Random catching up!


I am happy!! =]

But first up… Day 12!

Journal about a song or lyrics that means a lot to you, or that you like a lot!

I choose Pretend from the movie Bandslam. It is one of my favourite movies ever and the song is SOOOOOOOOO pretty!


Almost every one is familiar with the Infatuation by now… Well I went out with him last night, just an informal visit at one of his work friends and it was AMAZING! Every one liked me, he made me feel amazing and I am slowly falling… Deeper and deeper…

But I am still trying VERY hard to guard my heart!


Remember the ‘there is no talent at work’-line…. Well that haven’t changed, but there is this one guy who likes me… Sweet, but we work together, so it’s a NO-GO!!


I am STILL owing Holly a guest post! [sorry Girl!] and will try very hard to put it up tonight.


In other guest post related news, I have reached 800 comments!!!!! It is so cool!


NaNoWriMo…. SUCKS!! Week one is gone and I have got….. just under a thousand words. I am so disappointed in me! And anywho, WHAT ON EARTH POSSESSED me to sign up for it??


Lastly, I just want to once more say thanks… To every one reading this blog, caring for me, worrying about me, cheering me on. I adore this. I have a place in my heart for every one of you and when I am one day a succesful writer I will fly all of you here for a week-long South African holiday!

And my sister, I know I bite your head of some days, and am not the most amazing 19-year old around, but you love me still and if I need something I know you will be there for me. You rule sis!!!!!!


Have a great day people!!


Discovering me through others… [day 9]


Today’s post is all about others, other characters that is!!

Journal prompt #9

If you could meet any characters from a book, movie or TV show, who would you meet??

I know it is very plain and simple, but I didn’t have a lot of time… And now I kind of like it like this!

Have a great day!

Discovering Me day 2!

Good morning!! [Well good midnight to most of you =D ]

Journal prompt 2…

Today you have to decorate you ‘happiness’ cupcake… It basically means to decorate a cupcake with everything that makes you happy… But it’s your journal so take it any way you want to!

I firstly drew my cupcake and coloured it in, under the full intention of writing ON it, but it looked so cute I couldn’t so I write all over the page ll the things that makes me happy, and just decorated the cupcake…

Please remember to link your pages, promote this and add your pages to the Flickr group!

Thank you and enjoy!

Ya’ll have a good day now ye hear! =]

Nice clean air!!

Today we got the first spring rain… It was amazing and wonderful!

I had another post planned, but after the rain my head is full of it. So I decided to do Top 10 Thursday on reason I love rain!

Rain drops on a smoke tree leaf.
Image via Wikipedia
  1. It makes me a lazy bug!
  2. After a good rain storm it smells so clean!!
  3. Laying in bed and listening to the rain is the most relaxing thing ever.
  4. Day long DVD fest and coffee!
  5. The first rain means it will soon get warm enough to swim!
  6. It also means it’s almost watermelon time!!
  7. Dancing in the rain… I know it sounds cliché, but the moment I saw it was raining, I ran outside and just stood there, my head to the drops and my clothes soaked.
    “My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech...
    Image via Wikipedia
  8. Rainbows!!!
  9. Puddles to splash in!
  10. You have an excuse to wear cute boots/raincoat/umbrella!

Lol, hope you enjoyed that!

Also, thanks to the people already into my journal challenge!! I am already excited!

Obsessed… Only a little!

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is a ‘silly’ one…

Things I am slightly obsessed with/ can’t stop thinking about / like a little too much! Some of the things do not need explanations, but I will give it any who! =]

  1. England… I adore England, British accents, English phone booths, British magazines, Fantasy fiction books and well all things Britain! [EXCEPT ROBERT PATTINSON]
  2. Nick Jonas… For some reason this guy is on my mind consistently! I even dreamed about him…
  3. Glee-music! Love it!!!!!!!
  4. E! Entertainment TV… The Kardashians, Holly and Kendra is my guilty pleasure!!
  5. How I Met Your Mother. AND BARNEY!!! I just love the show and Barney’s abs… YUM!!
  6. Ice tea…… For a caffeine addict/tea-hater this one is odd. I’ve been drinking on average a liter of ice-tea a day these past few weeks!!
  7. Postcards! Postcrossing. I cannot walk by a stationery shop without checking out their postcards and buying a few!
  8. Fantasy Fiction books! I’ve recently bought myself a Britain magazine just because there was a free book in… And as stated in#1 I heart Britain!
  9. Paramore! I got some new music from Suzy Pie . Including a huge amount of Paramore music, I am in love!!
  10. Job searching….. *sigh*

I hope you enjoyed the post… It was really fun to think of all the stuff I’m insane over!

Have a great day!

Oh, I almost forgot… WELCOME BACK IDIOT!!!!!

A good weekend!

Morning world!!

I apologize immediately! I know I was once again MIA… But despite that, my weekend was busy and great!! Friday was once again spent with my sister at the guesthouse [her workplace] and some random photos took place!

The evening was spent with some pasta, vodka smoothies [awesome!] and a proudly South African movie! I must say it was very good! It was about a girl [almost 40!!] who still lives with her mom and now wants to realize her dream of singing… It was odd, but good!

Then due to some disturbances at the guest house [her boss was out-of-town so she was alone] we decided to go sleep there! It really is heaven on earth there. Fluffy blankets, room service, big tub… Hmmmmm.

Saturday morning I stayed in bed late while she worked =D and caught up on Disney! We then got ready for my cousin’s baby shower, after the baby shower we went to babysit the pastors’ kids again! It was good fun!!

After this hectically busy weekend I decided to just relax on Sunday!

Today I once again went with her to work and helped out there a bit! But I did figure out a new schedule for the blog!! [I am thinking this whole process will take some time to perfect!]

Mondays: Magic Monday… All and wishes I have for that day, week, moment.

Tuesdays: Top 10

Wednesday: This will just be a normal blogging day, but if I get suggestions that aren’t top 10’s or have guest blogs, it will be on this day.

Thursday: Top 10

Friday: Fiction Friday

Saturday: Silly Saturday. This will consist of a random post mixed with silly stuff that happened this week.

Sunday: Another normal blogging day!

Then I really want to know if there is ANY ONE out there who would participate in an art journal challenge if I did one?? I am thinking of starting the 20th. Because I will be out-of-town the 15th – 17th. Please let me know?? Also if anyone would like to make me a button for it… I can’t really do stuff like that! =]


Back in business! Random normalness =]

Or is that normal Randomness??

I was once again MIA this weekend! And yes I was at Bunny’s! =] We went exercising again, loved it, shopped a bit, got a GREAT tan and went to the movies with J, his friend, Suzy and her new ‘bo’. It was the best birthday weekend ever!! Al thanks to the best people in my life!

Now for a quick top ten, and I find it quite fitting for this time in my life…

What did you learn this year??

  1. Writing is great anti-depression medicine
  2. Blogging is the best!!
  3. I can’t really drive
  4. Finding a job is HARD
  5. I cannot be trusted alone with HIM
  6. My mind and heart hates me =]
  7. Writing is hard work, but I believe in myself
  8. Boyfriends are NOT the source of all happiness
  9. Journalling, pen pals and Postcrossing are wonderful hobbies
  10. Sometimes the people you don’t know are your best friends [bloggers]

I am still searching for the perfect Fudge Picasso picture to put up, so that should arrive today or tomorrow.

Tonight I am babysitting for the pastor at our church… His kids is 14, 11 and 9… That should be a blast!! If I am alive by tomorrow, I will tell you the whole story!! =]

If you glance to your right [no silly, on the SCREEN!] you will notice a new button, its MY FIRST AWARD!!! It is courtesy of LeashieLoo at All kinds of hungry! Go visit her now!!! [wait come back and finish reading!!] Thank you SO much for this award!!

All I have to do now is list 10 things I like…

  1. Sleep
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Movies
  5. Shopping
  6. Sleepovers =]
  7. Late nights
  8. Music
  9. My dogs
  10. Family and friends!!

I will name the ten winners of the award later on!!

Starting today I am detoxing… Yeah! I am only allowed to eat fruit and vegetables, and drink water with a bit of lemon juice. I am about ten hours into this detoxing thing and my stomach is already yelling at me!! I think it is just a mind set. But I am devoted to doing this. Once again, if I am still alive after this four days of torture, I will convey the experience!

Have a good one!