Flash fiction: Just believe…

It feels so good to do two posts!! I feel awesome, I really hope you like this story, and if you don’t… Tough! =]

It was silent, a sound she didn’t like… She enjoyed having the sound of her wings flapping, of the voices talking, of the other fairies surrounding her…

But HE won’t allow it, ever since she thought she fell for him and they started ‘dating’ he caged her up. Now she sees it for what it is. A jail… He only wanted the status that came with ‘dating’ a fairy… He didn’t love her!

Never would she have thought that she, April, would be alone. Her live was always filled with people, fairies, voices and now…. Now she sits in the tree all day, locked in and only HIM for company now and then!

“A! A, are you in there?”

She runs to the window and sees her three best friends sitting on the ledge!

“Pix! Lay! Flo! What are you doing here? How did you find me? He will hurt you, you know?”

“We don’t care,” Flo says, her pink hair clinging to her silver wings. “And it’s… complicated, you don’t want to know!”

“Come with us. We have a plan!!”

April closes her eyes to summon her last bit of courage and shifts the window open to get out.

“Why didn’t you escape sooner, stupid?” Lay says as the all hug her.

“I couldn’t, I didn’t have a plan, nor anywhere to go!”

“Well, now you do!” They fly off in a line, April in the middle, holding hands with Pix and Flo; Lay making sure they are not followed.

She closes her eyes and relishes in the sounds around her. The wings flapping, the flowers whispering and the wind rushing past them. And before she had enough Pix called halt!

“Where are we?”


April looks around and notices the writing on the wall, the water softly dripping around the cave and the candles lit along the walls.

“Candles?” She backs of a bit, scared, like all fairies.

“Don’t worry A. It is save.”

On closer inspection April notices the candles aren’t candles, but fairy dust glowing in the dark. As they walk further and further into the cave she feels more at home. Ironic since her home has always been outside, open and inviting.

“We have one last surprise…”

April turns to ask what, but they just push her forward through heavy doors and she sees the most beautiful room ever.

The whole place sparkles like a fairy wing and she realizes that she never wants to leave again!

“Hey April…”

“Logan…” she falls into the arms of her best friend. The first fairy to fly with her, the first fairy to teach her how to speak back to the voices, the only fairy that had the same weird gold wings as she does.

“Please don’t fall in love again?” He whispers into her hair, holding her closer than possible until they seem like one being.


Journal update!!


So I decided it’s time for a little update on my journaling…

Journal Prompt 4:  What does happiness mean to you??  You can write about it, doodle it, take a picture of it, paint it, or anything.  Whatever makes you “happy”:)

Journal Prompt 5:  Todays prompt is “It’s all in the details…” I think adding the details to something really make it special and from the heart!! You can choose to interpret that in any way 🙂  I chose to focus on all of the little details that make my home really special.  It may be little details that you add to your art to make it yours.  It could be little details like freckles or dimples that make you so special.  Just think about it!!

I couldn’t decide what to do, so I used Post-it’s to help me ‘plan’ in the end I just wrote some details about me…

Journal Prompt6:  Open your journal to a blank page, a blank canvas per say 🙂 Do whatever you choose!!! Draw, paint, collage, doodle, sticker, whatever!!

I looked around my craft table and saw a lot of pretty little things, so I seceded on a PRETTY PIÈCES page!

Journal Prompt 7-  What are you thankful for?  I try to make a list like this in my head, daily.  That may sound over the top but it’s true.  It is sooo important to reflect on all of the good things in your life.  Somedays are obviously harder than others so this will be a great page to look back on when things just seem to be down in the dumps.

I adore the simplicity look of this…

Journal Prompt 8:  What are your “go to” clothes.  There are certain items of clothing that I gravitate to for sure.  I think that our “go to” clothes kind of define who we are and what we are comfortable with!

Journal Prompt 9:  If they were to write a book about you, what would the cover look like??  I thought this was a really cool idea and really fun!!  What would the cover of your biography look like?  Who would it be written by??

Journal Prompt 10-  I don’t know about you but I love list!! Lists make me really happy 🙂   Today I would like you to create a list that somehow deals with books!  It can be a list of your all time favorite books, books you want to read in your lifetime, the worst books ever, anything!!

Journal Prompt 11:  What are three things that you absolutely could not live without??

Journal Prompt 12:  Today…How was your day today?  What did you do?  Today’s prompt is to document your day any way that you choose!  Have fun!!

Journal Prompt 13:  What were your dreams when you were a child?  What did you aspire to be?  What did you hope for?

I was a freaky little girl….

Journal Prompt14:  5 Things!!  This journal challenge is all about using 5 different things that are just laying around.  These five items can be supplies, tools, pen colors, whatever.  I want you to find 5 things that are sitting out and can be used for a project such as this.  Don’t go to your supply stash and dig out the five most perfect things, use what is already out, challenge yourself!!  The prompt is up to  you.  This is more of  a challenge then a prompt today 🙂

I am so glad my sister was sitting next to me sorting through her photos when I did this prompt! But I do not really like 7 year old me… =]

Journal Prompt 15- What are 50 random facts about you?  This is a great page because you are documenting some random facts about you at this time in your life.  I’m sure this one will be a fun page to look back on some day 🙂

My personal favorite so far!!
I am having the most amazing fun doing this challenge! Hope you are enjoying looking at the pages!

Love =]

A little bit random… I


I decided to do a random post, to keep you up to date om my happenings, and just because it seems fun when Mel does it! Enjoy…

I started Postcrossing two weeks ago, and today I got an e-mail telling me my first postcard was delivered to the USA… It feels kinda awesome!!


I’m trying to write an article for the ‘reader’-edition of a national magazine, I think of doing it on loving yourself, but you guys will have to read it first =]


My amazing book picking skills have let me down… I am usually good at picking a book, not reading what it is about, but simply picking it at feeling. But this weekend at a book sale, my sis bought me Soulmates by Miranda Glover… I am past 100 pages and it still haven’t captured my attention.


I am having writers block on my Carrie story!!!


Next year I may be start studying for a teacher! It’s a type of learnership program, where you work at a school, they pay your studies and you become a  teacher after four years! I am kinda excited about that…


I am three days behind on my journal!! But after all my chores today [and Glee] I will catch up and hopefully post them tonight!


While getting my sister to love How I met your mother, I re-watched the Robin Sparkles episode, as well as Swarley… Now I am at a lost to which one of the two episodes I love the most!!!


I am boy-cotting all Vamp books till the hype gets down, because I hate to be seen reading a book I really like, and some tells me I only read it because Twilight started it all WTF???


Well except for House of night and Vampire Academy… =]


I watched my very first 3D movie this weekend!!! Shrek 3D. It was kind of amazing!!


My most views per day record stands at 59, for the 17th of July


I am hosting a colouring competition for the church to get money for a Youth Room! I will post my picture, as soon as I coloured it in. As well as the winners pictures!!


That’s about as random as it gets.




Hey hey Blogging persons!

Last weekend was amazing, on last minute my friend and I [Bunny] decided to have a sleepover, which led to us going to work with my sister…  [okay this was about 3 weeks ago, but I just got all the pics together]

We were going shopping afterwards, so we were excited for that. But then we got bored, so we slipped out and went on a photo tour! We posed, we made fun of stuff and we had an AMAZING time, just being together!

Here are some of our photos! =]

After our little photo shoot, we went SHOPPING!

It was really good, my sister bought us breakfast and then we invaded the stores with my phone’s camera handy [I’m surprised they didn’t throw us out!] Take a look at some of the mischief we got up to!

I want one!!

The COOLEST sister!

Yummy cinnabons!

Taken with Laura in mind! [she loves mustaches]

A chocolate shop

This day was easily the most fun I had in a long time, mostly because my sister and Bunny was there! But more so because we all are so wonderfully mad together!

[I know there are A LOT of pictures here, but I tried to take some out, but they were all too much fun! I am sorry if it seems vain to put up pictures of myself…]

Hope you enjoyed this trip to the mall with me!



Discovering my inner child!

Every now and then I take a moment to THINK. Not just, ‘oh what am I going to wear today’-think. Really think… And today while thinking I came to a conclusion, people don’t LIVE anymore. Sure we walk and talk and breathe. But we don’t run around shouting, dancing around and enjoying our lives, we don’t live!!! We all, me included, just go by, day to day, doing what we are ‘suppose’ to do, going around living like every other day. We must step out of our comfort zones! We must start living!!!

Imagine you are at a party, no one is dancing, but your favorite song starts to play. What wil you do? You [most!!!] will convince someone to go dancing with you, because you don’t want to go alone!

Why?? ? ? Are we so obsessed with what other people think that we don’t want to have fun anymore? Are we so afraid to be judged that we can’t be impulsive anymore!?

We need to stop worrying! We need to take a moment and remember what it was like being a small child…

  • Running around butt naked [please do not do this and land in prison!] I’m just talking about not caring!
  • Dancing when you want to dance
  • Saying what you want to say [not always good, but sometimes very effective!]
  • Not worrying about eating a cupcake just because ‘I’m on a diet’
  • LIVING!!!!

So today let’s all be little 4 year olds for a while….  Go play in the mud if you want to, watch Pocahontas for the billionth time [or Mulan or whatever floats your boat], dance in the middle of your office, in the street, in the mall. And ignore what other people say! Because all in all, I think they are only jealous because their inner child is lost!

[from weheartit.com]

Bey bey fellow four year old!

Meet you in the dirt =]