The Flower Child’s Song…

I look out my window

And see the sky

The trees

The birds

But I don’t see the beauty

I became used to the world around me

Assumed it will always be there

There is so much that can take it away

That can take you away

And me…

I take it for granted

This world around me

The smiling baby

The spring breeze

The smell of fresh coffee

The sound of your voice

I take for granted

A walk in the park

A good book

A sad movie

I take for granted




I look out of my window

And I shed a tear

It is so wonderfully beautiful

to be alive

When spring comes alive

Around you

Within you

I wish you could see…

The apple blossoms

I wish you could hear…

The sparrow’s cry

I wish you could feel…

The sun on you skin,

The water in your face

I wish you could taste…

My spring touch

My summer kiss…

Photography by Alex BenetelInspiration found:



How can you be surprised

that I’m losing my mind?

How can you be shocked

that you don’t matter, no more?


You leave

me in radio silence

I die

every time I don’t see your name


I know

life is not fair

I know

I feel too much


I’m losing my mind

I’m losing me

I’m losing

something I never had



I’m crying

tears of joy

You still care

That’s what you say


I laughing


not wanting to show

how much it means


How can you be surprised

that I’m losing my mind

when you clearly

stole it from me


with that first touch

that last reply

that random smile

that awkward moment

that last goodbye


How can you be surprised?

that I’m losing my mind….


FWF – As she falls

Another FWF hosted by my favourite Miss Kellie Elmore

It was a picture prompt, the picture can be found here


The city around us, breaking

and as she falls

I know the moment is near

to share my thoughts


The streets around us, crumbling

and as she falls

I know the moment is here

to share my heart


The building around us, shaking

and as she falls

I know the moment will tear

me from you forever more


The tears are coming

and as I fall

I know the moment is now

‘I love you’


A whispers into nothing,

as you already fell 

with the city


for ever more


And as she falls

my tears on the dust

I die

with her

with you

as she falls

it’s over

before it began


On show…

Looking for a bit of distraction
On this long winding road
Knowing im just a side show attraction
Waiting to be sold
Searching for the day
Of new release
Wondering if I should stay
And do as you please
And all in between
Not much change
Just another mindless scene
Waiting for you to see
To who do I direct my plea?
Waiting for you to know
This wasn’t all, just a show.

All the same…

Even if it feels like the floor is falling from under me
and the sky is floating away
It’s all the same
and I’m not sane
Even if it feels like the walls are shrinking
and the roof sagging
It’s all the same
and I can’t complain
Even if the flowers are fading
the clouds are crying
It’s all the same
and I should still remain
Even if  I feel like dying
every day, crying
It all stays the same
and I’m not insane…



The storm in me…

A poem I wrote in high school, one of my favorites ever 🙂



Missing youth…

I miss the days

where a kiss meant

i like you


I miss the days

where going to the movies

was the best date


I miss the days

where it was easy


I miss the days

where love

was a simple

yes or no


I miss the days

where life

didn’t get in the way


I miss the days

where a kiss meant

i love you


I miss the days…

where I didn’t know you.