‘Bucket list’

I decided to make myself a type of ‘bucket list’. It isn’t just goals, accomplishments or anything specific. But mostly stuff I really want to do. A type of wish list! I will cross of those already done, add new ones every once in a while and blog about those I get to do, see or visit!!

Things to do:

  • Become a published journalist
  • Become a famous writer
  • Design, built and own my own mall
  • Own and run my own coffee/bookshop
  • Become a professional photographer
  • Dye my hair pink
  • Swim naked in the Indian ocean
  • Get drunk [I’m almost Twenty-one and never been DRUNK, I want to experience it just once… =]] [not as great as I thought it would be!]
  • Dune surfing
  • Ride a camel
  • Ride an ostrich
  • Drink coffee in Columbia
  • Steal a cocktail menu [this was just for fun, but I plan to make a mural one day of all the cocktail menu’s I ‘stole’ in my own bar. I already have five!]
  • Steal a road sign [this just looks like fun]
  • Vacation alone with my sister [our very first vacation alone! Will blog about it! And there is many more to come I hope!]
  • Ride a roller coaster
  • Cuddle with a real live lion cub!
  • Feed an elephant

People to see:

  • Schalk Burger [SA rugby player… YUMMY!]
  • J.K Rowling
  • Fanie Viljoen [SA writer, totally amazing!
  • Verna Vels [another SA writer]
  • Maritha van der Vyver [Yet another SA writer]
  • Parlotones [the BEST band]
  • Bobby van Jaarsveld [SA singer]
  • Marilyn Monroe [yeah I know she’s died, but isn’t she amazing!]
  • Nelson Mandela

Places to visit:

  • Switzerland
  • Egypt
  • Botswana
  • Namibia
  • Cape Town -Table mountain; Stellenbosch; Wine route
  • Victoria Falls
  • London
  • Italy
  • Paris
  • The whole of France
  • Holland
  • Spain
  • Mozambique
  • Augrabies Water Falls
  • Columbia
  • The whole of England
  • India
  • USA- Texas, California, New York, Los Angeles…

And that’s my ‘wish list’. Any suggestions of experiences I need to have will be considered! I just want to point out, some of my ‘things’ is perhaps far-fetched, but you need to have fun in live and that’s why I added a few odd wishes!




20 thoughts on “‘Bucket list’

    1. Never! I’ve done crazy water slides, and carnival rides, but I have never been on a rollercoaster. A visit to Gold Reef City [our nearest amusement park] is in planning. Let’s hope it happens soon!! =]

      1. My blog has sections like – Featuring artist, Guest Blogger. If you want to showcase your writings, poems or whatever you do the best, you can be a part of Featuring artist.
        Or you are free to write about anything that you want to, that you’re comfortable writing about in the Guest Blogger section.
        Can we communicate via email as this is for commenting doesn’t really look good conversing over guest blogging. πŸ™‚

  1. Meow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Youve never been to goldreef?? WTF! You must make the SweetyPie take you some day! Cant promise we’d arrive there safely, but thats not what counts!

    1. Promise me you’d take me??? PROMISE!!!!
      I would love to go!!! I am a scared cat most of the time, but also an adrenaline junkie hehehe.
      But I trust you =]

  2. Get out there right now and go and buy some bleach and pink hair dye!!! It’s awesome having pink hair πŸ™‚ I have it right now! In fact, I really need to re-dye it tonight.

    1. So awesome!! But I will have to wait until I move out of my parents’ house, as they will most likely kick me out if I enter with pink hair! But believe me, one day I WILL do it!! =]

    1. I would!! I always forget about the States, dunno why… But I would love to come to Texas, California and New York City… That is the 3 places in the States that I would love to visit!

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