Top 10 things I miss most…

…now that I’m a ‘grown-up’

This post was gonna be about Him, you know who. But I grew a pair and realized there is things I miss more than the few things that accumulated in the 2 months in his company…

So, here is the top 10 things I miss most, now that I’m a ‘grown-up’, I’m using that term lightly, as I am a slightly childish person. I figure a grown-up as some one earning their own money, living in their own place (or with roommates, sister in my case) and making their own decisions.

  1. Having the washing done for you – the best part of living at home!
  2. Not needing to make decisions like do I need life insurance
  3. People accepting you dancing around in the rain, when you are 2 it’s cute, when you are 22, people think you are drunk
  4. Other people making decisions for you
  6. Watching animation… There is a gap in every ones life between being a child and having a child that you can get judged at for sitting through Finding Nemo 10 times.
  7. Being scared, of the dark, of  a scary movie, of the noise against your window. You are an adult, deal with it.
  8. Having some one to kill the spiders and other creepers… (now I just put a plastic bowl on them and wait for some one else to get home.
  9. Getting jello when I’m sick, no questions asked
  10. Not getting judged when your ice cream falls and you want to cry a little.

There you have it… (I’m honestly considering the fact that I might be insane as I reread that list…)

What do you miss most??

Love always,



Top Ten Thursday – This sucks…

And here, on a slightly sad note is the top ten reasons this week is sucking, and sucking a lot!!

  1. Saying good-bye to people
  2. Starting to get flu…
  3. Seeing how work is taking over my friends’ life
  4. Having no muse
  5. Being in a non-reading mode
  6. Being surrounded by idiots
  7. Early winter weather
  8. Working while everybody else is preparing for the long weekend
  9. That perpetual headache
  10. FLU!!!!

But then again… Here is all the reasons why this month (March and April) is ruling the year so far…

  1. Seeing people I thought left my life
  2. Getting a typewriter from one of them!
  3. Being offered the opportunity to go to Cape Town!
  4. SHOES =]
  5. Watching some very good movies with some very epic people
  6. Actually penning some good things…
  7. Discovering great music (Tove Lo, Fuzigist, etc)
  8. New Game of Thrones
  9. Some last-minute summer days still worthy of a sundress
  10. New hair, new me =]

In retrospect, I should put my big girl panties on and face the facts, I actually have NOTHING to moan and groan about, I’m having a great year and should remember that.

Love always,


Embracing 2013


I’m so excited for a new year, for new challenges and a better me…

I decided not to do the resolution thing, but rather a 2013 challenge list.
Here it is-

1 – Write everyday. Even if it is just one poem, or a blog post or one paragraph for my book
2 – Remember something happy from everyday… (I plan to make a happy thoughts jar, and everyday there must come 1 happy thought in, and at the end of 2013, when i can’t remember if the year was good or bad, I’ll just go through the jar :-))
3 – Tell the people I love how special they are, every single day
4 – Never be afraid to try something new
5 – To read a minimum of 100 books the whole year, and to keep track of it on GoodReads and my other blog (Books and Babbling)
6 – To live a healthier lifestyle and to participate in Meat Free Mondays
7 – To save more money and to use it more sensibly.
8 – To be me, no matter what other says, in every single way
9 – Never be afraid to speak my mind, and not to hold a grudge
10 – And last, but not least, never stop dreaming!

Share your, resolutions, challenges, promises or whatever you want to call it.

Enjoy New Year’s Eve and make a moment a memory 🙂


Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Things To Be Happy About :)

Hey there!

Yay, yay I know its been a while, but I’m not in the apologies and excuses mood, so I’ll just get on with the top ten!

10 – I’ve seen snow for the very first time ever last week

9 – I’m reading the greatest trilogy ever: 50 Shades!

8 – I woke up with a smile on my face for no reason

7 – It is getting lighter more early in the morning now

6 – Step Up 4 is coming soon!!!

5 – I got the bestest present ever yesterday from a good friend of mine

4 – The office politics is on the down

3 – My bed is soooooo lovely warm!

2 – In one month and 2 days it is my 21st!

1 – I’m alive 🙂

As you all can see, I’m oozing positivity!!! And I LOVE it!

what makes you positive?


Top Ten Thursday


See! I told you I’m back 🙂

I’m gonna put a twist on this Top 10…
I think I did this before, but possibly a whole while ago, so here goes. I’m going to put my music player on my phone (I have about 850 songs on here) on shuffle, and list them as they play (no cheating) and also the first thing they remind me of. As I put a lot of value on my music and most of the time every single song holds a connection to something in my life!

Here goes!!

1- Avril Lavigne: Wish You Were Here
When I hear this song, all I think about is my Dad, I permanently wish he were still here…

2- Radiohead: Creep
This song holds a strong memory of my first love… There is an afrikaans version of this song, and it was one of our songs that we always listened to and played to one another… Weird song to have in a relationship, I know…

3- Arno Carstens: Another Universe
This is an SA singer, and there was an advertisement with this song as its ‘soundtrack’ and every time I heard/saw it I longed for vacation. Still do…

4- Jordin Sparks: One step at a Time
My very first thought, every time I hear this song is “Sex and the City”, no idea why!! Lol, but there is also a great message in this song about taking things slow…

5- One Direction: What makes you Beautiful
I like this song A LOT, and every time I hear it, I wish there is some one out there who thinks of me in the way he thinks of her in the song…

6- Joe Jonas: Just in Love
First thought: My mom. She asked me to get her this song, and now every time I hear it, I think of her! 🙂

7- Adele: Rumour has It
I simply love this song! When I hear it, I turn the stereo up and sing along (falsely) at the top of my voice!

8- Black Eyed Peas: I gotta Feeling
This song makes me long for fun and party-filled nights, getting ready for a night out, this is the song I listen to, to get me pumped up! 🙂

9- Rocky Horror Picture Show: Science Fiction/Double Feature
First thought: Glee cover! Second thought: I need to watch the movie again! Weirdest, coolest movie ever!!

10- Taylor Swift: You belong with Me
First thought: I wish one day I’ll have the guts to play this song to a guy… A specific guy…

Well there it is!!

Enjoy it! And feel free to do a Top 10 of your own and post me the link!


Top Ten positive things…

Hey there blogging world!

These days there is a lot of things that gets me down, so I thought I will do a post on TEN positive things in my life… Just to make myself see the light!

1. I have a job… I won’t say I’m happy. But I have it!
2. I have friends that care for me, help me when I’m down and cheer me up.
3. I still have my mom and sister!
4. I can write, I haven’t lost my imagination or drive for writing!
5. I have all 5 my senses!
6. I have a dream and a drive to go for it
7. My mom and sis care for me. I have met so many families that fall apart. And it gives me great joy that we are so close.
8. I have food to eat ever night, clean water and a roof over my head
9. I have my faith….
10. I have me! I am so afraid to lose who I am, because of everything that happened in the past month… But I am still me!

I know this was a suckish post…. But it made me a bit more positive!

Love you all! 🙂