Major Randomness! [IV]

Well, ain’t it a lovely spring evening! [for me anyway!]

You won’t believe how much I am loving spring!!! And it only just started! Today I sat outside and stared at flowers! WHAAT???? Freakky hey?

Let the randomness take course!

***I haven’t worn shoes ONCE today! Lol

***Today I drove alone for the very first time, alone as in, there was no one around me. Not a soul in sight! [okay, so I reversed the car out and later parked it again, but it counts!!

*** I re-watched Mr Magorium’s Magic Emporium! So amazingly cool! “Your life is an occasion, rise to it!”

*** Every one says one of the hardest things in life is to like [love] some one and never telling them, it’s not. It’s liking [loving] some one who you KNOW you can never be with!

*** My current favourite [and most played] songs are… *Billionaire by Travis McCoy, *Ever fallen in love by The Stiff Dylans, *Ultraviolet by The Stiff Dylans and Airplanes By BOB feat. Hailey Williams

*** I am going to a wedding on Saturday!! And I am not really excited. It’s my aunt’s wedding, [second] and I am yet to enter ‘happy-mode’

*** I am boycotting CSI! How is it possible that all that stuff [two dead bodies, 12 boxes of old paperwork and 3 food poisonings] can happen in one day??? Not to mention the absurd ways they find clues!!! I’d rather watch NCIS, where I can actually follow the storyline, it is a bit more realistic and they have the best forensic scientist! [GO ABBY]

*** I just found out Vampire Dairies is starting TOMORROW in the States! When is it gonna air here??? I need more Damon Vampire Diaries! =]

*** My current nail colour is… Blue! And I am loving it!

*** I hate not getting him of my mind!

*** I am well on the writing track [for me anyway!] I am now busy [and almost done] with Chapter 5!! Whoo-Whoo!

*** I have finally watched season 4 and 5 [only to episode 10] of HIMYM, and I must say, I found a new celeb crush!! Barney Stintson =]

*** Glee ended here last week! SO sad… But RADICAL finale!!!

Have a lovely day/ night!


Top 10… Books!

Well well well…

“Books AGAIN! ” I hear you groan.

“Sorry, I don’t choose it, I just wrote down topics days ago and apparently today is books, again” I answer.

“Yeah yeah!”

=] Hey!!

British editions of the seven Harry Potter books.
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Top 10 favourite books of all time!

  1. Harry Potter 3 [Prisoner of Azkaban]
  2. Harry Potter 5 [Order of the Phoenix]
  3. Harry Potter 6 [Half-Blood Prince]
  4. Harry Potter 7 [Deathly Hollows]
  5. My sister’s keeper
  6. Pride and Prejudice
  7. Vampire Academy: Shadow Kiss
  8. Anne Rice: Vampire Lestat, Interview with a Vampire, Queen of the Damned
  9. My Vintage Summer
  10. Inkheart!

Hope you enjoyed that list again…. =]

I am now going to lay about and read. I have written about 2000 words to my story this weekend and I am so proud of myself. I just hope this persistence doesn’t leave with the weekend!

Have a nice and relaxing Sunday!


Top 10: TV shows [and then a bit]


First I want to come right out and say it. Headaches come from hell!!! I have been getting the most terrible headaches these last few weeks!

Okay, now that’s off my chest [not that I feel better now] lets continue!

Thanks Idiot! for featuring me in the blog spotlight! So exciting!!!

Now onto my top 10 for the day! TV shows!!

  1. Glee!
  2. Gossip girl
  3. Vampire Dairies
  4. Gilmore Girls
  5. Charmed
  6. Sonny with a chance
  7. NCIS
  8. Will and Grace
  9. Wipeout
  10. Idols

I know the last two are reality shows, but it is the only two reality shows I watch, thus not really falling into a category of their own.

Now onto the next bit of blog for today. Explaining my actor list! I have recieved some Q’s [Thanks Mik =]] and felt I had to explain!

Now firstly as I mentioned before, this list is made as I sit here, just before ten in the morning, with just one cup of coffee in. So there isn’t much thinking involved! I am going to re-list the actors and explain their credentials… =]

  1. Daniel Radcliffe [The very best person to play Harry Potter, any one else would have failed. For that he gets first place!]
  2. Ian Somerhalder [Yes this one is firstly based on looks, but also, he is an incredible actor to me, and his real life persona and VampD persona is so different!]
  3. Johnny Depp [I doubt any explanation is needed???]
  4. Heath Ledger [once more, no explanation required, if it wasn’t for him I would never have watched the latest Batman]
  5. Micheal Cera [The best indie actor ever, love all his movies, and he is not REMOTELY HOT, so that wasn’t a decider]
  6. Freddie Highmore [The male Dakote Fanning, he makes a movie and it is golden. Finding, Neverland, Chocolate Factory, August Rush]
  7. Channing Tatum [Another hot guy… =] But the best Irish actor I know.]
  8. Rupert Grint [It’s Ron Weasly! How can I not love him! But except for that, he is a ‘bloody brilliant’ actor and their is no denying that!
  9. Alan Rickman [Amazing… Truly based on acting! And amazing as Snape…]
  10. Paul Bettany [The only person I would ever choose to play Dustfinger [Inkheart] and for that he gets the last spot. Also, an incredible actor]

So you see? Not really a hotness type of competition, if it was that, the following would have been on the list: Taylor Lautner, Chace Crawford, Daniel Randolph, Mark Salling, Cory Monteith,Sterling Knight…

If any one needs the actress list explained, I will be happy to do so, this was actually kind of fun!!

But I am in need of great movies to watch. I made myself a ‘movies to watch’ as well as ‘books to read’ lists, but both is nearly empty. So if any ideas for either, please mail me at marliz3e[at]gmail[dot]com

Have a great day! I am gonna eat, drink some pills and sleep this murderous headache away!

Love =]

A little bit random… I


I decided to do a random post, to keep you up to date om my happenings, and just because it seems fun when Mel does it! Enjoy…

I started Postcrossing two weeks ago, and today I got an e-mail telling me my first postcard was delivered to the USA… It feels kinda awesome!!


I’m trying to write an article for the ‘reader’-edition of a national magazine, I think of doing it on loving yourself, but you guys will have to read it first =]


My amazing book picking skills have let me down… I am usually good at picking a book, not reading what it is about, but simply picking it at feeling. But this weekend at a book sale, my sis bought me Soulmates by Miranda Glover… I am past 100 pages and it still haven’t captured my attention.


I am having writers block on my Carrie story!!!


Next year I may be start studying for a teacher! It’s a type of learnership program, where you work at a school, they pay your studies and you become a  teacher after four years! I am kinda excited about that…


I am three days behind on my journal!! But after all my chores today [and Glee] I will catch up and hopefully post them tonight!


While getting my sister to love How I met your mother, I re-watched the Robin Sparkles episode, as well as Swarley… Now I am at a lost to which one of the two episodes I love the most!!!


I am boy-cotting all Vamp books till the hype gets down, because I hate to be seen reading a book I really like, and some tells me I only read it because Twilight started it all WTF???


Well except for House of night and Vampire Academy… =]


I watched my very first 3D movie this weekend!!! Shrek 3D. It was kind of amazing!!


My most views per day record stands at 59, for the 17th of July


I am hosting a colouring competition for the church to get money for a Youth Room! I will post my picture, as soon as I coloured it in. As well as the winners pictures!!


That’s about as random as it gets.



Well, do you like it now or not??


Every one that knows ME, knows I adore vampires… I have ever since I started reading and WAY before the Twilight-hype.

But ever since the whole T-hype I started questioning my sanity. I mean THEY SPARKLE!! ???

The first time I read Twilight, it was just after a break-up, a year before the hype. My friend borrowed me the book, thinking it would help me get over my heartache. And it did.  I fell in love with it. I loved the idea of a guy caring that much and I read over the bad grammar and BAAAAAD ideas. Then the movie came out. I kinda liked it, but ever so suddenly the whole world liked it, because ‘Edward is like so totally hot’ HUH?

I didn’t understand, a year ago no one KNEW Twilight, now everyone is reading it. First I thought ‘hey at least they are reading’…

Then my sister brought me the book and I read it again. Open-minded and a little less sad than the first time, and I noticed how badly it’s written. I came across faults editors should’ve picked up [eg. Chagrin=it means annoyance. In Twilight it is used 7 different times, for different meanings] [Chapter 12]

But going on… I realized I didn’t LIKE it anymore. Sure, the story is good, the idea is workable, but I hated the sparkliness. [I read Anne Rice as my first Vamp book=my vamp ‘bible’] and Twilight dissed all ‘known’ vampire facts…

So out of interest I read the rest of the series [I cannot leave a series of books unfinished] and I found more and more faults… In book 4, it was in Jacob’s half, and suddenly there are about three pages from Bella’s side! And I have a LOT of issues about her plot… But I am not a critic or anything noticeable, thus I will keep those ravings for myself! Book 2 and 3 was very good to me; still there was a bad writing scheme, bad grammar etc. But at least Edward was missing right? Wrong. She finds a way to get him in there, ‘talking’ to Bella. He wants to kill himself for her after he thinks she is dead [such a good message to teens and pre-teens] and the ‘love story side’ is predictable. You can’t even hope she will fall for Jacob, because she isn’t that strong of a character to make that choice. She is destined to be with Edward ever since they ‘fell in love’ [in a few days!!]

But this weekend I succumbed and went to watch Eclipse. Now I have one very very very big weakness, Taylor Lautner

I would go to Hollywood this second if I knew I stood a chance with him!! So I wanted to see him, a good enough reason for an 18-year old to go to a movie. And I hate to say this, but I enjoyed it a lot… I still can’t stand Edward, thought he only sparkles twice the whole movie… But for some reason he repulsed me. [I AM NOT TEAM ANYTHING BTW] I enjoyed him getting hit, I loved Jake standing up to him, and well I personally would love the end of the Twilight Saga if it means the end of Edward. But the other vampires I can handle…

I loved Alice since the first book as well as Emmet and Rosalie. They are all solid characters, they have back stories, they have ideas, and they have PERSONALITIES!! I sometimes think there was more thought put into the supporting characters than into the two ‘leads’. But even thought they are solid characters, there isn’t much time spend on them in the books. Although the movies make them AMAZING!!

So I made my decision! I can stand Twilight. But I won’t ever read the books again! I will watch the movies, I will enjoy looking at the wolves and I won’t feel guilty. Because even if Twilight makes a mess of vampires. A good story is a good story. And if you cut Stephenie Meyer out of the equation. It would have been WOW…



Journal entries 8 to 11!


I’m back! AND I”M SICK…. I hate it! I feel blotchy, I look blotchy, and I’m very sure I smell blotchy! But that’s what winter does to me…

So I’m a bit behind on posting journal challenge pictures, even thought I am up to date!

Here it goes!!

Day 8… Illustrate an inside joke.

This one was hard; I couldn’t remember any inside jokes! [WHAT? ? ? ? ?] But once I started it flowed

Day 9… Describe a person close to you in as much words as possible and different fonts!

This was fun! I took my sister again and then decided to get a word for every letter in the alphabet! I must say I enjoyed it. The picture is taken in her room, between her stuff =]

Day 10… What do I collect?

Another fun one!!! The most obvious one there was my books =] the rest was stuff I didn’t even know I collected until I looked around me. My table is scattered with nail polish. I have about 20 teddies in my room, the cupboard is filled with my cups and every time I get money I buy either a jean or boots…

Day 11… Stuff I love, in specific categories….

This was very [self] exploring!! Honestly. But I loved it, very much!

Now that’s all the pictures I have, but more to be coming very soon! As well as a gym blog… Oh the joy! =]

Day 12-16 coming soon!

Love always


Hmmmm BOOKS!!!

I am an acknowledged book junkie… I can’t go a day without reading, I can’t pass a bookshop without browsing [and mostly buying], a bookshelf is something I have to stop at and I would rather spend money on books than shoes [FREAK!! Well, I try and balance it out].

Last year, after constant begging, I got my dad to build me a bookshelf!! Now I know it’s not very BIG, but it is awesome, I helped building it and did all the paint work! I love it! Ever since I got it, I thought I have an excuse to buy books, [I have to fill the shelves] and I have read almost all of the books on my shelves!

I really want to share some of my favorite books with you! I will just mention them and one day [when I read it again and can give it a valuable evaluation, I will post that!

1. The Harry Potter Series

2. My Vintage Summer – Jane Elmor

3. A song for Summer – Eva Ibbotson

4. A  Tale of Two sisters – Anna Maxted

5.The Girl Next Door – Elizabeth Noble

6. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter – Kim Edwards

7. Vampire Academy – Shadow Kiss – Mead

8. Dhamphir – Barb & JC Hendee

9. Vampire Chronicles-  Anne Rice [Not mine, but currently rereading!]

10. Pride and Prejudice – Jane AustinWell, that’s my FAV’S!! I adore all these books and will reread them anytime!!! I could recommend all of them to anybody!

Please share your favorite books, I’m always looking for something new to read!

Oh, one day I want to own THIS!!

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Happy days to all!