A magic Monday Wishlist..

So…. I know it has been a while, but I felt like doing a post, and since it is Monday, I decided to do a Monday Magic Wishlist…

1. I wish I could wake up and it was all just a nightmare
2. I wish my stress could be less
3. I wish one day HE will wake up and realize I am the girl for him
4. I wish for some mindless fun!
5. I wish for a big bottle of red wine
6. I wish for a Harry Potter marathon and some Butterbeer
7. I wish to have the time and dedication to finish my novel
8. I wish only the best for my mom and sis
9. I wish every one could have a warm bed like I do…
10. Lastly, I wish, with all my heart that I could just see my Dady one last time…

What are your wishes for this Blue Monday?

Wish-filled love,

Kerfuffle! =]

I HEART reading!!! See that word? ^ up there! KERFUFFLE, another word for chaos, I discovered it in Harry Potter 5 and it is officially my new favourite word! =] [I haven’t a clue what was my old favourite word!!]

But anywho, I am taking part in a soundtrack challenge! I discovered it HERE while reading my daily dose of Kellie!

basically copy the parts in black, put you playlist/iPod/computer on shuffle and list the first 18 songs in their number placing! [I do hope that made sense to YOU!] My songs are in this colour, and I am doing this as I type!!

Song #1: Opening Credits Summer of 69 [Bryan Adams]

Song #2: Waking Up Black Velvet [No Idea]

Song #3: 1st Day of School Coward of the county [Kenny Rogers] Very weird…

Song #4: Falling In Love Eh, Eh [Lady Gaga]

Song #5: Fight Song American Boy [Estelle & Kanye West]

Song #6: Breaking Up Lemon Tree [Fool’s Garden] Quite fitting!

Song #7: Prom Mercy [Duffy]

Song #8: Life Skater Boy [Avril Lavigne] LOL!

Song #9: Mental Breakdown Shot through the heart [Bon Jovi]

Song #10: Driving Please forgive me [Bryan Adams]

Song #11: Flashback Sexy Bitch [Akon] weird……

Song #12: Getting Back Together 8 World Wonder [Kimberly Locke]

Song #13: Wedding Everything Burns [Anastacia ft. Ben Moodley]

Song #14:  Birth of Child Boots were made for walking [Coyote ugly]

Song #15: Final Battle Brick by Boring Brick [Paramore] So the best!! =]

Song #16: Death Scene I will do anything for you [Meatloaf] wow…

Song #17: Funeral Scene Mine – Taylor Swift

Song #18: End credits My life would suck without you [Kelly Clarkson]

Lol, I promise you I did not cheat once! And that turned out so cool!

I am going away this weekend on a work function to the bosses farm! So I may be missing, but I am thinking of scheduling my journal posts!

Please, go visit my Truth Challenge-section and leave me a question! Challenge will start as soon as I have 30 questions!!


Almost Christmas!!!

Tomorrow is the 1st of December!

WOW!!! Where did this year go??? Before I [finally] put up a journal page… Here is the Top Ten Things I want for Christmas!! =]

  1. A laptop… LOL
  2. A BlackBerry
  3. A Webcam [okay now I’m done with the tech stuff!]
  4. A snazzy new handbag!
  5. BOOKS!!!!
  6. Harry Potter Box set DVD’s!
  7. HIMYM DVD’s
  8. A week-long vacation with the Sister!
  9. Small pretty things…. [Lol, I like random pretty things Okay!!!]
  10. A new duvet set!

Weirdest list ever…. What do you wish for this Christmas??

Now, a journal post!!!


This one is all about guilty pleasures… I named my page “I secretly Love….” so I went with that rather than guilty pleasures, but it’s all the same!!

I KNOW Glee is a secret nor guilty pleasure, but how can I NOT put it in???

Hope you have a great day!!!


It was Bloody Brilliant!!

In case you don’t have me on FB and didn’t read the hundred statuses about me going to watch Harry Potter 7 last night, I went to watch HP7 last night!!!

And the only possible words to describe it is BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!

I had my doubts…. Because a lot of people said it didn’t live up to their expectations, but to me it was amazing!!! But my professional opinion later!


The evening began on the drive, I made us [me and Sis] a mix CD with some chart topping songs which got us straight into a party mood and little could burst my bubble!


When we got to Clearwater Mall we discovered that a whole bunch of new shops opened up since our last visit there and after we got our tickets we went exploring and searched for a great place to have dinner. But before we could even think of dinner Sister discovered Marcels, a FroYo place….

My love for Frozen Yogurt is still to be discovered so I settled for dark chocolate ice-cream while sis enjoyed Vanilla FroYo. The best part of that, except the chocolate, was my Yum card! Its a card where, once it is full of stickers, I get a free small tub of ice-cream! Rewards for eating ice cream??? I’m in!

We then decided on Juicy Lucy for dinner, a sweet lace with the greatest breakfast!! But I decided it was WAY too late for breakfast breakfast, so I decided to order a Bacon Cheesa [rye bread with bacon and YUMMY cheese sauce] while sis ate a bacon and chicken wrap!

I just realized how weird all that sounded as dinner!!! =]

Finally it was time for HP!!

I promise no spoilers!

I loved every moment of the movie…

It was very true to the book, not so very rushed liked the 6th movie, although the time went by WAY too fast, and before I knew I was crying and the movie was done! [If you read the books, you would know why I was crying, if not, I promised no spoilers!]

There was perhaps one part that wasnt in the book, but otherwise every important part was there, they did a great job with filling in the blanks the previous movies created, and what I loved the most was the dialogue, it was unbelievably true to the book!

One thing that I didn’t like, like most people, was the ending! It was very sudden… But it had to happen, other it would’ve been a six-hour movie, or a very vague movie! So kudos to Warner Bros to making it so very amazing!!!

Who watched it already?? What did you think???





The title is a reverence to a name Kellie recently gave me, a mash-up between Marlize and marvelous [I think] and every time I hear it Rachel Berry sings Pokerface in my head.. [Watch Glee!!!!!]

Wait, while we are on that topic! I want Glee! And Vampire Dairies! And Gossip Girl! AND HARRY POTTER! Sorry I needed to fit that rant in somewhere…

Back to me, the prompt for today is…

Name a few random reasons why YOU are special/great/amazing.

I know I had something similar already, but the point of this challenge is to discover YOU!! =]

And I am taking a leaf out of Erin at Wild Archaic‘s book and making a resolution list…

Why???? Because I need it and who needs to wait until New Year?

  1. Write a little every day! Poems, flash fiction, fiction. Anything. Just write!
  2. Blog every day!!
  3. Journal everyday, or every two days. But VERY regularly!
  4. Stop fighting for no reason and admit when wrong……..
  5. Read every day.
  6. Postcross and pen pals, more regular!!
  7. Eat a bit healthier
  9. Excercise at least every other day
  10. Go to bed by ten pm.
  11. NO junk food… [I’m going to struggle here]
  12. ONE sweet per week
  13. Cut out ALL the negativity in my life, get rid off the ‘bad’ people, draw the ‘good’ ones closer.
  14. Stop being negative!!
  15. Do not suppress emotions. But DO think before speaking.

Okay…. As a motivation to let this work I will blog about my resolutions every Sunday… Satisfying Sunday? And update you on how I am keeping them!! =]

Enjoy the evening bloggers! =]

Pictures Galore! Holly The Strange

Once again… I SUCK!!!! You see her saying 550th comment? I am now at 800! So you know how much I suck….

Hey guys and girliez! Holly [The Strange] here, Marliz3e invited me to do a guest post to celebrate her 550th comment (which was mine!)

So what I’ve done here is Ten Things That Make Me Happy. Some are going to be incredibly obvious, but I’m just that type of person. To make this a bit different I’m including photographs to illustrate this list. Enjoy!

First one (and only one that’s in order) is *My Chemical Romance* (I said I’m obvious!) They have been my favorite band for what is coming up to 3 years now (at time of posting.) In those few years they went from being a band that make music that I love, to something that I now almost worship… the “almost” part might be officially omitted at some point.


Next up is *Books/Reading.* This has always been one of my favorite hobbies since I was really young. What really got me started was when my Dad read me the Harry Potter series, then I wanted to read it for myself.



Something that has always made me happy is *dogs!* I don’t have my own, but when I’m older I intend to get two. Instead of finding a real dog to photograph I’ve decided to take a photo of a few of my stuffed toy dogs. The Chihuahua at the back I call “Mega-Death,” because if I had a real one that’s what I’d call it.


Another thing that makes me happy is how I dress. You can probably blame my favorite band for turning me to the “dark-side” but after discovering alternative music I developed a love of *alternative clothing* to go with it. The brand “Emily the Strange” is where I took my blog name from.


Another fairly obvious one is *The Sims.* I’ve been playing ever since I was seven when I played Sims 1 at an old friends house. It is how I first bonded with my best friend and I plan to get a Sims tattoo when I’m older. What’s not to love about making then controlling the lives of virtual people? Especially when you know that there’s a whole community of other people who share your love and are just as willing to show it!


This next one I share with my Dad, one thing we can both agree on is that *New York* is the best city we’ve been to! He’s been a lot more times than me, but from what I’ve seen I’m pretty convinced. It really is as good as it’s made out to be.


You might think I’m a bit of girly girl when I say that I love jewelry, however my favorite kind is *jewelry that looks like weapons.* Creepy I know, but I’m such a sucker for razor blade earrings!


One that’s displayed here and on my blog is *photography.* I really enjoy taking photos, it’s like capturing created art. My photos are displayed on both of my blogs.


Another one that’s displayed on my blog is *drawing.* I’m no good, but I love that feeling of being inspired and creating the amazing idea that I’ve come up with. My collection is displayed on my main blog, (HollyTheStrange.)


This last one is the only time I’m proud of myself, I’m not the best writer in the world, but I’m probably the second worst. I love *knowing that I write better than Stephenie Meyer!* That woman can’t write. For anyone wondering how the photo is linked to this, it’s the front cover of the book I’m currently writing.

So that’s it for now guys! It’s been fun making this guest post and I hope you all like reading it.

Thank you Holly!! I truly am sorry to only get it up now!!! If I own any one a response to anything, please let me know, cause I forget so easily!!!

Top 10… Books!

Well well well…

“Books AGAIN! ” I hear you groan.

“Sorry, I don’t choose it, I just wrote down topics days ago and apparently today is books, again” I answer.

“Yeah yeah!”

=] Hey!!

British editions of the seven Harry Potter books.
Image via Wikipedia

Top 10 favourite books of all time!

  1. Harry Potter 3 [Prisoner of Azkaban]
  2. Harry Potter 5 [Order of the Phoenix]
  3. Harry Potter 6 [Half-Blood Prince]
  4. Harry Potter 7 [Deathly Hollows]
  5. My sister’s keeper
  6. Pride and Prejudice
  7. Vampire Academy: Shadow Kiss
  8. Anne Rice: Vampire Lestat, Interview with a Vampire, Queen of the Damned
  9. My Vintage Summer
  10. Inkheart!

Hope you enjoyed that list again…. =]

I am now going to lay about and read. I have written about 2000 words to my story this weekend and I am so proud of myself. I just hope this persistence doesn’t leave with the weekend!

Have a nice and relaxing Sunday!