Discovering Me day 2!

Good morning!! [Well good midnight to most of you =D ]

Journal prompt 2…

Today you have to decorate you ‘happiness’ cupcake… It basically means to decorate a cupcake with everything that makes you happy… But it’s your journal so take it any way you want to!

I firstly drew my cupcake and coloured it in, under the full intention of writing ON it, but it looked so cute I couldn’t so I write all over the page ll the things that makes me happy, and just decorated the cupcake…

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Thank you and enjoy!

Ya’ll have a good day now ye hear! =]

What a lovely day… =]

Good morning lovely blogging world!!

Today [as it is my birthday] I will post TWO top tens… One on the thing destined for the day [by random pickage from a bowl] and the other … a surprise!!

Top ten … Desserts!

  1. Chocolate mousse
  2. Waffles with cream and syrup
  3. Fudge Picasso
  4. Jelly and custard
  5. Chocolate cake!
  6. Cheesecake
  7. Milk tart
  8. Ice cream [chocolate or cookies and cream]
  9. Oreo McFlurry
  10. Did I mention Fudge Picasso????

*sigh* Now I want dessert!! Thoughts Appear… I hope you liked this top ten… =] Idiot, I am sorry if I messed up your diet, AGAIN!


Top ten things I like about my Birthday!!

  1. My sister takes me out!
  2. I get free books [presents]
  3. I almost always bake myself the most delicious chocolate cake
  4. Celebratory cocktails! =]
  5. Feeling special
  6. Getting hugs
  7. Spending time with the loveliest people [blog friends included]
  8. Getting a birthday massage tomorrow
  9. Having ME-time!
  10. Knowing I am a year older, but still feeling like a three-year old inside! =]

That was fun!! Now I want to share a story!!

The legal drinking age in South Africa in 18! [In my opinion it’s a stupid decision…] And last year on my birthday [18 in SA is a big thing btw] my parents weren’t at home, they were on vacation!! So we behaved and DID NOT have a big house burning party, instead we went to a cocktail bar! Now ever since my sister got her license two years ago we went gallivanting on our own and went ‘cocktail tasting’ multiple times, without any ona asking to see my ID or proof that I am allowed to drink. But that night, ON MY 18th BIRTHDAY, the waiter came up to me, frowned and said, “wait, I really need to see your ID”

Really??? The first time I am legally allowed to drink and they ask for it now?? Just show you the very high IQ of SA… =]

Have a lovely day, bloggers! I will surely enjoy mine! =]