Flash fiction: Just believe…

It feels so good to do two posts!! I feel awesome, I really hope you like this story, and if you don’t… Tough! =]

It was silent, a sound she didn’t like… She enjoyed having the sound of her wings flapping, of the voices talking, of the other fairies surrounding her…

But HE won’t allow it, ever since she thought she fell for him and they started ‘dating’ he caged her up. Now she sees it for what it is. A jail… He only wanted the status that came with ‘dating’ a fairy… He didn’t love her!

Never would she have thought that she, April, would be alone. Her live was always filled with people, fairies, voices and now…. Now she sits in the tree all day, locked in and only HIM for company now and then!

“A! A, are you in there?”

She runs to the window and sees her three best friends sitting on the ledge!

“Pix! Lay! Flo! What are you doing here? How did you find me? He will hurt you, you know?”

“We don’t care,” Flo says, her pink hair clinging to her silver wings. “And it’s… complicated, you don’t want to know!”

“Come with us. We have a plan!!”

April closes her eyes to summon her last bit of courage and shifts the window open to get out.

“Why didn’t you escape sooner, stupid?” Lay says as the all hug her.

“I couldn’t, I didn’t have a plan, nor anywhere to go!”

“Well, now you do!” They fly off in a line, April in the middle, holding hands with Pix and Flo; Lay making sure they are not followed.

She closes her eyes and relishes in the sounds around her. The wings flapping, the flowers whispering and the wind rushing past them. And before she had enough Pix called halt!

“Where are we?”


April looks around and notices the writing on the wall, the water softly dripping around the cave and the candles lit along the walls.

“Candles?” She backs of a bit, scared, like all fairies.

“Don’t worry A. It is save.”

On closer inspection April notices the candles aren’t candles, but fairy dust glowing in the dark. As they walk further and further into the cave she feels more at home. Ironic since her home has always been outside, open and inviting.

“We have one last surprise…”

April turns to ask what, but they just push her forward through heavy doors and she sees the most beautiful room ever.

The whole place sparkles like a fairy wing and she realizes that she never wants to leave again!

“Hey April…”

“Logan…” she falls into the arms of her best friend. The first fairy to fly with her, the first fairy to teach her how to speak back to the voices, the only fairy that had the same weird gold wings as she does.

“Please don’t fall in love again?” He whispers into her hair, holding her closer than possible until they seem like one being.


I do believe in magic…

Hey guys!!

We are minutes away from leaving for Church camp and I just want to leave you with a poem, I wrote for Kellie over at Magic in the Back yard… She gave a prompts of fairies, magic, dreams and hope!!


I do believe in fairies,
In karma, superstition and Tinkerbell.
I want to be a fairytale,
a happily ever after.
One day…
Maybe I will meet him.
My Prince Charming…
But what would I do with him??
I’d rather fly about,
with magic dust all over.
The forest, the water, the stars.
So normal, so magical…
My heart wants to be free,
Not the forever type.
My mind wants to wander,
Not the one place sort…
So, even if I meet you,
Mister Prince Charming…
Please, do set me free??

Hope it’s okay Kellie!!

=] See you all Sunday night!