Can’t think of a cool name!! =]

Lol, I am sure that is the most obvious name ever!!!

I realized today that it is Thursday and that use to mean Top 10 day… Can any one remember when last I did one?

Yeah, me neither!!!

So before any journal pages is getting posted, I will do a top ten on things I found out this week…

  1. Some people just can’t be trusted… No matter how much they meant to you!
  2. With that in mind, I have to say I learned forgiveness… And although I have forgiven them for what have happened, I am still trying to forget, and until I do, they will not know they have been forgiven.
  3. The weirdest, strangest people sometimes make the best friends.
  4. If you think about something [to eat] long enough, you will get such a craving for it, you will bribe people to go and buy it for you
  5. The best memories happen by accident
  6. NaNoWriMo is not the best option for me!!!
  7. It hurts to hurt someone, but it makes you happy to know you prevented a bigger heartache!
  8. NEVER wear a white shirt when it looks like rain…
  9. People in the office… They gossip… POINT
  10. I am now the owner of a new nickname GIGGLES. [visit the Idiot Speaketh for more info…]

Yeah… An eventful week for me thus far!! And I just need to warn you, I may disappear again this weekend, just  a heads up, but maybe it won’t happen!!

Now a journal page!!

Put your playlist on random, and list the next ten songs….

I hope you can read all that… [Mark, PUT ON  YOUR GLASSES FIRST!]

I hope you are all well!


PS… I do wonder what was my nickname before Giggles…… What nickname would YOU give me??

Discovering me… Day #6!

Awww, I am so enjoying this challenge, and even thought it is almost a week and I am still the only one participating [I think] I don not care, because I am having a great time, getting to know me and giving some people good blog ideas!! =]

Journal prompt #6

What is the best part of your everyday life??

This page was sweet and simple and a ‘no-brainer’… Even thought my sister and I can have the roughest shout-fests sometimes and want to kill each other. I can not think of living without her near. She makes my days wonderful… Which is why I used her as inspiration for the post! Every now and again we will text each other, random stuff and it just brighten up my day…

So basically I just want to say, thank you sis for being there and being so unbelievably amazing!! [and bailing me out now and again!] 😀