Embracing 2013


I’m so excited for a new year, for new challenges and a better me…

I decided not to do the resolution thing, but rather a 2013 challenge list.
Here it is-

1 – Write everyday. Even if it is just one poem, or a blog post or one paragraph for my book
2 – Remember something happy from everyday… (I plan to make a happy thoughts jar, and everyday there must come 1 happy thought in, and at the end of 2013, when i can’t remember if the year was good or bad, I’ll just go through the jar :-))
3 – Tell the people I love how special they are, every single day
4 – Never be afraid to try something new
5 – To read a minimum of 100 books the whole year, and to keep track of it on GoodReads and my other blog (Books and Babbling)
6 – To live a healthier lifestyle and to participate in Meat Free Mondays
7 – To save more money and to use it more sensibly.
8 – To be me, no matter what other says, in every single way
9 – Never be afraid to speak my mind, and not to hold a grudge
10 – And last, but not least, never stop dreaming!

Share your, resolutions, challenges, promises or whatever you want to call it.

Enjoy New Year’s Eve and make a moment a memory 🙂


There is no bride…

As I sit here snacking, I decided to divulge the details of my messed up brain, and the reasons why I don’t want to get married for as long as possible…

Like any normal girl in her right mind, I dream of big weddings and beautiful dresses, flowers, food and drunk dancing… But the part after that, the together forever part… I don’t really like it.

I am independent, or I like to think so… I love doing what I want on my time, I  enjoy making my own decisions and I really like going my own way. When I decide, you know what, I feel like going to LOndon, I want to get up, buy the ticket and go. I don’t want to consult with my ‘better half’. I don’t have to worry about spending ‘our’ money… It’s my money then.

I have my own views of life, I want to life them out. I want to spend days on end writing, eating when I get hungry, sleeping when I’m tired. Not worrying about making him food, leaving him alone in bed while I write.

And I think that’s one of the reasons I run away from commitments… I’m afraid I will really fall for him and he wants to marry me. And I can’t because then MY dreams of writer, traveller, artist will be gone…

Sure I would like the intimate parts, the some one to talk to parts and some one that dreams with you…

But until I find the right man… Not the perfect man, because the perfect man is some one every one loves, every one thinks is the dream. The right man for me has to understand who I am, what I want and how to deal with me…

Until I find THAT man, I’d rather just have fun and do what I want and when I want it…

So yeah… That’s just my point of view…



PS! I have a job interview tomorrow!! =]