Writing Friday… I lost that feeling…

I wasn’t in the mood to write this week, nothing grabbed at me, nothing made me feel, okay, yes, I need to write about this.

Then I got to this page from Today’s Author and was presented with this prompt.

And then the worst thing possible happened: she no longer craved coffee.

How could I, as a self-confessed caffeine addict, NOT respond to this prompt.

So, now I’m gonna write, and see what happens when some one takes the coffee away..

Wait, now I want coffee, BRB, need to grab a cuppa!

Okay, got my cup of energy. Let’s do this. =]

“You’re going out for coffee AGAIN? Didn’t you go yesterday?”

Summer looks over her shoulder at her friend, Autumn, and gives a little smile over the coincidence that is their names. They have been friends almost since birth, as their moms are BFF’s, and without prior discussion, both of them ended up with kids named after seasons. 

And the bigger joke, is the fact that Autumn has the personality of a summer child, and Summer has the personality of an overcast autumn day.

“Yes, We are going out for coffee AGAIN. It’s the only thing we have in common, this consistent need and want for good coffee. So now we are taking each other to the greatest coffee places we can find, and trying to find something else we have in common.”

“Why are you going out with a guy, when the only thing that keeps you together is a craving for overpriced, over-caffeinated drinks?”

“Because, my lovely Autumn, he kisses like no guy I have met before.”

Autumn falls of Summer’s bed as she laughs, “my mostly depro, always dressed in black, friend, dating a guy, because he kisses well.”

“He doesn’t kiss WELL, he kisses like a Greek God!”

She extends a hand to help Autumn of the floor and pulls her friend closer for a hug.

“See you later, flower-child”

“Enjoy your coffee, Cloudy”


“Hey, Skye.”

“Summer, you look amazing.” Skye pulls her closer for a kiss, his hand on the small of her back, making use of the small sliver where her skin got exposed, where her shirt ended and her jean began. She melts into his arms and feel how her knees go weak.

“Let’s go in,” he says after a proper greeting.

Hand in hand the enter The Cup of Choice and together, they head for a corner booth.

This place might just win the competition, Summer thinks and smiles at Skye.

“I’ve started reading this new book, Park and Elaenor, about first love, and it’s quite good, very well written.” Summer tries making conversation as they sit down.

Skye looks up from the menu, she still doesn’t understand why he bothers with the menu, he always takes a Latte, just as she always takes an Americano.

“You want to go to the park when we are done?”

Summer frowns at him, realizing he didn’t’ listen to a single word she said.

Skye then tries to start a conversation, “so yesterday, at practice, Brian went for the ball, but Brent got in the way, and Brian fell, twisted his ankle, now we need a player for the next two weeks, and coach is not sure who to sub in.”

Summer floats back into her head, a technique she started as a child, when she realized her mind is much more interesting than most people.

Skye orders the coffee without asking her and goes on with the soccer story. Perks of her technique is that she still listens, but goes on with something else in her own head, so that if she needs to participate, she can jump in without looking like she was daydreaming for the whole time.

Just before the coffee came, Skye moved closer, and Summer’s favourite part of the evening got under way, the PDA.

His kisses honestly made his stupidity worthwhile. If she could get a kiss for every time he said something stupid, she could date him for ever.

Then he pulls away, drinks coffee and says the words that dooms every relationship.

“We need to talk, Summer.”

“We have been talking, Skye.”

“About… us…”

Summer sits back, stirs her coffee and wait.

“This, us, we, it’s not working… I don’t know if you realized, but we have nothing in common.”

“Well, we have coffee…”

Summer sips at her Americano and watches as he stirs his Latte. Stirring, not really drinking. Then she realised something new, mostly he sends back a half or almost full cup back, saying it got cold and he doesn’t want it anymore.

“We don’t really..”

“What?” Summer asks, knowing his next words will confirm her suspicions.

“I don’t actually like coffee. I just knew you like it, and it was the only way to get you to go out with me.”

“Uh…” Summer responds, not completely sure what to say, or think, or do.

“Do you actually like me?” Skye asks and Summer is tempted to respond with the needed ‘of course’, but her built-in bitch overrides her authority.

“No. I find you boring and self-centered, but you kiss like a Greek God, and I needed that in my life.”

He looks taken aback for a second and pulls her closer.

He gives her a toe curling kiss and releases her, “we could always just be friends with benefits. I do other things just as well as kissing”

With a disgusted look on her face, Summer pushes the cup of coffee away from her and realizes every craving for coffee got disintegrated with that offer. Will she ever be able to drink coffee again without thinking about the most irritating guy ever trying to get her in bed?


And that’s that… A bit silly, but fun to write, and also, not enough to put me off coffee =]

Imagine It Prompt – Falling down

A prompt from Vast Imaginations got this post flowing, I choose the picture prompt, and just wrote…


“Sam?!” she calls out softly, not wanting to be too loud. 
The old Skeleton of a farmhouse has been their meeting place for a few months now, and no one saw them, or suspected anything, but Andea was rather safe than sorry. The Skeleton was perfect, except for its location. Only a short distance from the old barn, where all the tools were being kept, and people visited a few times daily.
“Sam?!” she calls again, a little louder, a bit more urgent.
“Andea?” She hears his honey-voice answer and she rushes to the Main Bedroom, the only room which still have a roof and all four walls.
With a sigh she rushes into his arms and stands there, happy just feeling him near her, touching her, being. 
“I missed you,” he whispers into her hair, inhaling as much of her as possible. 
She places a butterfly-soft kiss in his neck and hug him closer.
“I missed you too…”
Reluctantly they pull apart and sit down on the Bed, which is actually a collection of stolen pillows and a few tattered blankets. It’s been a week since the lovers saw each other last, and for two 16 year-olds, in midst of their first love affair, a week is a lifetime.
“Any news?” he asks, referring to her father, the biggest road block in their relationship.
“Still thinks the ‘workers-class’ is scum, still wants me to get into a relationship with Paul next door and, most importantly, still wants your father to move to the other farm. In the next town.” 
As Andea finish the terrible news a tear slip down her cheek, Sam wipes it off with his thumb and keeps his hand there, holding her face like a fragile doll. 
“We will be together,” he whispers, so sure off it, so sure that the love between them will beat the world and all its rules and restrictions and prejudice  thoughts.
They sit there, body against body, just sitting, knowing their love is true, real.
In the old, broken house, their love is the only solid thing left…. 

FWF-Its clear to me…

A post for Free Write Friday, hosted by Kellie Elmore

Free Write Friday wtih Kellie!!

Here is your FWF prompt:

I didn’t understand it then, but I understand it now…

Dear Diary..
Its one year now, since I had that miscarriage, and I haven’t written to you since that fateful day.
I was sad, I was depressed, I was worse than ever. I thought my life would end as well.
To me, that little baby meant a future with Paul, an existence, a glimpse at being a family, something I have never had before.
Paul said he was happy, that day when I peed on a stick. He smiled with me, went to the doctor with my, was happy with me. But a week before the miscarriage, something happened, something horrible, that I didn’t want to tell even you about, because I wanted it to be untrue.
Paul left. In the middle of the night, with a bag of clothes, all our money, most of the food and not even a note for me.
I cried. I wept. I took to the bed for about 3 days. Then I remembered my baby. I had to get up for her (I was so sure it was a girl), I had to live for her.
So I got up, got a second job, and then my girl also left the world.
I was devastated. I thought the whole world hated me, God had turned his back on me.
First my long term boyfriend deserts me in the middle of the night with a baby and no money. Then that baby also deserts me. Like she knew, even before she came into this world, that I was not worthy of her.
I kept hoping, Paul will come back for me, he has to, he loves me. He said so a million times, every day since we met, he told me he loved me, and four years later, on the verge of getting married, he left me. I was sure he would come back. But no. He stayed away…

I couldn’t understand what the world was trying to tell me, with all of this horrible things happening in my life. Then Jake walked into the coffee shop one day. A wonderful looking man, sweet, kind, gorgeous, and we fell in love, on first glance. It was everything Paul and I never were. I was so used to being the good, serving housewife type, it took my awhile to see how amazing it is to be taken care of, instead of taking care.

And now I’m engaged, and pregnant with a baby boy, due in five months…

Life worked out for me, diary, life turned itself around, and now instead of wondering why everything went wrong, I thank God that it did…

*Everything in this post is fiction…*

Hope you like it =]

Love always,

Writing is my curse…

I made myself belief I want to be a writer, years ago, I think I was in grade 10, and I stuck to that… I don’t usually stick to things, I jump in, head first, for a few days, sometimes even weeks, and then it sizzles out.

But writing… writing stuck…

I don’t know why, but whatever I’m feeling, writing helps that emotion. If I’m happy, and I write, I become happier. When I’m feeling a tad depro, and I write about it, it’s like the ink that flows onto the paper is my black mood, and when I’m done with that poem, flash fiction, letter, email, blog post, I feel better. I feel good.

And the weirdest part is, I write better when I’m sad, and I write sad stories a lot better than happy stories. Some head-doctor will try to diagnose that to something, but to me it just means I understand the sad part of my brain better than I do the happy part.

Because my happy-brain, she’s a bitch… She throws herself into things with no regrets and no handle on life. She jumps, no thinking about consequence or reason, because she is a flowerchild, a flowerchild who covers up the sadness, who magics away the blackness.

I’m probably crazy, I get that a lot, but writing helps with that craziness, writing takes a bit of it away, and sometimes puts a bit back. But mostly, writing is just an outlet for the crazy…

I tell myself, I write because I want to leave something behind, I want a legacy, or at least a shot at one… but I lie… I write because a new notebook and pen is way cheaper than a shrink and a prescription for antidepressants. And if, maybe, my writing one day means something, to some one else… yay… but at the moment, and most of the time, I write for selfish reasons. To help myself, and to get praise…

But this curse of writing, its something I don’t ever want to lose, or swap for anything. because it means so much to me…

Why do you write??


Love Always,


FWF – Coming back for you…

*A/N* For almost a year, I haven’t participated in the FWF going on over at Kellie’s. But last week I did it, and it opened up this flood of words in me, and I just couldn’t wait for the new prompt this week just so that I can write!!

Here is the link to the prompt, http://kellieelmore.com/2014/03/07/fwf-free-write-friday-image-prompt-16/ please have a look, enjoy and link me to your story in the comments! I would love to know what the house told you…

This house has a story…what is it?

Image Credit: We Heart It

Image Credit: We Heart It


With the truck fully loaded, he looks back at the old house in the woods… The house that kept all of his memories safe.
The good
The bad
The beautiful 
and the horrifyingly bad.
“Dad, let’s go!” 
He looks back at his girl sitting in the truck, his face almost as sad as his is. Becky… She looks so much like her mother that it hurts looking at her. 
“I’m coming…” 
He walks to the truck and pulls away, with a glance into the rearview mirror he spaces away, to all the times… 
A silly girl leans over her crashed bicycle as he pulls of the road, silly because she is standing in the middle of the road. Not bothering to move out of the way, or bothering to hold down her skirt which keeps blowing up every now and then from the breeze. 
“Everything okay?” he asks through the window of his truck.
“Oh, simply perfect. You see, it is suppose to only have one wheel on and a broken chain. That’s how I bought it.”
He rolls his eyes at the cheeky remark of the petite redhead he’s been eyeing everyday on the beach. 
As he gets out of the truck he asks, “what did you do?”
“A bunny attacked me,” she says matter-of-factly, no sarcasm this time, “I swerved, I hit a rock, I fell and here we are…”
He frowns, waiting for a punchline, but non comes. A bunny attacked her…
“Thanks for stopping, but I’m fine, I will just go knock on that house over there and give my mom a call to come get me.”
She starts walking away from him, the amazingly sexy blonde surfer she has seen on the beach a few times now. And, of course, he chooses today to notice her.
“It’s empty… Been that way for years now.” He calls after her as he picks up the mangled bike and toss it onto the body of the truck with no effort at all.
“Hey! That’s mine!” She yells and run up to the truck.
“No shit, “he replies and opens up the passenger door for her, “get in, I’ll take it to the shop and drop you off.”
That was the first time they met, and for many years later, he could pinpoint the moment he fell in love to that second where she stood in front of him, not sure whether to get into his truck or not, but with that smile on her face that said, I trust you, I don’t like that I trust you, but I trust you.
“A picnic? It’s our first date and you think a picnic is the answer?”
“I thought it was romantic!” He objected and lead her further down the little dirt path.
He finds the perfect spot of grass, throws open a blanket and pulls her down next to him..
it looks idyllic. Almost movie-like. The wildflowers dancing in the breeze, the sun setting and as a backdrop, the house in front of which they first met.
“Fine, it’s a little romantic… I love it.” She nudges up against him and gives him a kiss. 
He laughs and looks down at her in wonder. This girl is everything he has ever wanted out of life. And now summer is reaching an end. 
One more month and they are going back home. Far from each other… The past week, since they met, the spent every possible moment together, and fell in love. And tonight was their first official date. And he wanted to tell her how much he has grown to love her.
“I’m not going home…” he tells her.
They are sitting in their favourite spot, an old swing-set in front of the empty, abandoned house and she is, in fact, going home tomorrow.
“Why?” she asks. Her voice soft, a tone he now knows as her ‘lets-keep-the-emotions-out’-voice.
He turns to her, “because, Rebecca. Home is so very far away from all the memories we made here. If I stay here, you will know here to come find me. When you realize that this was more than just a summer fling to me. My holiday job turned into a permanent job and I already got a flat out here. I can’t abandon the last few weeks… Even if I have to cherish them alone. “
She just sits. No response. Silently looking up at the spooky house who has watched over this summer fling, who saw every second of every moment that makes her want to cry now. Because it has to end.
“I can’t…….” she mutters and walks away.
He looks up, the sun in his eyes, but he still recognizes her. He smiles, convinced it is just a dream like all the times he saw her since she left a year ago.
“You came?” Still unsure if she is real or not.
“We agreed, didn’t we? On our first date, to come back every year to watch the sunset.”
“You’re a bit late for the sunset…” he jokes and gestures towards the sunrise. Then he pulls her closer, finally convinced she is real. 
She came back
She left
She came back
She left
the pattern never changed. 
But still Ethan stayed in the little seaside town where they first met. He couldn’t think of living somewhere else… One day she will realize that he really did love her, still do, and come back. Together they will buy The House and raise kids, and be happy… 
The day of her love finally came… Too late… 
Fifteen years after The First Date, she didn’t show. Not for sunrise, or sunset, or sunrise again. Ethan was convinced he has lost her forever. Then a girl comes walking out of the bushes, and he starts crying. Not because it is Rebecca. But because it isn’t… But she looks so much like the girl he met fifteen years ago.
“Don’t cry,” Not-Rebecca’s voice said, the same voice, just no sarcasm.
“Are you Ethan?” she then asks as she sits down next to him. 
He nods, yes…
“Then you are my father… I’m Becky.”
He looks at her, so together, so stable, so calm. 
“Becky… Rebecca…
“My mother.”
A few seconds of stillness passes, then she hands him a sealed envelope. She left this for you…
Ethan, love…
i’m so very sorry
first, for not telling you about Becky. second, for being dead…
u see. i have cancer. had. 
but, at fifteen, when we met, i was in remission and so sure it would never come back. but it did… the cancer and the pregnancy came together… 
I wanted to stay, so badly. but how could i die on you?! how could i tell you you are gonna have a child, and then die on you, and probably take her with me?! I just couldn’t…
I couldn’t deal… I ran to my mom, told her everything. She helped me.
I survived the pregnancy, and the bout of cancer. After Becky was born I was back in remission, and while I finished school, Mom raised Becky. 
I moved out, I got a job. We had a good life.
I wanted to tell you so many times. 
Every time I got close to telling, I got scared. What if I die..
Five years ago, my cancer came back. Like a bitch… I got bad. VERY bad. 
We moved back to mom’s and she took over Becky’s care again. I hid all of it from you, so well… because I wanted you to have a life, to go on. But year after year after year after year you sat on that swing and waited for me to say that three words that ruin lives… i love you…
I couldn’t do that to you. 
I wrote Becky a letter as well, telling her about you, about us, about the 3rd of June. and about this spot. She only got her letter the day I died. I knew she would come looking for you, so I asked her to give you this. 
To remember
To never give up
to love
to forget
Buy our house, Ethan love.
Make it perfect. 
Have a life.
I have loved you since that first day, and will love you till my last… 
your rebecca


“Dad! Watch where you’re going!”
Ethan snaps out of his memories and pulls of the road as he looks over at Becky, remembering Rebecca.
“Let me drive, dad. you get some sleep. You know how bad this week always is for you.”
Yes, it is, he thinks as he switches seats with his thirty year old daughter. Which is why she always gives up her summer holiday to come spend it with him at his house by the sea where he first met her mother. But this was the last one. It’s time for him to go on. To forget. To life.

A/N – And that’s what the house told me… the sadness he saw. the love. the happy. the bad. the ugly.

Love always, Marliz3e


My blogging Family…

I dedicate this poem to every single one of you… My Blog Family.

You touch my heart
From a million miles away
You fill my soul
With a thousand smiles a day
Never forget…
These post we share,
I know there is many,
But they are rare…
I love you dearly,
I really do!
Not a day goes by,
Without thinking of you.
This is simple words,
They aren’t really fit.
To say what I feel,
I’ll need a whole new bit!

Yes, okay the last line sucked a bit… Lol. But I think it is pretty good for something made up on the spot!

You guys really deserve more than an impromptu poem, these words aren’t enough! Which is why I am inviting EVERY ONE of you who has ever commented [or haven’t] on my blog to write me a guest  post. To be released on the day I get a 1000 comments![Just write anything up you want, and e-mail it to me!] [marliz3e@gmail.com]

I really want you all to be part of this special occasion, because without you all, this blog wouldn’t be!

I love you!!!!


Can’t think of a cool name!! =]

Lol, I am sure that is the most obvious name ever!!!

I realized today that it is Thursday and that use to mean Top 10 day… Can any one remember when last I did one?

Yeah, me neither!!!

So before any journal pages is getting posted, I will do a top ten on things I found out this week…

  1. Some people just can’t be trusted… No matter how much they meant to you!
  2. With that in mind, I have to say I learned forgiveness… And although I have forgiven them for what have happened, I am still trying to forget, and until I do, they will not know they have been forgiven.
  3. The weirdest, strangest people sometimes make the best friends.
  4. If you think about something [to eat] long enough, you will get such a craving for it, you will bribe people to go and buy it for you
  5. The best memories happen by accident
  6. NaNoWriMo is not the best option for me!!!
  7. It hurts to hurt someone, but it makes you happy to know you prevented a bigger heartache!
  8. NEVER wear a white shirt when it looks like rain…
  9. People in the office… They gossip… POINT
  10. I am now the owner of a new nickname GIGGLES. [visit the Idiot Speaketh for more info…]

Yeah… An eventful week for me thus far!! And I just need to warn you, I may disappear again this weekend, just  a heads up, but maybe it won’t happen!!

Now a journal page!!

Put your playlist on random, and list the next ten songs….

I hope you can read all that… [Mark, PUT ON  YOUR GLASSES FIRST!]

I hope you are all well!


PS… I do wonder what was my nickname before Giggles…… What nickname would YOU give me??

Discovering Me day 2!

Good morning!! [Well good midnight to most of you =D ]

Journal prompt 2…

Today you have to decorate you ‘happiness’ cupcake… It basically means to decorate a cupcake with everything that makes you happy… But it’s your journal so take it any way you want to!

I firstly drew my cupcake and coloured it in, under the full intention of writing ON it, but it looked so cute I couldn’t so I write all over the page ll the things that makes me happy, and just decorated the cupcake…

Please remember to link your pages, promote this and add your pages to the Flickr group!

Thank you and enjoy!

Ya’ll have a good day now ye hear! =]

Discovering Me Day 1!

Hey journalers!!

So you all got your button, you have your journals and you are ready for the challenge!!

Well brace yourself, because here it is!!

Journal prompt #1!

This is YOUR page; introduce yourself through doodles, pictures, words, anything as long as it is all YOU!


My page is filled with random things that reminded me of me, things that represented me and caught my attention!

This is the only prompt I specifically choose, as it makes the very best first page!!

I can’t wait to see your page!

Remember to add it to the group [ http://www.flickr.com/groups/1546556@N21/ ] and check out everyone else’s pages!! Or leave me a comment about where to find your page!

This is my ‘opening’ page, just because I like to announce all my challenges. So far this is the WORST page I made… Of all pages I ever did, I dislike this one the most! But I promised myself not to tear one page out of this journal, so I have to live with it!!

Have a lovely day you all!!


A new project!!

Today is another normal, boring blogging day… And of course I have no idea what to write about, so I decided to talk about the journal challenge I want to do!

  • I am thinking of starting October 20th. And the challenge will last for 30 days.
  • Every morning I will give out a prompt [that is morning for me and midnight for most other people… [GMT +2]] and I will add the page I did.
  • Please join in. Invite every one you think would like to join and please participate in my very first challenge!
  • The journal pages will co-exist with my other posts, so my blog will not be taken over by journaling.
  • Prompts will be chosen randomly, so even I have no idea what prompts will be up!
  • I know it is called a ‘art journal’ challenge but even if you just want to write about the prompts, please join in. This is merely to challenge yourself, self-growing and exploration.

If you want to join in, please leave a comment or something… And please if any one can help me make a button for the challenge I would really appreciate it!!

Oh, and for the people doing NaNoWriMo, I am doing it to, and will try to keep the prompts short and sweet that you have enough time to write!

Have a great day!!