Kerfuffle! =]

I HEART reading!!! See that word? ^ up there! KERFUFFLE, another word for chaos, I discovered it in Harry Potter 5 and it is officially my new favourite word! =] [I haven’t a clue what was my old favourite word!!]

But anywho, I am taking part in a soundtrack challenge! I discovered it HERE while reading my daily dose of Kellie!

basically copy the parts in black, put you playlist/iPod/computer on shuffle and list the first 18 songs in their number placing! [I do hope that made sense to YOU!] My songs are in this colour, and I am doing this as I type!!

Song #1: Opening Credits Summer of 69 [Bryan Adams]

Song #2: Waking Up Black Velvet [No Idea]

Song #3: 1st Day of School Coward of the county [Kenny Rogers] Very weird…

Song #4: Falling In Love Eh, Eh [Lady Gaga]

Song #5: Fight Song American Boy [Estelle & Kanye West]

Song #6: Breaking Up Lemon Tree [Fool’s Garden] Quite fitting!

Song #7: Prom Mercy [Duffy]

Song #8: Life Skater Boy [Avril Lavigne] LOL!

Song #9: Mental Breakdown Shot through the heart [Bon Jovi]

Song #10: Driving Please forgive me [Bryan Adams]

Song #11: Flashback Sexy Bitch [Akon] weird……

Song #12: Getting Back Together 8 World Wonder [Kimberly Locke]

Song #13: Wedding Everything Burns [Anastacia ft. Ben Moodley]

Song #14:  Birth of Child Boots were made for walking [Coyote ugly]

Song #15: Final Battle Brick by Boring Brick [Paramore] So the best!! =]

Song #16: Death Scene I will do anything for you [Meatloaf] wow…

Song #17: Funeral Scene Mine – Taylor Swift

Song #18: End credits My life would suck without you [Kelly Clarkson]

Lol, I promise you I did not cheat once! And that turned out so cool!

I am going away this weekend on a work function to the bosses farm! So I may be missing, but I am thinking of scheduling my journal posts!

Please, go visit my Truth Challenge-section and leave me a question! Challenge will start as soon as I have 30 questions!!


Can’t think of a cool name!! =]

Lol, I am sure that is the most obvious name ever!!!

I realized today that it is Thursday and that use to mean Top 10 day… Can any one remember when last I did one?

Yeah, me neither!!!

So before any journal pages is getting posted, I will do a top ten on things I found out this week…

  1. Some people just can’t be trusted… No matter how much they meant to you!
  2. With that in mind, I have to say I learned forgiveness… And although I have forgiven them for what have happened, I am still trying to forget, and until I do, they will not know they have been forgiven.
  3. The weirdest, strangest people sometimes make the best friends.
  4. If you think about something [to eat] long enough, you will get such a craving for it, you will bribe people to go and buy it for you
  5. The best memories happen by accident
  6. NaNoWriMo is not the best option for me!!!
  7. It hurts to hurt someone, but it makes you happy to know you prevented a bigger heartache!
  8. NEVER wear a white shirt when it looks like rain…
  9. People in the office… They gossip… POINT
  10. I am now the owner of a new nickname GIGGLES. [visit the Idiot Speaketh for more info…]

Yeah… An eventful week for me thus far!! And I just need to warn you, I may disappear again this weekend, just  a heads up, but maybe it won’t happen!!

Now a journal page!!

Put your playlist on random, and list the next ten songs….

I hope you can read all that… [Mark, PUT ON  YOUR GLASSES FIRST!]

I hope you are all well!


PS… I do wonder what was my nickname before Giggles…… What nickname would YOU give me??

Obsessed… Only a little!

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is a ‘silly’ one…

Things I am slightly obsessed with/ can’t stop thinking about / like a little too much! Some of the things do not need explanations, but I will give it any who! =]

  1. England… I adore England, British accents, English phone booths, British magazines, Fantasy fiction books and well all things Britain! [EXCEPT ROBERT PATTINSON]
  2. Nick Jonas… For some reason this guy is on my mind consistently! I even dreamed about him…
  3. Glee-music! Love it!!!!!!!
  4. E! Entertainment TV… The Kardashians, Holly and Kendra is my guilty pleasure!!
  5. How I Met Your Mother. AND BARNEY!!! I just love the show and Barney’s abs… YUM!!
  6. Ice tea…… For a caffeine addict/tea-hater this one is odd. I’ve been drinking on average a liter of ice-tea a day these past few weeks!!
  7. Postcards! Postcrossing. I cannot walk by a stationery shop without checking out their postcards and buying a few!
  8. Fantasy Fiction books! I’ve recently bought myself a Britain magazine just because there was a free book in… And as stated in#1 I heart Britain!
  9. Paramore! I got some new music from Suzy Pie . Including a huge amount of Paramore music, I am in love!!
  10. Job searching….. *sigh*

I hope you enjoyed the post… It was really fun to think of all the stuff I’m insane over!

Have a great day!

Oh, I almost forgot… WELCOME BACK IDIOT!!!!!

I am sad

No this is not another missed birthday/anniversary/event I just noticed.

Just very, very bad planning in South Africa… We are about a month behind on all TV shows. Which makes me sad because the new Vampire Dairies started this month, still no clue when this will appear, and Glee started yesterday. Now if you have ever read more than two posts on here, you probably know I am a total ‘Gleek’.

I have absorbed the first season like it is chocolate ice-cream, and now… Now I am WAITING!!!!!!! I hate it. Some people may call me ‘impatient’ but I don’t have time for them! [Oh, that was bad!!]

I want Glee!!!! I need to see Puck, I need to hear Rachel and Finn and oh, Mr Shuchster [sp?] I want Glee! I need Glee!

Even worse is every one mentioning Glee… I go on Twitter, Glee! I read a blog post, Glee. I listen to music, Glee! Torture!!!

Basically  it comes down to this, S. Africa. Gimme some Glee!!!

Thank you. That is all =]

Oh I really enjoy…

Today’s top 10 is things I enjoy doing!

  1. Blogging
  2. Listening to music
  3. Writing
  4. Journalling
  5. Reading
  6. Sleeping
  7. Watching TV
  8. Shopping
  9. Being with friends
  10. Going to the movies

That list was so easy to make! =]

Here is today’s journal page!!

What does your inner monster want [this is a fun and friendly monster!] I decided my inner monster is a craving monster as I have severe munchy attacks!

My internet isn’t really into co-operation today, so I will post this weekend’s pictures later, also I want to share the amazing postcards I got recently via Postcrossing!!

Oh and Mel, the next [and final] chapter of Carrie will be up soon!!

Love =]

Major Randomness! [IV]

Well, ain’t it a lovely spring evening! [for me anyway!]

You won’t believe how much I am loving spring!!! And it only just started! Today I sat outside and stared at flowers! WHAAT???? Freakky hey?

Let the randomness take course!

***I haven’t worn shoes ONCE today! Lol

***Today I drove alone for the very first time, alone as in, there was no one around me. Not a soul in sight! [okay, so I reversed the car out and later parked it again, but it counts!!

*** I re-watched Mr Magorium’s Magic Emporium! So amazingly cool! “Your life is an occasion, rise to it!”

*** Every one says one of the hardest things in life is to like [love] some one and never telling them, it’s not. It’s liking [loving] some one who you KNOW you can never be with!

*** My current favourite [and most played] songs are… *Billionaire by Travis McCoy, *Ever fallen in love by The Stiff Dylans, *Ultraviolet by The Stiff Dylans and Airplanes By BOB feat. Hailey Williams

*** I am going to a wedding on Saturday!! And I am not really excited. It’s my aunt’s wedding, [second] and I am yet to enter ‘happy-mode’

*** I am boycotting CSI! How is it possible that all that stuff [two dead bodies, 12 boxes of old paperwork and 3 food poisonings] can happen in one day??? Not to mention the absurd ways they find clues!!! I’d rather watch NCIS, where I can actually follow the storyline, it is a bit more realistic and they have the best forensic scientist! [GO ABBY]

*** I just found out Vampire Dairies is starting TOMORROW in the States! When is it gonna air here??? I need more Damon Vampire Diaries! =]

*** My current nail colour is… Blue! And I am loving it!

*** I hate not getting him of my mind!

*** I am well on the writing track [for me anyway!] I am now busy [and almost done] with Chapter 5!! Whoo-Whoo!

*** I have finally watched season 4 and 5 [only to episode 10] of HIMYM, and I must say, I found a new celeb crush!! Barney Stintson =]

*** Glee ended here last week! SO sad… But RADICAL finale!!!

Have a lovely day/ night!

Journal pages update!! =]


^ that’s my shy I am sorry for neglecting smile… =D

But here is everything we missed! from page 19. I am sorry for the overload of pictures!!

Journal Prompt 19:  I had read somewhere today, “What you deal with, does not define you.”  I absolutely loved it and it spoke to me.  For example, if you are divorced, that isn’t what people see when they see you.  I have a huge anxiety problem BUT that’s not who I am.  I love it.

So, that lead me to the question, Who are you? What are some categories that you fall in to?  What types of things define you?

Journal Prompt 20:  Today you are going to make lists that will add up to 100 things that you love!
This prompt may take a while but it will definitely be fun!
Here is how it will go down…
*  10 Activities
*  10 Restaurants
*  10 People
*  10 Foods
*  10 Games
*  6 Famous People
*  4 Desserts
*  10 TV shows
*  10 Websites
*  10 Books
*  10 Songs

Journal Prompt 21:  Right this Second…  While you are sitting there with your journal I want you to tell me what is going on right this second!! What do you hear?  What do you smell?  What do you see?  What are you wearing, everything…

Journal Prompt 22:  What are you looking forward to?  There are so many great things on the horizon, in the near future and the far

Journal Prompt 23:  The unsent letter.  This is a page where you can let all of your feelings out without hurting anyone’s feelings OR sharing any feelings that you aren’t ready to share yet 🙂  This letter is to be written to someone who you WANT to say something to, but can’t or won’t or don’t.  This could be a secret love letter, a letter telling someone how they hurt you or anything in between!!

Journal Prompt 24: This prompt is all about documenting a feeling that you felt this past week.  Does that make sense? lol!  For example…something that made me happy this past week or something that made me mad this past week.  Choose a feeling, and document it.

Journal Prompt 25:  What is your favorite season? (simple enough eh?)

Journal Prompt 26:  What are some lessons you have learned through this journal class?  Have you grown as a person?  Have you grown in your journaling?

Journal Prompt 27:  Today I want you to create your journal page using a different medium then what you are used to using 🙂  Search your studio/craft spaces and challenge yourself to try something new!!

Journal Prompt 28:  Today I want you to start thinking about goals for September!  Five goals that are completely do-able!

Journal Prompt 29:  Should you be doing something different right now?  why or why not.

Journal Prompt 30:  Today’s prompt is to write a closing statement to your journal.  Whether this is the last page of your journal or the end of this “JFAC” chapter, how do you wish to end it.  It can be a congratulatory page to yourself, it canbe a thank you to someone in the class who has done something above and beyond with encouraging words, or it can be a simple statement, such as what I wrote…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I decided a slideshow was a better idea than post all the pictures separately… Only post 20 have multiple pictures [the top 100 pages]

Hope you enjoyed it!!


Top 10! Songs

Morning Lovelies!!

Today’s top 10 is…. Favourite songs!!

Now I’ve done this a thousand times already.. So I’m gonna put my playlist on shuffle and list the songs that comes up…

  1. Falco – Rock me Amadeus
  2. Queen – Somebody to love
  3. Taylor Swift – White Horse
  4. Micheal Buble – Come fly with me
  5. Madonna – Beautiful stranger
  6. Avril Lavigne – Complicated
  7. Seether – Broken
  8. Hinder – By the way
  9. The All American Reject – Why Worry
  10. Bon Jovi – Bad Medicine

Lol, Great songs!! But here is my real Top 10 FAVOURITE songs

  1. Poker Face – Glee version
  2. Hello – Evanescence
  3. 99 Red balloons – Nena
  4. Airplanes – B.O.B feat. Hayley Williams
  5. Alice – Avril Lavinge
  6. Don’t rain on my parade – Glee version
  7. Ultraviolet – Stiff Dylans
  8. I caught Myself – Paramore
  9. Papa don’t preach – Glee version
  10. Nemo – Nightwish

Have a great day everyone!!!

Love =]

Journal entries 8 to 11!


I’m back! AND I”M SICK…. I hate it! I feel blotchy, I look blotchy, and I’m very sure I smell blotchy! But that’s what winter does to me…

So I’m a bit behind on posting journal challenge pictures, even thought I am up to date!

Here it goes!!

Day 8… Illustrate an inside joke.

This one was hard; I couldn’t remember any inside jokes! [WHAT? ? ? ? ?] But once I started it flowed

Day 9… Describe a person close to you in as much words as possible and different fonts!

This was fun! I took my sister again and then decided to get a word for every letter in the alphabet! I must say I enjoyed it. The picture is taken in her room, between her stuff =]

Day 10… What do I collect?

Another fun one!!! The most obvious one there was my books =] the rest was stuff I didn’t even know I collected until I looked around me. My table is scattered with nail polish. I have about 20 teddies in my room, the cupboard is filled with my cups and every time I get money I buy either a jean or boots…

Day 11… Stuff I love, in specific categories….

This was very [self] exploring!! Honestly. But I loved it, very much!

Now that’s all the pictures I have, but more to be coming very soon! As well as a gym blog… Oh the joy! =]

Day 12-16 coming soon!

Love always