Hey faithful readers…

It’s been about 72 days since I have last posted!! (I think I should’ve gone with two months… It sounds shorter) But I am not here to make excuses or anything… I am just here to tell you why and what is my next moves!

WHY????? was I MIA? Well as most of you know I am working now… And it has gotten hectic since January! Two of the girls resigned and I am now doing double work, which gives me DOUBLE stress, I promise you I wake up at midnight and remember nonsensical things that I should have done at work! And I just can’t seem to find blogging time… When I get home it is chores, dinner and then I curl up with a book waiting for half past nine so that I can sleep!

And I felt guilty, because I promised to blog regularly, to stay in touch, etc… But I just couldn’t. SO I decided to start a new blog (mixed signals hey, no time, but new blog)… This blog will be more irregular, it will be about books, and I won’t make any promises about postings!!!


^ that is the new blog’s site!

Then I want to apologize… I haven’t read ANY blogs in about 3 months… I have about a 1000 emails in my inbox for blogs I have to read… I am going to delete all that emails, I am going to start afresh… I will never catch up on that posts and for that I am disappointed in myself. But I will from today read blogs DAILY…. (Hopefully) so I won’t get so behind anymore!!!

Thanks for everyone still reading… And I will not discontinue this blog, I will just not post till I know I have time for the commitment I want to make to it!

Please do visit Books and Babbling, where you will be hearing from me!



Tasting colours…


I know, I know… I am way back into the dog box! But the PC is STILL messed up and I just can’t find time to post!!!!

So here follows another randomness update on my life!!


I’m back into writing!!! I wrote one and a half short stories this week and I have been thinking about my Afrikaans novel A LOT!!! Once my PC is fixed I will try and finish of a chapter or two!


I had a ‘badish’ work week! It is almost time for me to hear if I am officially appointed [I was on a 3 month probation term] and due to all this stress of wanting to be appointed, I am making STUPID mistakes… Nothing major, but big enough for me to fret about!!!


One day last week [or sometime] SuzyPie and I went out for lunch and we came about the subject of colours… How would YOU describe colour to a blind person, a person born blind!

Imagine not knowing how the sky looks like, we take it for granted… Well we came up with a solution, a rather silly idea actually, but then again, all my ideas are! =]

Tasting colours…. Think about it for a moment… What colour do you taste while eating the following???

  • CandyFloss [pink]
  • Chocolate [brown]
  • Liqourice [black]
  • Grapes [purple]
  • Strawberries or cherries [red]
  • Bubblegum [blue]

Yes I know I am weird!


Movies watched these past few days… Burlesque: Totally utterly STUNNING!!!!!!!! And yesterday we went to go see Love and other drugs: Kinda weird to start with, but once you get the feel of the movie it is really a beautiful love story!!! And there is no better actress than Anne Hathaway!!


I went for a driving lesson in Sister’s car… I nearly killed half the town including us and then almost thrashing her car twice!!! I was never so nervous in my live!!!! I am clearly not ready for a drivers license!!!


Me looking STUNNING in my antique sunglasses and pwetty hair! =]


Oky, I am all out of news! As always I will promise to try and write more, but if I fail, I am not dead! =] I am just busy!!

Love =]



Why do I keep doing this…

Every time I fall of the face of the earth, I promise you I will blog daily, I promise myself to do it! I make it my 2011 Resolution… And then, then I disappear for 3 weeks and blame myself daily for not blogging!

I do apologize! I hate not blogging, I hate not reading blogs, I hate not WRITING!


I am proud of myself. I have a goal in life, sure it involves ‘friends’ overseas and blogs and Harems, but at least I exist for more than just existing!

In the few months [almost a year] I had this blog, I discovered the best friends ever, the love I have for postcards, flash fiction, journals, scrapbooking and general creativity. Something I always thought I lacked.

I started to see myself as a stunning person, a divine being with minor faults and loved me a lot! And you guys taught me that I am great….

This is the reasons why I constantly promise to blog daily, why I blame myself when I don’t and why I love to do this to myself…


Enough with the soppy!

I am back [semi] and loving it!

My PC is still broken! I am taking it in this weekend, but don’t hold your breath! Meantime I am juggling work and social life, my sister has to use her PC and the internet is constantly interrupted by weather and mice[RATS!!!] eating the wires!

SO I will blog when ever and how ever I can! But will try my hardest to get the celebrations up by Saturday!

I am also introducing a new ‘blog regime’ and a few new pages… [My resolutions and a 20 before 20 list]

If any one  [MARK!!!!!!] still wants to send me a 1000 comments  celebrations guest post, please do so before Saturdays [late entries will be added!]

Love you all!

[still trying to catch up on blogs! Have about 70 subscription e-mails in my Inbox!!!]

My apologies!!

Hey lovely readers og my blog!!!

This post is all about apologies!!!


Well, because it is my blog and I can say what I wanna blog about! =]

  1. Apologies to Kellie for neglecting her 25 days of Christmas wish-list!
  2. Apologies to THIS guy, for still not completing his questions!!
  3. Apologies to MYSELF for not finishing my journal challenge!
  4. Apologies to all of you for not blogging so frequently!
  5. To all I need to apologize to and have forgotten/didn’t know

But I know apologies alone cannot solve the problems, so I will try do finish the journal challenge before week-end, as well as the questions [surveys] for YourJadedVoices.

As for my wishlist, I am hoping to resume regular wishing tomorrow.

For now, me and my lovely sister are going to the movies [yes AGAIN!] and I am anticipating a night of great fun!!

Be good y’all!! =]

Oh, you didn’t miss me, did you???


This post was supposed to go up on FRIDAY!! But my computer is very very nasty with me and only works after heavy persuasion [a kick or five] and I only got it up TODAY!!!! So sorry

BTW, Mark, I do hope you feel better!

Wow… I almost appeared to drop of the face of the earth didn’t I?!?!

I am SO sorry, but it’s not like any one missed me =]

Let’s recap!!!

So, the weekend [last weekend] was ‘farm weekend’ with the work people!!

Well. Actually it wasn’t a real farm and we were more in the lake than in the bush! But it was fantastic!! I didn’t go to sleep till past two, the whole weekend!! And Saturday we ‘RAVED’ with my boss and his wife!! And his little ten-year old girl [my new favourite person ever] stayed up with us till one!! She is legendary…

The weekend was all about games, fishing [not me!!!!!!!!!], swimming, drinking and gossiping! I loved every single second of it!!


Sunday I fell asleep the second I SAW my bed and I only turned on my PC Monday evening, when the thunder-storm attacked me!!! So that was another no go!


Tuesday evening was our year-end function and we went to Turffontein to play horses! So wicked!! I had a few lucky strikes and was very lucky on my last horse ‘Formidable’ it was his first run and I played him for a win! And he WON!!!!!

Such an amazing feeling!


Wednesday night was ladies night with the Sister! We went for a movie and cocktails and reconnected a bit, the movie [a local production] sucked a bit, but that didn’t matter!

Once again I got home past ten!


Thursday was my boss’s birthday and we went to Ocean Basket [not the best place for an anti-seafood person]. Before hand me and three of the ladies from work went for Cosmo’s!! And at Ocean Basket, we chilled there until ten!!! But it was such a great night! I was ‘initiated’  with a Women’s Revenge [some random shot] and I have never laughed so much!!!


Today was a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiired day at work, we spent half the time lounging around and still got work done [wow] and now my main goal for the weekend is catching up on sleep, hopefully next week will be less busy!

But I will update on my journal, and post throughout the weekend, just to make you all sick of me, just incase I disappear again!! =]

Until I post again, here is a few photies!!! =]



Why I like working….

Hello dear blogging world!!

Today is Tuesday, which [on a normal non-rushed post] means Top Ten!!!

**Claps and cheers**

So I present to you….

The top ten reasons why I enjoy working!!

  1. I ::love:: the people…
  2. I can Facebook every now and then
  3. Coffee whenever I want it
  4. Of course, I get money…
  5. I have a reason to stand up! [staying at home meant no real reason!]
  6. The ‘bed’ days remind me why I need to write and become self-sustainable
  7. Learning new things
  8. It’s an excuse to wear cute office clothes!!
  9. Making fun of each other!
  10. Not being BORED!!!!!!!

I :know: this was a slightly boring top ten.. But all the ideas for the post I had during the day flew away!!

Oh wait I just remembered one!!!

11. The time I got OFF work, most of you guys still have to GO TO work, or just started!! LOL

Anyways…. Here is my journal page!

Journal Prompt #20!

Name one MONTH you like and the reasons why…

I choose September for the obvious ‘It’s my Bday’ -reason as well as various other reasons!!

Have a wonderful, breathtaking day!!! =]

Pretty little snapshots!!



I am back!!! Lol I think I curse myself every time I assure you all that I am FINALLY back on a regular basis!

But FOR NOW I am back. I even have a journal page to prove it!!

Prompt 18…

snapshots of your life…

I really like this page, but I think it is mainly because I enjoy drawing Polaroids! =]

So yeah! Whaddya think???

I am not the best company these days… I don’t know what is wrong with me.

But for now I don’t care, because I am in full Potter mode!!!

I have been reading the books for about a month now and is now busy with Book 4. And it is in times like these where I wish I was living overseas…. To go and see a midnight preview and get BUTTERBEER!!!

*Sigh* but for now I am patiently waiting….

Have a lovely night you all! And do remember to send me some questions for my truth challenge!!!