I realized something today… Most of the blogs I read is of  ‘older people’ [don’t get me wrong you guys, I love reading about your lives!!]

I JUST tallied up my blogroll… The results are in, blogs around my age… 11.

Blogs by people from about 25… 19

Not such big a difference actually. And I just somewhere between counting blogs and typing about blogs lost my point for this post! So I will just continue being random!! =]


Today is the 19th, which means only SIX days till Christmas, it also means only SIX days till I see the coolest cousin in the whole world! =]

The dorky looking one on the right is me, the blonde, cute one is her! I absolutely adore her! And I just realised I haven’t gotten her a gift yet! [GASP] ***Need to go shopping NOW****


I just realised I haven’t done a resolutions update in a while… Let’s fix that!

  1. Write a little every day! Poems, flash fiction, fiction. Anything. Just write! I wrote!! Well I re-read my story to get the feel of it back, but at least I made a move towards it!!
  2. Blog every day!! Umm, I’m not sure, I blogged semi-reguraly, and I double posted most days, I am sure it counts each other out! =]
  3. Journal everyday, or every two days. But VERY regularly!Nothing, I didn’t even LOOK at my journal! =[
  4. Stop fighting for no reason and admit when wrong……..Nope…. I fought…
  5. Read every day. Slipping up on this one!
  6. Postcross and pen pals, more regular!!I didn’t sent any letters or cards, but then again, I didn’t receive any either…
  7. Eat a bit healthier.Uhhh, yeah, let’s try this next week! =]
  8. EAT BREAKFAST!!I did this! Every day this week! =]
  9. Exercise at least every other day. Nope… One day this week!
  10. Go to bed by ten pm. Nope, but I’m not at work anymore, so I think this one is null and void until next year!
  11. NO junk food… [I’m going to struggle here]I did eat take-aways, but they were semi healthy. Let’s not count the KFC…
  12. ONE sweet per week.Less than usual, but cookies in the house is very evil!!!
  13. Cut out ALL the negativity in my life, get rid off the ‘bad’ people, draw the ‘good’ ones closer.Well, I stopped talking to the ‘bad ones’
  14. Stop being negative!!I still don’t believe in me… So no.
  15. Do not suppress emotions. But DO think before speaking. I am more honest, and I think before I speak!! =]


I will try to journal tonight and post the pages tomorrow


If you still want to read my protected post, you are welcome to. Just email me for the password [marliz3e@gmail.com]


Enjoy your Sunday! [Now I want a sundae]


My apologies!!

Hey lovely readers og my blog!!!

This post is all about apologies!!!


Well, because it is my blog and I can say what I wanna blog about! =]

  1. Apologies to Kellie for neglecting her 25 days of Christmas wish-list!
  2. Apologies to THIS guy, for still not completing his questions!!
  3. Apologies to MYSELF for not finishing my journal challenge!
  4. Apologies to all of you for not blogging so frequently!
  5. To all I need to apologize to and have forgotten/didn’t know

But I know apologies alone cannot solve the problems, so I will try do finish the journal challenge before week-end, as well as the questions [surveys] for YourJadedVoices.

As for my wishlist, I am hoping to resume regular wishing tomorrow.

For now, me and my lovely sister are going to the movies [yes AGAIN!] and I am anticipating a night of great fun!!

Be good y’all!! =]

Weeeeeeeeekend Baby!!!

Lol, heya every one!!!

In exactly 4 and a half hours my weekend starts!!!


So any who, I didn’t have a chance to pre-post the journals post, so I will have to leave you in silence this weekend! *sigh*

But here is Day 3 of my 25 Days of Christmas!!! =]

I want…. An endless supplies of my monthly girly magazines!!! =]

I wish…. For every one to know how amazing they are!!! Some people just don’t get that they are wonderful human beings! Amazing people who needs to know they are the best!!!! So YOU, tell yourself right now that you are great, and you better believe it!

That is my wants and wishes!!! Do share yours!!


Almost Christmas!!!

Tomorrow is the 1st of December!

WOW!!! Where did this year go??? Before I [finally] put up a journal page… Here is the Top Ten Things I want for Christmas!! =]

  1. A laptop… LOL
  2. A BlackBerry
  3. A Webcam [okay now I’m done with the tech stuff!]
  4. A snazzy new handbag!
  5. BOOKS!!!!
  6. Harry Potter Box set DVD’s!
  7. HIMYM DVD’s
  8. A week-long vacation with the Sister!
  9. Small pretty things…. [Lol, I like random pretty things Okay!!!]
  10. A new duvet set!

Weirdest list ever…. What do you wish for this Christmas??

Now, a journal post!!!


This one is all about guilty pleasures… I named my page “I secretly Love….” so I went with that rather than guilty pleasures, but it’s all the same!!

I KNOW Glee is a secret nor guilty pleasure, but how can I NOT put it in???

Hope you have a great day!!!


Why I like working….

Hello dear blogging world!!

Today is Tuesday, which [on a normal non-rushed post] means Top Ten!!!

**Claps and cheers**

So I present to you….

The top ten reasons why I enjoy working!!

  1. I ::love:: the people…
  2. I can Facebook every now and then
  3. Coffee whenever I want it
  4. Of course, I get money…
  5. I have a reason to stand up! [staying at home meant no real reason!]
  6. The ‘bed’ days remind me why I need to write and become self-sustainable
  7. Learning new things
  8. It’s an excuse to wear cute office clothes!!
  9. Making fun of each other!
  10. Not being BORED!!!!!!!

I :know: this was a slightly boring top ten.. But all the ideas for the post I had during the day flew away!!

Oh wait I just remembered one!!!

11. The time I got OFF work, most of you guys still have to GO TO work, or just started!! LOL

Anyways…. Here is my journal page!

Journal Prompt #20!

Name one MONTH you like and the reasons why…

I choose September for the obvious ‘It’s my Bday’ -reason as well as various other reasons!!

Have a wonderful, breathtaking day!!! =]