FWF… Being left behind


*You suddenly find yourself standing alone on an unknown sidewalk in an unknown place. It’s night and snowing and the only other person around is walking away from you…*


You asked to meet me…

I flew across the ocean, to see you again…

And here we are, two hours in, and we are fighting. Why this always happens, I don’t know. But usually it happens over email, and in cryptic messages. This is different, this is a full-blown fall out in the middle of London, my favourite place on earth is suddenly my worst place on earth…

We were supposed to spend Christmas together, in a strange place, to fit our strange, cryptic relationship. But you have to leave. And I’m going to be alone. Alone in a place bigger than I thought possible. It’s snowing. It’s cold. And you are turning your back on me.


I don’t even know were exactly I am!

“Miguel!” I call out, the tears on my cheeks feel frozen, and I push a smile through the tears as you turn around, that frown, always present, on your face.

“What?” You ask with that accent that pulled me in the first time I saw you.

“Don’t go…”  I whisper, and I’m afraid you’re not going to hear me, but you do. You close the distance you put between us and I look up. Into that brown eyes that always seem to know what I’m thinking.

And you put your arms around me, envelop me in you hug, an occurrence that is exceptionally rare, as you are not the touching type. I inhale you, like the drug you are to me. And save that smell away, because it feels like the last time I’m ever going to smell that.

Why is this feeling like good-bye?

“Please stay? I came here for you. For me and you, in London…”

“I know…” you reply, that accent drawing out the words as you break my heart again, and again.

You step away and my tears resume. This was a mistake, I know now. This was not where I was suppose to be.

“I love you…” you say then, me tears flowing heavily now, without  stop, without restriction.

“You love me?”

“Yes.” You look at me as if I’m stupid for not realizing it.

“Okay…” I reply and kiss you, a kiss that says everything I haven’t been able to say in words, in emails, in letters.

And then you pull away, “Stop that…” the tears start-up again, “or I’ll never be able to leave.”

“That’s my plan,” I give a teary giggle as you pull me into another devastating hug.

“About time…” you reply, and I know you are not talking about the kiss, about my joke or about my laugh. But you are saying that it’s about time you leave. Its one of our very bad inside jokes, one of the things that no one understood about us.

I let you go this time and you walk away, the first few steps looking at me, walking backwards. As if you want to remember this picture of me, jeans, boots and your jacket on, forever. I cry silently as you turn around and I’m left alone, alone on a strange street, in a strange town, with the only person I care to know walking away from me… And I have no idea if I will ever see you again…

Thanks Kellie for giving me the opportunity to write, I forgot how good it feels just writing for the sake of it.


Resolution update #1!

So as today is Sunday, I probably have to update you all on how I am doing on my resolutions….. Hmmmm…


  1. Write a little every day! Poems, flash fiction, fiction. Anything. Just write! Ummmm, yeah that didn’t work! I did write a poem today thought, or well three lines of a poem!
  2. Blog every day!! That semi-worked, until I decided I deserve Wednesdays of and suddenly grew lazy on Thursday! So no more off days! Blogging every day!
  3. Journal everyday, or every two days. But VERY regularly! This I did!! Yeah me….
  4. Stop fighting for no reason and admit when wrong…….. I think this worked, I handled all approaching conflict with an open mind and I think it worked!! Although me and sis did have a little ‘spat’ =]
  5. Read every day. Of course!!!!
  6. Postcross and pen pals, more regular!! Five letters and postcards still to be posted on my desk. Let’s make that an obvious no.
  7. Eat a bit healthier Semi worked, I didn’t eat junk food if that counts!
  8. EAT BREAKFAST!! I think I missed one day! Very good for me!
  9. exercise at least every other day ummmm, let me get back to you on this one! =]
  10. Go to bed by ten pm. I was in bed by ten most nights! Does that count?
  11. NO junk food… [I’m going to struggle here] YES!!!! So proud of myself!
  12. ONE sweet per week Two… But that is better than regular!
  13. Cut out ALL the negativity in my life, get rid off the ‘bad’ people, draw the ‘good’ ones closer. Almost there, just need to identify the bad ones!!
  14. Stop being negative!! I think I accomplished this….
  15. Do not suppress emotions. But DO think before speaking.  Done! I spoke my mind and it didn’t result in a fight! it turns out if I re-think something before saying it, it comes out way nicer!! =]

So, that was my resolutions….

I promise to give you all a journal page tomorrow, I am just way too lazy to take a pic now!! =]

Have a great day! But now it is ten to ten and I have to work tomorrow! =]

It was Bloody Brilliant!!

In case you don’t have me on FB and didn’t read the hundred statuses about me going to watch Harry Potter 7 last night, I went to watch HP7 last night!!!

And the only possible words to describe it is BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!

I had my doubts…. Because a lot of people said it didn’t live up to their expectations, but to me it was amazing!!! But my professional opinion later!


The evening began on the drive, I made us [me and Sis] a mix CD with some chart topping songs which got us straight into a party mood and little could burst my bubble!


When we got to Clearwater Mall we discovered that a whole bunch of new shops opened up since our last visit there and after we got our tickets we went exploring and searched for a great place to have dinner. But before we could even think of dinner Sister discovered Marcels, a FroYo place….

My love for Frozen Yogurt is still to be discovered so I settled for dark chocolate ice-cream while sis enjoyed Vanilla FroYo. The best part of that, except the chocolate, was my Yum card! Its a card where, once it is full of stickers, I get a free small tub of ice-cream! Rewards for eating ice cream??? I’m in!

We then decided on Juicy Lucy for dinner, a sweet lace with the greatest breakfast!! But I decided it was WAY too late for breakfast breakfast, so I decided to order a Bacon Cheesa [rye bread with bacon and YUMMY cheese sauce] while sis ate a bacon and chicken wrap!

I just realized how weird all that sounded as dinner!!! =]

Finally it was time for HP!!

I promise no spoilers!

I loved every moment of the movie…

It was very true to the book, not so very rushed liked the 6th movie, although the time went by WAY too fast, and before I knew I was crying and the movie was done! [If you read the books, you would know why I was crying, if not, I promised no spoilers!]

There was perhaps one part that wasnt in the book, but otherwise every important part was there, they did a great job with filling in the blanks the previous movies created, and what I loved the most was the dialogue, it was unbelievably true to the book!

One thing that I didn’t like, like most people, was the ending! It was very sudden… But it had to happen, other it would’ve been a six-hour movie, or a very vague movie! So kudos to Warner Bros to making it so very amazing!!!

Who watched it already?? What did you think???





The title is a reverence to a name Kellie recently gave me, a mash-up between Marlize and marvelous [I think] and every time I hear it Rachel Berry sings Pokerface in my head.. [Watch Glee!!!!!]

Wait, while we are on that topic! I want Glee! And Vampire Dairies! And Gossip Girl! AND HARRY POTTER! Sorry I needed to fit that rant in somewhere…

Back to me, the prompt for today is…

Name a few random reasons why YOU are special/great/amazing.

I know I had something similar already, but the point of this challenge is to discover YOU!! =]

And I am taking a leaf out of Erin at Wild Archaic‘s book and making a resolution list…

Why???? Because I need it and who needs to wait until New Year?

  1. Write a little every day! Poems, flash fiction, fiction. Anything. Just write!
  2. Blog every day!!
  3. Journal everyday, or every two days. But VERY regularly!
  4. Stop fighting for no reason and admit when wrong……..
  5. Read every day.
  6. Postcross and pen pals, more regular!!
  7. Eat a bit healthier
  9. Excercise at least every other day
  10. Go to bed by ten pm.
  11. NO junk food… [I’m going to struggle here]
  12. ONE sweet per week
  13. Cut out ALL the negativity in my life, get rid off the ‘bad’ people, draw the ‘good’ ones closer.
  14. Stop being negative!!
  15. Do not suppress emotions. But DO think before speaking.

Okay…. As a motivation to let this work I will blog about my resolutions every Sunday… Satisfying Sunday? And update you on how I am keeping them!! =]

Enjoy the evening bloggers! =]

Pretty little snapshots!!



I am back!!! Lol I think I curse myself every time I assure you all that I am FINALLY back on a regular basis!

But FOR NOW I am back. I even have a journal page to prove it!!

Prompt 18…

snapshots of your life…

I really like this page, but I think it is mainly because I enjoy drawing Polaroids! =]

So yeah! Whaddya think???

I am not the best company these days… I don’t know what is wrong with me.

But for now I don’t care, because I am in full Potter mode!!!

I have been reading the books for about a month now and is now busy with Book 4. And it is in times like these where I wish I was living overseas…. To go and see a midnight preview and get BUTTERBEER!!!

*Sigh* but for now I am patiently waiting….

Have a lovely night you all! And do remember to send me some questions for my truth challenge!!!

Obsessed… Only a little!

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is a ‘silly’ one…

Things I am slightly obsessed with/ can’t stop thinking about / like a little too much! Some of the things do not need explanations, but I will give it any who! =]

  1. England… I adore England, British accents, English phone booths, British magazines, Fantasy fiction books and well all things Britain! [EXCEPT ROBERT PATTINSON]
  2. Nick Jonas… For some reason this guy is on my mind consistently! I even dreamed about him…
  3. Glee-music! Love it!!!!!!!
  4. E! Entertainment TV… The Kardashians, Holly and Kendra is my guilty pleasure!!
  5. How I Met Your Mother. AND BARNEY!!! I just love the show and Barney’s abs… YUM!!
  6. Ice tea…… For a caffeine addict/tea-hater this one is odd. I’ve been drinking on average a liter of ice-tea a day these past few weeks!!
  7. Postcards! Postcrossing. I cannot walk by a stationery shop without checking out their postcards and buying a few!
  8. Fantasy Fiction books! I’ve recently bought myself a Britain magazine just because there was a free book in… And as stated in#1 I heart Britain!
  9. Paramore! I got some new music from Suzy Pie . Including a huge amount of Paramore music, I am in love!!
  10. Job searching….. *sigh*

I hope you enjoyed the post… It was really fun to think of all the stuff I’m insane over!

Have a great day!

Oh, I almost forgot… WELCOME BACK IDIOT!!!!!

Top 10 ….. places!

So today’s topic is places… And because my mind is so awesome, I cannot for the life of me, remember what I meant when I wrote down that topic idea…

That’s when I decided to do it on….

Top 10 places I wanna be RIGHT now:

  1. England! [I have a thing for England]
  2. In bed
  3. Playing mini golf
  4. At the beach
  5. Shopping mall
  6. Swimming pool
  7. Library or secondhand bookstore [old+cheap=amazing!]
  8. Spain
  9. Italy
  10. A cute, cosy coffee shop.

Well that was fun! Now quit dreaming! =]

I wish you all a lovely day! =]