, ’tis something to be envied.

And so, all WordPressers, the next time you find yourself with an unelusive raincloud hounding you, or perhaps feeling a bit guilty about buying those darned shoes or that wallet that you now have no money to put into because you used it to buy the wallet, make yourself some holiday cocoa and head over to this girl’s blog. Not only will you have found a good read, you will have found a great friend.


OMW I love this post to bits!! Thanks Classic… =]