FWF – The story behind her eyes…

Time for another Free Write Friday post, hosted by the lovely Miss Kellie Elmore

Here is your FWF prompt:

Tell me about this girl…

2014-04-08 09.52.48

It was almost closing time when she came in, the kitchen was already closed, as it was minutes past midnight, and there was only one or two tables left.

“Sorry miss, kitchen’s closed.” I said as she walked over to the corner booth.

“I just want tea,” she said, her eyes on the table, her words so soft I had to lean in to hear them.

I walk to the counter and make the tea, tired after 12 hours on my feet, and I look at her while the water boils. Her waist length black hair is hanging like a curtain around her, shielding her from the world, her thin frame is hunched over the table, bundled up in jackets. 

Then she looks up, and the world stands still. Her eyes are soft grey, and sad, the kind of sad that makes you want to cry along. She makes eye contact very briefly and looks away into the corner, so intrigued by the piece of wall, I had to look over to make sure there wasn’t another world over there.

“Here’s your tea, miss.”

I put the tea down, a bit harder than necessary and a few drops spills out, drips onto her hand. But she doesn’t even flinch, or react at all. Then I notice all the other marks on her hands, cuts, burns, blister, rope burns. She is still looking at that piece of wall, like there is a movie playing just for her.

“What are ya lookin’ at?” I ask before I can stop myself.

She looks up to me, straight into my eyes, and I feel my heart beating faster, the eye contact is holding, more than just a few seconds this time.

“Don’t you see it?” She replies, that same soft voice, making me lean in to hear the words.

“What?” I ask, confused.

Then she shakes her head, just slightly, and looks up to me again, “Thank you for the tea.”

I walk away slowly, not sure what just happened, or what I will do if I stand around any longer.

“Do you know her?” I ask the shift manager, leaning against the counter on her elbows

“Ethan, dear boy, don’t.”

“What??” I ask, offended.

“She does this, makes people fall for her, with that sad eyes, and that breaking vulnerability, but she’s fierce, and weird, and a little bit crazy.”

“Aren’t we all?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, you’re already in there… all the way. She’s bad news.” 

I shake my head at Clare’s silliness and walk over to Grey Eyes again, “ya still all right over here?”

She looks up, there’s the eye contact again, “perfect… Just lonely. Sit?”

I can hear the question mark after the word, but the look in her eyes is making it feel like an order. I look around the cafe and notice that all the other tables left. I sit down, slowly, afraid I might startle her. She looks like a dove that could scatter with a single pebble thrown at her.

“You don’t see it do you?”

She looks at me, but not like before, almost past me, to another world, another universe. Her eyes get really big, horribly big as she sees something, only she can see, just over my shoulder.

“See what?” I ask, imitating her soft voice, once again, scared of startling her.

“All the souls… Hanging out here… They want to go… But they don’t know where… I should help them… I tried… That’s why… They needed an out… I was helping…” She’s talking in short, nonsensical sentences.

Then she touches my hand and look up into my eyes. For a second it was just her and me and then as she blinked, the whole cafe filled with people. Not people, actually, these semi-solid floating figures. All sad, some still suspended in the act that caused their death, others just hanging, not sure what to do, where to go.

I look at Grey Eyes, and turn around, trying to look for Clare, but I can’t see anything through the figures. 

“Why do you see them? Why do I see them?”

She looks at me, her head cocked to one side, like she’s trying to understand my question and then her reply comes, almost inaudible.

“Because I killed them…”

This was one of those stories that started as one thing, and then escalated, very quickly in to something else with no control…

It’s not my best work, but I was just sick of writing love stories, and I wasn’t in the mood to write a tragic story. So I made her a murderess… I might just be certifiable after all =]

Love always,


FFFC – That one place…

I’m writing this for a prompt by OM and his Flash Fiction Friday Challenge.

Describe for me a city, any city real or created, in less than 1,000 words. How much can you show the reader?

It used to be my favourite place. 
Walking down the cobblestone streets, streets not really aware of the fact that they should have been modernized years ago.
Seeing the old stone buildings tower over you, making you feel small, like an ant between all this beauty.
Feeling the breeze, coming from the beach, always just a few minutes away from where you are. That salty smell, the almost stickiness on your skin, that taste of freedom on your tongue.
Smelling the wonderful smells of the world around us, the pastries in the deli, the coffee coming from every direction, the sea, the people.
Hearing the ring of a bike bell, the music coming from that one street artist we used to love so much, the breaking of waves on rocks in the distance, a car here and there.
How I miss that place, that one place we could share, we could love, we could dream about.
And now, it’s just what it always has been.
A place in my dreams I’ve never seen before.

Not sure if this fits the description of the prompt, but its Free Write, so that’s what I give you…

Love always,


FWF-Its clear to me…

A post for Free Write Friday, hosted by Kellie Elmore

Free Write Friday wtih Kellie!!

Here is your FWF prompt:

I didn’t understand it then, but I understand it now…

Dear Diary..
Its one year now, since I had that miscarriage, and I haven’t written to you since that fateful day.
I was sad, I was depressed, I was worse than ever. I thought my life would end as well.
To me, that little baby meant a future with Paul, an existence, a glimpse at being a family, something I have never had before.
Paul said he was happy, that day when I peed on a stick. He smiled with me, went to the doctor with my, was happy with me. But a week before the miscarriage, something happened, something horrible, that I didn’t want to tell even you about, because I wanted it to be untrue.
Paul left. In the middle of the night, with a bag of clothes, all our money, most of the food and not even a note for me.
I cried. I wept. I took to the bed for about 3 days. Then I remembered my baby. I had to get up for her (I was so sure it was a girl), I had to live for her.
So I got up, got a second job, and then my girl also left the world.
I was devastated. I thought the whole world hated me, God had turned his back on me.
First my long term boyfriend deserts me in the middle of the night with a baby and no money. Then that baby also deserts me. Like she knew, even before she came into this world, that I was not worthy of her.
I kept hoping, Paul will come back for me, he has to, he loves me. He said so a million times, every day since we met, he told me he loved me, and four years later, on the verge of getting married, he left me. I was sure he would come back. But no. He stayed away…

I couldn’t understand what the world was trying to tell me, with all of this horrible things happening in my life. Then Jake walked into the coffee shop one day. A wonderful looking man, sweet, kind, gorgeous, and we fell in love, on first glance. It was everything Paul and I never were. I was so used to being the good, serving housewife type, it took my awhile to see how amazing it is to be taken care of, instead of taking care.

And now I’m engaged, and pregnant with a baby boy, due in five months…

Life worked out for me, diary, life turned itself around, and now instead of wondering why everything went wrong, I thank God that it did…

*Everything in this post is fiction…*

Hope you like it =]

Love always,

Imagine It Promtp 58 – Experimenting…

The Imagine It Prompts come from here…

I was in need of a prompt to get the words out, and I came across this page, and just knew, yup, this could work.

Create an experiment you would love to test but cannot.

Christy opens the front door slowly and step out, closing it softly behind her, sneaky-like. Not that she is sneaking out, oh no. It’s perfectly acceptable for a 20-something girl to leave a man’s house at four am. Perfectly normal.
She puts on her heels and gets geared for the walk home, the inevitable walk of shame…
This was fun though, she thinks by herself. She doubted Lucy’s sanity when she came up with the experiment, but it was fun.
The idea was, go out, pretend to get drunk with a guy, and estimate how long it will take for him to try and get into your pants, and because he is drunk, you get to make the calls, and how often does a girl get the chance to do what SHE wants in bed… It was a good experiment, and as she’s walking, thinking about it, she thinks they should do it again tonight… 
With a quick text to Sandy to check if her experiment was just as successful, they decide to give it another go. Its been so long without good sex… 

Not my best work, but still an experiment that’s worthy of a try.. Problem with me, I’m usually the drunk one, willing to give it all up…

Love always,


FWF – Coming back for you…

*A/N* For almost a year, I haven’t participated in the FWF going on over at Kellie’s. But last week I did it, and it opened up this flood of words in me, and I just couldn’t wait for the new prompt this week just so that I can write!!

Here is the link to the prompt, http://kellieelmore.com/2014/03/07/fwf-free-write-friday-image-prompt-16/ please have a look, enjoy and link me to your story in the comments! I would love to know what the house told you…

This house has a story…what is it?

Image Credit: We Heart It

Image Credit: We Heart It


With the truck fully loaded, he looks back at the old house in the woods… The house that kept all of his memories safe.
The good
The bad
The beautiful 
and the horrifyingly bad.
“Dad, let’s go!” 
He looks back at his girl sitting in the truck, his face almost as sad as his is. Becky… She looks so much like her mother that it hurts looking at her. 
“I’m coming…” 
He walks to the truck and pulls away, with a glance into the rearview mirror he spaces away, to all the times… 
A silly girl leans over her crashed bicycle as he pulls of the road, silly because she is standing in the middle of the road. Not bothering to move out of the way, or bothering to hold down her skirt which keeps blowing up every now and then from the breeze. 
“Everything okay?” he asks through the window of his truck.
“Oh, simply perfect. You see, it is suppose to only have one wheel on and a broken chain. That’s how I bought it.”
He rolls his eyes at the cheeky remark of the petite redhead he’s been eyeing everyday on the beach. 
As he gets out of the truck he asks, “what did you do?”
“A bunny attacked me,” she says matter-of-factly, no sarcasm this time, “I swerved, I hit a rock, I fell and here we are…”
He frowns, waiting for a punchline, but non comes. A bunny attacked her…
“Thanks for stopping, but I’m fine, I will just go knock on that house over there and give my mom a call to come get me.”
She starts walking away from him, the amazingly sexy blonde surfer she has seen on the beach a few times now. And, of course, he chooses today to notice her.
“It’s empty… Been that way for years now.” He calls after her as he picks up the mangled bike and toss it onto the body of the truck with no effort at all.
“Hey! That’s mine!” She yells and run up to the truck.
“No shit, “he replies and opens up the passenger door for her, “get in, I’ll take it to the shop and drop you off.”
That was the first time they met, and for many years later, he could pinpoint the moment he fell in love to that second where she stood in front of him, not sure whether to get into his truck or not, but with that smile on her face that said, I trust you, I don’t like that I trust you, but I trust you.
“A picnic? It’s our first date and you think a picnic is the answer?”
“I thought it was romantic!” He objected and lead her further down the little dirt path.
He finds the perfect spot of grass, throws open a blanket and pulls her down next to him..
it looks idyllic. Almost movie-like. The wildflowers dancing in the breeze, the sun setting and as a backdrop, the house in front of which they first met.
“Fine, it’s a little romantic… I love it.” She nudges up against him and gives him a kiss. 
He laughs and looks down at her in wonder. This girl is everything he has ever wanted out of life. And now summer is reaching an end. 
One more month and they are going back home. Far from each other… The past week, since they met, the spent every possible moment together, and fell in love. And tonight was their first official date. And he wanted to tell her how much he has grown to love her.
“I’m not going home…” he tells her.
They are sitting in their favourite spot, an old swing-set in front of the empty, abandoned house and she is, in fact, going home tomorrow.
“Why?” she asks. Her voice soft, a tone he now knows as her ‘lets-keep-the-emotions-out’-voice.
He turns to her, “because, Rebecca. Home is so very far away from all the memories we made here. If I stay here, you will know here to come find me. When you realize that this was more than just a summer fling to me. My holiday job turned into a permanent job and I already got a flat out here. I can’t abandon the last few weeks… Even if I have to cherish them alone. “
She just sits. No response. Silently looking up at the spooky house who has watched over this summer fling, who saw every second of every moment that makes her want to cry now. Because it has to end.
“I can’t…….” she mutters and walks away.
He looks up, the sun in his eyes, but he still recognizes her. He smiles, convinced it is just a dream like all the times he saw her since she left a year ago.
“You came?” Still unsure if she is real or not.
“We agreed, didn’t we? On our first date, to come back every year to watch the sunset.”
“You’re a bit late for the sunset…” he jokes and gestures towards the sunrise. Then he pulls her closer, finally convinced she is real. 
She came back
She left
She came back
She left
the pattern never changed. 
But still Ethan stayed in the little seaside town where they first met. He couldn’t think of living somewhere else… One day she will realize that he really did love her, still do, and come back. Together they will buy The House and raise kids, and be happy… 
The day of her love finally came… Too late… 
Fifteen years after The First Date, she didn’t show. Not for sunrise, or sunset, or sunrise again. Ethan was convinced he has lost her forever. Then a girl comes walking out of the bushes, and he starts crying. Not because it is Rebecca. But because it isn’t… But she looks so much like the girl he met fifteen years ago.
“Don’t cry,” Not-Rebecca’s voice said, the same voice, just no sarcasm.
“Are you Ethan?” she then asks as she sits down next to him. 
He nods, yes…
“Then you are my father… I’m Becky.”
He looks at her, so together, so stable, so calm. 
“Becky… Rebecca…
“My mother.”
A few seconds of stillness passes, then she hands him a sealed envelope. She left this for you…
Ethan, love…
i’m so very sorry
first, for not telling you about Becky. second, for being dead…
u see. i have cancer. had. 
but, at fifteen, when we met, i was in remission and so sure it would never come back. but it did… the cancer and the pregnancy came together… 
I wanted to stay, so badly. but how could i die on you?! how could i tell you you are gonna have a child, and then die on you, and probably take her with me?! I just couldn’t…
I couldn’t deal… I ran to my mom, told her everything. She helped me.
I survived the pregnancy, and the bout of cancer. After Becky was born I was back in remission, and while I finished school, Mom raised Becky. 
I moved out, I got a job. We had a good life.
I wanted to tell you so many times. 
Every time I got close to telling, I got scared. What if I die..
Five years ago, my cancer came back. Like a bitch… I got bad. VERY bad. 
We moved back to mom’s and she took over Becky’s care again. I hid all of it from you, so well… because I wanted you to have a life, to go on. But year after year after year after year you sat on that swing and waited for me to say that three words that ruin lives… i love you…
I couldn’t do that to you. 
I wrote Becky a letter as well, telling her about you, about us, about the 3rd of June. and about this spot. She only got her letter the day I died. I knew she would come looking for you, so I asked her to give you this. 
To remember
To never give up
to love
to forget
Buy our house, Ethan love.
Make it perfect. 
Have a life.
I have loved you since that first day, and will love you till my last… 
your rebecca


“Dad! Watch where you’re going!”
Ethan snaps out of his memories and pulls of the road as he looks over at Becky, remembering Rebecca.
“Let me drive, dad. you get some sleep. You know how bad this week always is for you.”
Yes, it is, he thinks as he switches seats with his thirty year old daughter. Which is why she always gives up her summer holiday to come spend it with him at his house by the sea where he first met her mother. But this was the last one. It’s time for him to go on. To forget. To life.

A/N – And that’s what the house told me… the sadness he saw. the love. the happy. the bad. the ugly.

Love always, Marliz3e


FWF… Being left behind


*You suddenly find yourself standing alone on an unknown sidewalk in an unknown place. It’s night and snowing and the only other person around is walking away from you…*


You asked to meet me…

I flew across the ocean, to see you again…

And here we are, two hours in, and we are fighting. Why this always happens, I don’t know. But usually it happens over email, and in cryptic messages. This is different, this is a full-blown fall out in the middle of London, my favourite place on earth is suddenly my worst place on earth…

We were supposed to spend Christmas together, in a strange place, to fit our strange, cryptic relationship. But you have to leave. And I’m going to be alone. Alone in a place bigger than I thought possible. It’s snowing. It’s cold. And you are turning your back on me.


I don’t even know were exactly I am!

“Miguel!” I call out, the tears on my cheeks feel frozen, and I push a smile through the tears as you turn around, that frown, always present, on your face.

“What?” You ask with that accent that pulled me in the first time I saw you.

“Don’t go…”  I whisper, and I’m afraid you’re not going to hear me, but you do. You close the distance you put between us and I look up. Into that brown eyes that always seem to know what I’m thinking.

And you put your arms around me, envelop me in you hug, an occurrence that is exceptionally rare, as you are not the touching type. I inhale you, like the drug you are to me. And save that smell away, because it feels like the last time I’m ever going to smell that.

Why is this feeling like good-bye?

“Please stay? I came here for you. For me and you, in London…”

“I know…” you reply, that accent drawing out the words as you break my heart again, and again.

You step away and my tears resume. This was a mistake, I know now. This was not where I was suppose to be.

“I love you…” you say then, me tears flowing heavily now, without  stop, without restriction.

“You love me?”

“Yes.” You look at me as if I’m stupid for not realizing it.

“Okay…” I reply and kiss you, a kiss that says everything I haven’t been able to say in words, in emails, in letters.

And then you pull away, “Stop that…” the tears start-up again, “or I’ll never be able to leave.”

“That’s my plan,” I give a teary giggle as you pull me into another devastating hug.

“About time…” you reply, and I know you are not talking about the kiss, about my joke or about my laugh. But you are saying that it’s about time you leave. Its one of our very bad inside jokes, one of the things that no one understood about us.

I let you go this time and you walk away, the first few steps looking at me, walking backwards. As if you want to remember this picture of me, jeans, boots and your jacket on, forever. I cry silently as you turn around and I’m left alone, alone on a strange street, in a strange town, with the only person I care to know walking away from me… And I have no idea if I will ever see you again…

Thanks Kellie for giving me the opportunity to write, I forgot how good it feels just writing for the sake of it.

Resolution update #1!

So as today is Sunday, I probably have to update you all on how I am doing on my resolutions….. Hmmmm…


  1. Write a little every day! Poems, flash fiction, fiction. Anything. Just write! Ummmm, yeah that didn’t work! I did write a poem today thought, or well three lines of a poem!
  2. Blog every day!! That semi-worked, until I decided I deserve Wednesdays of and suddenly grew lazy on Thursday! So no more off days! Blogging every day!
  3. Journal everyday, or every two days. But VERY regularly! This I did!! Yeah me….
  4. Stop fighting for no reason and admit when wrong…….. I think this worked, I handled all approaching conflict with an open mind and I think it worked!! Although me and sis did have a little ‘spat’ =]
  5. Read every day. Of course!!!!
  6. Postcross and pen pals, more regular!! Five letters and postcards still to be posted on my desk. Let’s make that an obvious no.
  7. Eat a bit healthier Semi worked, I didn’t eat junk food if that counts!
  8. EAT BREAKFAST!! I think I missed one day! Very good for me!
  9. exercise at least every other day ummmm, let me get back to you on this one! =]
  10. Go to bed by ten pm. I was in bed by ten most nights! Does that count?
  11. NO junk food… [I’m going to struggle here] YES!!!! So proud of myself!
  12. ONE sweet per week Two… But that is better than regular!
  13. Cut out ALL the negativity in my life, get rid off the ‘bad’ people, draw the ‘good’ ones closer. Almost there, just need to identify the bad ones!!
  14. Stop being negative!! I think I accomplished this….
  15. Do not suppress emotions. But DO think before speaking.  Done! I spoke my mind and it didn’t result in a fight! it turns out if I re-think something before saying it, it comes out way nicer!! =]

So, that was my resolutions….

I promise to give you all a journal page tomorrow, I am just way too lazy to take a pic now!! =]

Have a great day! But now it is ten to ten and I have to work tomorrow! =]



The title is a reverence to a name Kellie recently gave me, a mash-up between Marlize and marvelous [I think] and every time I hear it Rachel Berry sings Pokerface in my head.. [Watch Glee!!!!!]

Wait, while we are on that topic! I want Glee! And Vampire Dairies! And Gossip Girl! AND HARRY POTTER! Sorry I needed to fit that rant in somewhere…

Back to me, the prompt for today is…

Name a few random reasons why YOU are special/great/amazing.

I know I had something similar already, but the point of this challenge is to discover YOU!! =]

And I am taking a leaf out of Erin at Wild Archaic‘s book and making a resolution list…

Why???? Because I need it and who needs to wait until New Year?

  1. Write a little every day! Poems, flash fiction, fiction. Anything. Just write!
  2. Blog every day!!
  3. Journal everyday, or every two days. But VERY regularly!
  4. Stop fighting for no reason and admit when wrong……..
  5. Read every day.
  6. Postcross and pen pals, more regular!!
  7. Eat a bit healthier
  9. Excercise at least every other day
  10. Go to bed by ten pm.
  11. NO junk food… [I’m going to struggle here]
  12. ONE sweet per week
  13. Cut out ALL the negativity in my life, get rid off the ‘bad’ people, draw the ‘good’ ones closer.
  14. Stop being negative!!
  15. Do not suppress emotions. But DO think before speaking.

Okay…. As a motivation to let this work I will blog about my resolutions every Sunday… Satisfying Sunday? And update you on how I am keeping them!! =]

Enjoy the evening bloggers! =]

Flash Fiction: A good try


This is my very first flash fiction I ever wrote… I hope you enjoy it and please leave some responses!!

Thank you

She sits all alone, sipping her coffee and staring out of the window at the skyline. Her trail of thought so difficult to follow. Every now and then a flicker of emotion can be seen on her face, in her eyes.

But he can’t help but notice the small signs of sadness; her turned down mouth, the constant fidgeting and the almost unconscious rubbing of her eyes.

If he was more confident and self-assured he would’ve gone up to her and try to console her. But looking at her biker boots and leather jacket, she didn’t look like the type to want, or need, consoling.

He tears his eyes away and drinks his own coffee, but time and again his eyes drift to her. She keeps looking at her phone and shaking her head. The actions are those he normally associates with someone who was stood up. But its eleven pm. Who plans a date for this time of night?!?!

After his last sips he gets up, pays his bill and on impulse changes his direction to her table against the wall. Knowing in the back of his mind he would regret the decision in only a few minutes.

“Why are you sad?”

He mentally kicks himself for the bad start and starts to slowly back away.

“What?” Her soft, powerful voice shocks him to a standstill and her confusion is clear on her face.

He decide to keep going, he is already here, isn’t he?

“You seem sad and lonely”

She smirks, “just what every girl wants to hear.”

She picks up her bag and phone and pushes herself out of the seat. With the boots on she can stare him straight in his eyes.

“This ain’t sad or lonely, pretty boy.”

She turns around on her heel and turns right back.

“And just to satisfy your apparent curiosity, he left me waiting for THREE whole hours!”

Without another word or glare she turns around and walks out. The only girl in five years to catch his eye. And she is getting away.

He sits down at the vacated table and looks at the empty doorway.

“Well, it was worth a try, and at least I got the truth. And she got to yell at someone.”