Discovering me # 7 and a little jail time…

Morning you all!!

I am excited for this day… For some reason! I feel good about today!

Journal Prompt #7

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what THREE things would you want with you… Once again this is a FUN prompt, so water and food is not allowed!

I really like this page of me… But the lighting is BAD!! My three things is Music, books and puck from Glee! =]

Now I have a Top Ten for you all…

TOp ten things I will probably end up in jail for…

  1. Stealing a road sign
  2. Road rage
  3. assaulting someone who is abusing woman and children
  4. Skinny-dipping on a public beach at night
  5. Being TOOOOOOO loud
  6. Jay-walking =]
  7. Randomly kissing someone just because he is sexy…
  8. Public disturbance
  9. Illegal street party
  10. assaulting of animal-abusers

Wondering how I came up with this list…. Well, after I put a very sweet and loving message to my sister as my status on Facebook, my sister and The Idiot, demolishes my sweet message by talking about how she had to bail me out of jail AGAIN, and that’s why I love her!

My response… Me? Jail?? NEVER!!! =]

Have a lovely day!!


Lesson in Awesomeness

Hi Marlize’s Blog Followers! My name is Thoughts Appear, and I’ve hijacked Every Girls’ Corner.

::evil witch cackling::

Ok, not really. Marlize invited me to be a guest blogger. Because she’s super nice.

Marlize has a nice list theme going, so I’m going to use that as my inspiration. Every once in awhile, I write a Lesson in Awesomeness blog post. So far I’ve blogged about Things That Bounce and How to Not Ruin a Baseball Game (and my funnel cake).

My guest post will be another Lesson in Awesomeness, but first I bet you’re wondering about my credentials. Why am I qualified to teach and judge awesomeness? I’ll set aside my humble nature for just a few moments.

  • I bake margarita cupcakes.
  • I challenged Chuck Norris to an ice cream eating contest…and I won.
  • My boyfriend is Kiefer Sutherland.
  • Barney Stinson and I are like this. (I know you can’t see, but my fingers are crossed.)

The Top 10 Reasons Marlize is Awesome

  1. Marlize thinks I’m funny.
  2. Marlize likes other awesome things like trampolines.
  3. Johnny Depp is on her Top 10 Actor List.
  4. Butterflies are on her Top 10 Animal List.
  5. She cuddled with a baby lion. She’s just like me! Look, I have a baby panther.
  6. She likes Taylor Lautner. And she actually stands a chance with him, unlike myself who is 10 years older than him.
  7. Marlize doesn’t like ducks.
  8. She completed the Journal Challenge. I haven’t written in my journal in months.
  9. She loves Halloween so much that she wants her future child born on Halloween. That’s Halloween devotion.
  10. She’s a resident of Nutville with me and the Idiot Speaketh.

Now can someone send Marlize some funnel cake and a trampoline? Then the awesomeness would come full circle.

Top 10! Animals


This post is all about animals. Well basicly all things non-human. [birds, mammals, fish, insects etc]

Enjoy it!!

  1. Cats
  2. Butterflies
  3. Owls
  4. Dory =]
  5. Dogs
  6. Piggies
  7. Bunniez
  8. Dolphins
  9. Leopards
  10. Wild cats

Hope you like that! Oh, and go check out the Music battle over at The Idiot! The links to the other contenders are on his blog posts… As soon as I figure out how to put up a video I will add one into the mix!

I heart you all! =]

My lovely doggy!

A full page of doggy love!!!

Todays prompt was all about our pets!!

Journal Prompt 16:  This page is going to be dedicated to the pet or pets that have you heart 🙂  This could be a pet of the past, a pet your currently have in your family, or even a dream pet!  Dedicate a page to a special animal 🙂

Ain’t he the cutest!!!