#1&2 of 25!!

Weirdest title ever right? WRONG!! I think the previous one got that award!

Any way… I am taking part in yet another challenge from Kellie!

25 Days of Christmas Wishlist!

This is basically a challenge to post a WANT and a WISH every day! And you get this cute button!!!

And I find it very difficult to say no to pretty buttons!!! So I am joining in [a day too late!]

DAY 1!


I want… a shocking pink VW Beetle!!

I wish… for fights to disappear… I wish there was a way to resolve conflict without fighting! Really I do…. Although I am usually the first to fight, that doesn’t mean I enjoy it!!

DAY 2!

I want… books, lots and lots of books! Fiction, research, bio’s, scripts, screenplays. If I can read it, I want it!!! And with that I want a Book-room!!!! [or a library if you want to be so very correct!]  

I wish… for the proper writing motivation to finish my novel before September end next year!!!!

So that is my silly wants and wishes for yesterday and today! Please do join in!!!

Christmas love to you all!!

PS!!! I don’t know if you noticed, but I had a bit of a festive makeover!! =]

It was Bloody Brilliant!!

In case you don’t have me on FB and didn’t read the hundred statuses about me going to watch Harry Potter 7 last night, I went to watch HP7 last night!!!

And the only possible words to describe it is BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!

I had my doubts…. Because a lot of people said it didn’t live up to their expectations, but to me it was amazing!!! But my professional opinion later!


The evening began on the drive, I made us [me and Sis] a mix CD with some chart topping songs which got us straight into a party mood and little could burst my bubble!


When we got to Clearwater Mall we discovered that a whole bunch of new shops opened up since our last visit there and after we got our tickets we went exploring and searched for a great place to have dinner. But before we could even think of dinner Sister discovered Marcels, a FroYo place….

My love for Frozen Yogurt is still to be discovered so I settled for dark chocolate ice-cream while sis enjoyed Vanilla FroYo. The best part of that, except the chocolate, was my Yum card! Its a card where, once it is full of stickers, I get a free small tub of ice-cream! Rewards for eating ice cream??? I’m in!

We then decided on Juicy Lucy for dinner, a sweet lace with the greatest breakfast!! But I decided it was WAY too late for breakfast breakfast, so I decided to order a Bacon Cheesa [rye bread with bacon and YUMMY cheese sauce] while sis ate a bacon and chicken wrap!

I just realized how weird all that sounded as dinner!!! =]

Finally it was time for HP!!

I promise no spoilers!

I loved every moment of the movie…

It was very true to the book, not so very rushed liked the 6th movie, although the time went by WAY too fast, and before I knew I was crying and the movie was done! [If you read the books, you would know why I was crying, if not, I promised no spoilers!]

There was perhaps one part that wasnt in the book, but otherwise every important part was there, they did a great job with filling in the blanks the previous movies created, and what I loved the most was the dialogue, it was unbelievably true to the book!

One thing that I didn’t like, like most people, was the ending! It was very sudden… But it had to happen, other it would’ve been a six-hour movie, or a very vague movie! So kudos to Warner Bros to making it so very amazing!!!

Who watched it already?? What did you think???



I really don’t!!

So today is Top 10 Tuesday… And I decided to at last do the challenge Holly! set up for me. She asked me to do a top ten on things I don’t want to do. EVER!

But I had difficulty thinking up things and I think I got a top 3 or something. So I adjusted the suggestion a bit. So here are…..

The Top ten things I will avoid doing for as long as possible!! [or never WANT to do!]

  1. Get stuck in a dead-end job…
  2. Read Twilight again.
  3. I never want to stop writing [does that count??]
  4. Wear animal print
  5. Skin tight clothes in public. Even if I do someday have the body for it!
  6. Back stab my friends for my own gain.
  7. Man-handle a book!
  8. Marriage [long story]
  9. Listen to classical music voluntarily
  10. Stop blogging!! =]

I do know that that list kind of sucked! But I did say I WILL do all the challenges so I had to!

Please leave a suggestion on the suggestion pages if there is something you want me to blog about or do a list on!!

Love! M

YEAH!! I can blog

Did you miss me?

Aww you are so sweet!

Wait, you didn’t miss me???

Then why are you reading!!??!!


=] Hey lovely people!

My weekend was once again a mess!

Friday night my sister hi-jacked my PC and we watched HIMYM till eleven o’clock! It was soooo fun! I do apologize for not posting due to complete procrastination!

Saturday was spent firstly buying stuff for my mom and dad’s camping trip in Kgalagadi, then me and my sister once again procrastinated with HIMYM until the weather got the best of us and I posted a very short and useless, I will post later post. [a lot of ‘posts’ in there]

Sunday was church, then shopping for our camping trip with the church [me and sis are ‘youth organizers’ for the trip!! Yeah! It was VERY warm, so we went for our FIRST SWIM of the season at my aunt’s house!! It was so good. I can’t believe how much I’ve missed feeling the water against my skin!!

When I finally remembered to put the computer on, my internet was screwed!! WHAT???? I was so angry and sad! I could read your comments, missing me, on my phone, but couldn’t reply… =[

At last I got the internet to love me, I got the weather to stop thundering and I got myself to stop procrastinating. and now what… Now I don’t have a clue what to write about!!! =]

As I announced in THIS post, today is Magic Monday… Full of my silly wishes! Here I go.

  • I wish…. Cake was fat-free
  • I wish…. My thoughts for my book could jump onto pages by itself
  • I wish…. The thunder had no effect on PC’s or Internet
  • I wish…. I could stop procrastinating everything!
  • I wish…. I had more Twitter followers [Marliz3e is my name!]
  • I wish…. My teeth would stop hurting!
  • I wish…. For all my readers [all five of them!] to know how amazingly special they are!
  • I wish…. Glee would come to SA!!

Lol… Silly wishes.. “Let’s pretend that airplanes in the night sky like shooting stars…” =]

Have a lovely day and sorry it took me so long to post! =]

A good weekend!

Morning world!!

I apologize immediately! I know I was once again MIA… But despite that, my weekend was busy and great!! Friday was once again spent with my sister at the guesthouse [her workplace] and some random photos took place!

The evening was spent with some pasta, vodka smoothies [awesome!] and a proudly South African movie! I must say it was very good! It was about a girl [almost 40!!] who still lives with her mom and now wants to realize her dream of singing… It was odd, but good!

Then due to some disturbances at the guest house [her boss was out-of-town so she was alone] we decided to go sleep there! It really is heaven on earth there. Fluffy blankets, room service, big tub… Hmmmmm.

Saturday morning I stayed in bed late while she worked =D and caught up on Disney! We then got ready for my cousin’s baby shower, after the baby shower we went to babysit the pastors’ kids again! It was good fun!!

After this hectically busy weekend I decided to just relax on Sunday!

Today I once again went with her to work and helped out there a bit! But I did figure out a new schedule for the blog!! [I am thinking this whole process will take some time to perfect!]

Mondays: Magic Monday… All and wishes I have for that day, week, moment.

Tuesdays: Top 10

Wednesday: This will just be a normal blogging day, but if I get suggestions that aren’t top 10’s or have guest blogs, it will be on this day.

Thursday: Top 10

Friday: Fiction Friday

Saturday: Silly Saturday. This will consist of a random post mixed with silly stuff that happened this week.

Sunday: Another normal blogging day!

Then I really want to know if there is ANY ONE out there who would participate in an art journal challenge if I did one?? I am thinking of starting the 20th. Because I will be out-of-town the 15th – 17th. Please let me know?? Also if anyone would like to make me a button for it… I can’t really do stuff like that! =]


Ohh, Thank you!!

Hey lovelies!!

This post is being typed whilst I am half asleep, just so you can have a Top  10 Thursday post!! Ain’t I just the sweet of me??

Nah! just kidding I am going to work with my sister tomorrow [today] so I won’t get a chance to post!

I thought of a cool post, things I want to thank people for!! Here goes nothing!!

  1. Thanks to Holly for the Top Ten award! DO go look at her blog!
  2. Thanks to the sweet sweet people who added me to their blogroll!
  3. Thanks to my 5 subscribers! =]
  4. Thanks to my sister, for ‘getting’ me!
  5. Thanks to all writers out there. Guys if it weren’t for you the world would be a very imagen-less places
  6. Thank you for the music =]
  7. Thank you for great sales on clothes and shoes and all!
  8. Thanks for me having the abilities to write!!!
  9. Thank you for the very best blogging friends!!
  10. Finally thank me! For being an independent [sorta] girl with great ideas, vision and dreams! Keep believing in yourself girly! =]

Have a great day every one! Be good without me around =]

MIA.. Again!?!?!

I am really making a habit of this over weekends! So I want to schedule something for every Saturday or Sunday… Any ideas??

Yesterday was suppose to be my last [of 30] top ten day… But I can’t find a suitable thing to end on!! But I don’t really want to end! So I am taking page out of Nathan’s and Holly’s book and making a suggestions page! Please, any ideas for top ten, posts, photos anything will do!!

This weekend was filled with fun and family… It was “Braai”- day on Friday [Barbeque…] and after a long day of cleaning, lounging and boredom we went to family for a nice braai!

Me and my sister slipped of to go visit Bunny quickly before they leave [they are going away for a week for sports] after that the evening was quite uneventful!!

Saturday was shopping!! I got Bunny a birthday present and some presents for my cousin’s baby shower next weekend. The evening was spent with burgers and bad TV.

Today was church, a nice chicken pot and some sun-bathing! All in all it was the most relaxing weekend in a looooooong time!!


Oh, please do go visit my sister’s blog! Lovely Layla Cooks

Have a lovely day/night bloggers!! [tomorrow will bring a decent post!]

Back in business! Random normalness =]

Or is that normal Randomness??

I was once again MIA this weekend! And yes I was at Bunny’s! =] We went exercising again, loved it, shopped a bit, got a GREAT tan and went to the movies with J, his friend, Suzy and her new ‘bo’. It was the best birthday weekend ever!! Al thanks to the best people in my life!

Now for a quick top ten, and I find it quite fitting for this time in my life…

What did you learn this year??

  1. Writing is great anti-depression medicine
  2. Blogging is the best!!
  3. I can’t really drive
  4. Finding a job is HARD
  5. I cannot be trusted alone with HIM
  6. My mind and heart hates me =]
  7. Writing is hard work, but I believe in myself
  8. Boyfriends are NOT the source of all happiness
  9. Journalling, pen pals and Postcrossing are wonderful hobbies
  10. Sometimes the people you don’t know are your best friends [bloggers]

I am still searching for the perfect Fudge Picasso picture to put up, so that should arrive today or tomorrow.

Tonight I am babysitting for the pastor at our church… His kids is 14, 11 and 9… That should be a blast!! If I am alive by tomorrow, I will tell you the whole story!! =]

If you glance to your right [no silly, on the SCREEN!] you will notice a new button, its MY FIRST AWARD!!! It is courtesy of LeashieLoo at All kinds of hungry! Go visit her now!!! [wait come back and finish reading!!] Thank you SO much for this award!!

All I have to do now is list 10 things I like…

  1. Sleep
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Movies
  5. Shopping
  6. Sleepovers =]
  7. Late nights
  8. Music
  9. My dogs
  10. Family and friends!!

I will name the ten winners of the award later on!!

Starting today I am detoxing… Yeah! I am only allowed to eat fruit and vegetables, and drink water with a bit of lemon juice. I am about ten hours into this detoxing thing and my stomach is already yelling at me!! I think it is just a mind set. But I am devoted to doing this. Once again, if I am still alive after this four days of torture, I will convey the experience!

Have a good one!


Oh I really enjoy…

Today’s top 10 is things I enjoy doing!

  1. Blogging
  2. Listening to music
  3. Writing
  4. Journalling
  5. Reading
  6. Sleeping
  7. Watching TV
  8. Shopping
  9. Being with friends
  10. Going to the movies

That list was so easy to make! =]

Here is today’s journal page!!

What does your inner monster want [this is a fun and friendly monster!] I decided my inner monster is a craving monster as I have severe munchy attacks!

My internet isn’t really into co-operation today, so I will post this weekend’s pictures later, also I want to share the amazing postcards I got recently via Postcrossing!!

Oh and Mel, the next [and final] chapter of Carrie will be up soon!!

Love =]