Am I getting GREEN??

Today I decided to do my top ten on randomness, just to get every one filled in on what is happening and just because there is so much I want to share!

  1. I think I am getting more and more green [Eco-green, not jealous-green!] WHY?? I drink water from taps or bottles from home, I make coffee in my own carry-mug and not Styrofoam cups, I recycle paper every now and then, I don’t eat fish for five, almost six, years now. Ever since I heard they are endangered and now the taste puts me off! I WALK to work!! It’s only one kilometer, and only for this week. But still! Wow… I’m awesome!! =]
  2. This weekend at camp we organized an on the spot musical chairs. And the WHOLE church joined in. I’m talking the pastor, the kids, the parents, even the ‘old’ people!! We had a few fallers, but beyond that it was amazingly good fun!!!
  3. I, who live in jeans, can only wear jeans on Friday! ONLY!!! =[
  4. My mom and dad is currently in Kgalagadi, a wildlife park on the edge of Botswana!
  5. My rugby team [not mine, the one I support] is in the finals for the Currie Cup [that is a tournament between all our provincial teams]
  6. The dogs are still angry with us for leaving them alone all weekend!
  7. I am slightly terrified because getting this job means I am so much closer to getting my license! EEEEEEKKKKKK!
  8. I am SO very excited for the journal challenge. Please everyone join in! Even if you aren’t artistic. It is not about you talent or the ‘prettiness’ it is about you!!
  9. I [so far] love my co-workers, except for the fact that there is NO talent!! But I guess it is for the better… =]
  10. Lastly, I am so touched by you all. When ever I check my mail, or my comments, I see a comment from one or five of you, wishing my luck, cheering my on, just being wonderful! Please go read the post on The Idiot Speaketh’s blog titled My Blogging Family… It says what I am trying to say.

You guys touch my heart, I never though I would be some one to be such great friends with so many people all over the world! Thank you for everything!!


YEAH!! I can blog

Did you miss me?

Aww you are so sweet!

Wait, you didn’t miss me???

Then why are you reading!!??!!


=] Hey lovely people!

My weekend was once again a mess!

Friday night my sister hi-jacked my PC and we watched HIMYM till eleven o’clock! It was soooo fun! I do apologize for not posting due to complete procrastination!

Saturday was spent firstly buying stuff for my mom and dad’s camping trip in Kgalagadi, then me and my sister once again procrastinated with HIMYM until the weather got the best of us and I posted a very short and useless, I will post later post. [a lot of ‘posts’ in there]

Sunday was church, then shopping for our camping trip with the church [me and sis are ‘youth organizers’ for the trip!! Yeah! It was VERY warm, so we went for our FIRST SWIM of the season at my aunt’s house!! It was so good. I can’t believe how much I’ve missed feeling the water against my skin!!

When I finally remembered to put the computer on, my internet was screwed!! WHAT???? I was so angry and sad! I could read your comments, missing me, on my phone, but couldn’t reply… =[

At last I got the internet to love me, I got the weather to stop thundering and I got myself to stop procrastinating. and now what… Now I don’t have a clue what to write about!!! =]

As I announced in THIS post, today is Magic Monday… Full of my silly wishes! Here I go.

  • I wish…. Cake was fat-free
  • I wish…. My thoughts for my book could jump onto pages by itself
  • I wish…. The thunder had no effect on PC’s or Internet
  • I wish…. I could stop procrastinating everything!
  • I wish…. I had more Twitter followers [Marliz3e is my name!]
  • I wish…. My teeth would stop hurting!
  • I wish…. For all my readers [all five of them!] to know how amazingly special they are!
  • I wish…. Glee would come to SA!!

Lol… Silly wishes.. “Let’s pretend that airplanes in the night sky like shooting stars…” =]

Have a lovely day and sorry it took me so long to post! =]