FFFC – That one place…

I’m writing this for a prompt by OM and his Flash Fiction Friday Challenge.

Describe for me a city, any city real or created, in less than 1,000 words. How much can you show the reader?

It used to be my favourite place. 
Walking down the cobblestone streets, streets not really aware of the fact that they should have been modernized years ago.
Seeing the old stone buildings tower over you, making you feel small, like an ant between all this beauty.
Feeling the breeze, coming from the beach, always just a few minutes away from where you are. That salty smell, the almost stickiness on your skin, that taste of freedom on your tongue.
Smelling the wonderful smells of the world around us, the pastries in the deli, the coffee coming from every direction, the sea, the people.
Hearing the ring of a bike bell, the music coming from that one street artist we used to love so much, the breaking of waves on rocks in the distance, a car here and there.
How I miss that place, that one place we could share, we could love, we could dream about.
And now, it’s just what it always has been.
A place in my dreams I’ve never seen before.

Not sure if this fits the description of the prompt, but its Free Write, so that’s what I give you…

Love always,



A simple papercut!!


My first official work day.. Why does it feel so normal??

I did some filing [okay A LOT of filing], dressed nice and ate yogurt. That was my day. Okay, it was WAY cooler than that, but I am sure you don’t want a blow-by-blow of my first day!

I just got caught up with all the blogs I missed the weekend, and replying to most of my mails and comments. I know I owe a few people guest blogs [Nathan] and I have one to put up [Holly] but I am just trying to catch my breath and get everything ready for the journal challenge which is starting on Wednesday!

Which brings me to…. MY BUTTON!

As you can see the name of the challenge will be Discovering Me, because I think that is the essence of journalling!

Thank you, Kellie for the AMAZING button, you are awesome!

Please every one grab a button, promote this challenge and it will start on Wednesday!!

Now I have to go tidy the house, I apologize for the absence of Magic Monday as well as news on the camp [it was amazing!! we had 60 year old people play Musical chairs!!]

Now I am of to nurse a paper cut I got today!

Thanks for every one who thought of me on my first day [that’s you Idiot!!]


Top 10 ….. places!

So today’s topic is places… And because my mind is so awesome, I cannot for the life of me, remember what I meant when I wrote down that topic idea…

That’s when I decided to do it on….

Top 10 places I wanna be RIGHT now:

  1. England! [I have a thing for England]
  2. In bed
  3. Playing mini golf
  4. At the beach
  5. Shopping mall
  6. Swimming pool
  7. Library or secondhand bookstore [old+cheap=amazing!]
  8. Spain
  9. Italy
  10. A cute, cosy coffee shop.

Well that was fun! Now quit dreaming! =]

I wish you all a lovely day! =]