Hey faithful readers…

It’s been about 72 days since I have last posted!! (I think I should’ve gone with two months… It sounds shorter) But I am not here to make excuses or anything… I am just here to tell you why and what is my next moves!

WHY????? was I MIA? Well as most of you know I am working now… And it has gotten hectic since January! Two of the girls resigned and I am now doing double work, which gives me DOUBLE stress, I promise you I wake up at midnight and remember nonsensical things that I should have done at work! And I just can’t seem to find blogging time… When I get home it is chores, dinner and then I curl up with a book waiting for half past nine so that I can sleep!

And I felt guilty, because I promised to blog regularly, to stay in touch, etc… But I just couldn’t. SO I decided to start a new blog (mixed signals hey, no time, but new blog)… This blog will be more irregular, it will be about books, and I won’t make any promises about postings!!!


^ that is the new blog’s site!

Then I want to apologize… I haven’t read ANY blogs in about 3 months… I have about a 1000 emails in my inbox for blogs I have to read… I am going to delete all that emails, I am going to start afresh… I will never catch up on that posts and for that I am disappointed in myself. But I will from today read blogs DAILY…. (Hopefully) so I won’t get so behind anymore!!!

Thanks for everyone still reading… And I will not discontinue this blog, I will just not post till I know I have time for the commitment I want to make to it!

Please do visit Books and Babbling, where you will be hearing from me!



Why do I keep doing this…

Every time I fall of the face of the earth, I promise you I will blog daily, I promise myself to do it! I make it my 2011 Resolution… And then, then I disappear for 3 weeks and blame myself daily for not blogging!

I do apologize! I hate not blogging, I hate not reading blogs, I hate not WRITING!


I am proud of myself. I have a goal in life, sure it involves ‘friends’ overseas and blogs and Harems, but at least I exist for more than just existing!

In the few months [almost a year] I had this blog, I discovered the best friends ever, the love I have for postcards, flash fiction, journals, scrapbooking and general creativity. Something I always thought I lacked.

I started to see myself as a stunning person, a divine being with minor faults and loved me a lot! And you guys taught me that I am great….

This is the reasons why I constantly promise to blog daily, why I blame myself when I don’t and why I love to do this to myself…


Enough with the soppy!

I am back [semi] and loving it!

My PC is still broken! I am taking it in this weekend, but don’t hold your breath! Meantime I am juggling work and social life, my sister has to use her PC and the internet is constantly interrupted by weather and mice[RATS!!!] eating the wires!

SO I will blog when ever and how ever I can! But will try my hardest to get the celebrations up by Saturday!

I am also introducing a new ‘blog regime’ and a few new pages… [My resolutions and a 20 before 20 list]

If any one  [MARK!!!!!!] still wants to send me a 1000 comments  celebrations guest post, please do so before Saturdays [late entries will be added!]

Love you all!

[still trying to catch up on blogs! Have about 70 subscription e-mails in my Inbox!!!]

New things on The Corner =]

From today on changes will be made! I want to reform my blog a bit, not just be known as the ‘top ten girl’ or the ‘random’ girl [although both is pretty cool!]

There will be themed days to give me more structure. All and any ideas to make this a better blog will be appreciated!

Here is the ‘new’ structure! =]


I’m not sure yet what to do with Mondays… I think it must involve my writing, flash fiction, updates on my novel, new ideas. Things like that… But I do not have a funny name to call it. So the person who gives me the new name of _______ Mondays will win …. Lol, I dunno what, probably a guest blog spot on here [that’s all I have to offer] =]

Top 10 Tuesday

I loved doing the top tens and want to keep it up! So Tuesdays and Thursdays will be my top tens!! [Please leave suggestions for these on my suggestion page]

Wanted Wednesday…

This is for any requested or suggested blogs. If I don’t have a suggestion then I will just make it Wacky Wednesday and do a ‘randomness’ blog!

Top 10 Thursday

Friday will just be a post of whatever tickles my fancy!

Silly Saturday!!

This idea is courtesy of The Life of Jamie and will contain any stupid/silly things I noticed during the week. That can be anything from my dog to the silly plot of CSI.

Sundays will be another normal post!

I really hope this will help me be a better blogger!! If any of you have any other ideas to incorporate, please leave a comment, mail me at marliz3e@gmail.com, whatever you want to!

A great day to you all!!!