This is me…

The past few weeks (months) I felt like I lost myself, like I lost ME… So instead of a love letter to people who ignore me, or a love story about my imaginary friends, here is a love letter to myself… All the things that makes me, ME…

You do you best…

I’m the girl who would rather spend time with her cats than with people

I’m the girl who loves going out, and sitting alone with a cup of coffee for three hours watching other people

I’m the girl who would rather spend five hours with one person, instead of one hour with five people

I’m the girl who likes to get drunk on cheap wine coolers as well as the girl who would never say no to that epic bottle of red wine or expensive gin.

I’m the kind of girl who likes to wear a dress and then come home and sleep naked, but then again, I’m also the kind of girl who would spend the entire day in her PJ’s binge watching Glee for the 10th time and crying every time Rachel and Finn breaks up…

I’m the girl who gets surprised when her (only) BFF asks her to be Maid of Honor

I’m the girl who says what I want, forgetting that not every one wants to hear every thought going through my head.

But, I’m also the kind of girl who says what you WANT to hear, because I am so afraid of letting some one down..

I’m the girl every one describes as a bitch, and I just think I’m hysterically sarcastic.

I’m the girl who doesn’t know her own favourite colour, but know for a fact if Oreo’s was a colour it would be that…

I’m the girl who thinks I’m fat and pretty in the same sentence.

I’m the girl who goes out to exercise once a month and diet one week a month and believe it will make a difference.

I’m the girl, at 23, who doesn’t know what she wants, where she wants to be or how to get there.

I’m the girl, who has been single for 4 years

I’m just a silly little girl, waiting for the world to give her a green light in the right direction.

Have a lovely day…

Never lose who you are….


Monday Magic – Wishing on a star


[Photo credit – Hey there, As per usual, I know I haven’t blogged in a while, but I’m hoping for that to change from here on out (yay, I know I say that every time!) But here is why I say so this time… My wish/prayers/ hopes/ dreams came true… Since the start of 2012 I felt dissatisfied in my job as a secretary for an accounting firm, and I just kept telling myself everything will get better after my 21st birthday, silly right?? Apparently not! As you might remember I sprained my ankle terribly the weekend of my 21st, and due to that and a few bad decisions on my side, I lost my job… I was devestated, but strangely calm about it all. Why, I could not understand at that moment. I went out with the mission of finding a new dead-end job, just to get an income, but something great happened. I got a job I love!! The guesthouse where my lovely sister works, planned to open a restuarant in November, and they were still in need of a bartender… They decided (even though I don’t know the first thing about bartending) that me being jobless was the perfect solution for every one. I needed a job, they had a job open. And I have never been happier… Sure I work rather long hours, my feet hurt and my back aches, but I am happy! I write when I’m off, I smile almost every second of every day, I wake up actually excited about going to work! And for the first time in my life, I feel like I fit in somewhere! I mess up sometimes, but I’m loving it!! So, the moral of this long and confusing story is thus, wish upon your stars, pray your prayers, build your dreams up and be patient. Because God, the universe and destiny can only keep you hanging on for so long. Love from a very happy blogger =] M*

Survey 2!

Hey lovely people out there!

It’s time for another survey, found here…

I am really enjoying all this random questions about me! [yes, I like getting attention]

Who is the last person you called? My mom=]

What do you use to IM? FB chat, Gmail chat, Skype or MXit. An IM service here in SA

What is your home page? Google

How many e-mails do you have? At the moment, 1

Do you hear voices? Lol, in my head sometimes…

Do you like to blow bubbles? YES! Makes me feel small again!

Have you ever eaten any bubbles? I think I actually did once!

Do you like candy apples? To be honest… I have never eaten one yet…

Do you like cotton candy? ADORE IT!!!!!!

Do you enjoy fairs? Yes, I think it is great fun.

Do you like playing with fire? Real fire, no. Getting my self in trouble kind of fire… Yes =]

Have you ever been in an ambulance? Nope. Been beside one, but not inside!

Have you ever had stitches? Two, I cut my own finger open… [Stop judging! I was five!!! ]

Have you ever had any ex-rays? I remember I was in an ex-ray room once [let me go ask mom] I mean yes! =]

Ever had to have surgery? My tonsils… That’s that

Who or what were you named after? No one.



What is your favorite perfume? Oh, that would be Pink Happiness.

What is your favorite store? As long as I can walk around and fit clothes I am happy

Where did you get your clothes you are wearing? Top-Mr Price, Short jean-Jet

Do you like to go to the mall? LOVE IT!! =]

What do you fear? Spiders, thunder, crawly bugs, ducks, losing my family

What did you have for supper? Take-aways – Chicken Mayo Salad

Well that was fun!!! =]

Just a heads up, I am planning a fairly ‘personal’ [boys] post and I will be password protected… Just incase! So if you see that, just e-mail me, and if I am certain you aren’t one of the ‘discussed subjects’ you will receive the password!

Be good!

PS, do the survey!!!!! =]