Major Randomness! [IV]

Well, ain’t it a lovely spring evening! [for me anyway!]

You won’t believe how much I am loving spring!!! And it only just started! Today I sat outside and stared at flowers! WHAAT???? Freakky hey?

Let the randomness take course!

***I haven’t worn shoes ONCE today! Lol

***Today I drove alone for the very first time, alone as in, there was no one around me. Not a soul in sight! [okay, so I reversed the car out and later parked it again, but it counts!!

*** I re-watched Mr Magorium’s Magic Emporium! So amazingly cool! “Your life is an occasion, rise to it!”

*** Every one says one of the hardest things in life is to like [love] some one and never telling them, it’s not. It’s liking [loving] some one who you KNOW you can never be with!

*** My current favourite [and most played] songs are… *Billionaire by Travis McCoy, *Ever fallen in love by The Stiff Dylans, *Ultraviolet by The Stiff Dylans and Airplanes By BOB feat. Hailey Williams

*** I am going to a wedding on Saturday!! And I am not really excited. It’s my aunt’s wedding, [second] and I am yet to enter ‘happy-mode’

*** I am boycotting CSI! How is it possible that all that stuff [two dead bodies, 12 boxes of old paperwork and 3 food poisonings] can happen in one day??? Not to mention the absurd ways they find clues!!! I’d rather watch NCIS, where I can actually follow the storyline, it is a bit more realistic and they have the best forensic scientist! [GO ABBY]

*** I just found out Vampire Dairies is starting TOMORROW in the States! When is it gonna air here??? I need more Damon Vampire Diaries! =]

*** My current nail colour is… Blue! And I am loving it!

*** I hate not getting him of my mind!

*** I am well on the writing track [for me anyway!] I am now busy [and almost done] with Chapter 5!! Whoo-Whoo!

*** I have finally watched season 4 and 5 [only to episode 10] of HIMYM, and I must say, I found a new celeb crush!! Barney Stintson =]

*** Glee ended here last week! SO sad… But RADICAL finale!!!

Have a lovely day/ night!


Welcome back Muse!

Well, for the past few weeks it seems that my muse was striking [as a lot of public service workers were doing here in SA] and just wouldn’t come back.

So tonight I gave her/him/it now other way… I forced my Muse back into action, and it felt GOOOOOOOOD!

After the church-thingy [which went wonderful!] I was sitting here, having internet troubles, bored. And just as I was about to get up. I decided to sit my arse back down and write. I opened the page, got to the last part I was busy with [3 weeks ago!] and just wrote!! And I wrote approximately 834 new words!!

Yeah, I know doesn’t sounds like much. But to me it means the world. It means I have started again. It means I am going forward. It means I am 834 words, nearer to my goal as writer!!

*shakes pom-poms* “GO MARLIZE! WHOOP WHOOP”

So thank you.

Thank you Muse for coming back.

Thank you reader for simply, reading.

And thank you annoying voice in my head who normally irritates me.

“Daddy’s home” [or Mommy in this instance…]


M =]