Monday Magic – Wishing on a star


[Photo credit – Hey there, As per usual, I know I haven’t blogged in a while, but I’m hoping for that to change from here on out (yay, I know I say that every time!) But here is why I say so this time… My wish/prayers/ hopes/ dreams came true… Since the start of 2012 I felt dissatisfied in my job as a secretary for an accounting firm, and I just kept telling myself everything will get better after my 21st birthday, silly right?? Apparently not! As you might remember I sprained my ankle terribly the weekend of my 21st, and due to that and a few bad decisions on my side, I lost my job… I was devestated, but strangely calm about it all. Why, I could not understand at that moment. I went out with the mission of finding a new dead-end job, just to get an income, but something great happened. I got a job I love!! The guesthouse where my lovely sister works, planned to open a restuarant in November, and they were still in need of a bartender… They decided (even though I don’t know the first thing about bartending) that me being jobless was the perfect solution for every one. I needed a job, they had a job open. And I have never been happier… Sure I work rather long hours, my feet hurt and my back aches, but I am happy! I write when I’m off, I smile almost every second of every day, I wake up actually excited about going to work! And for the first time in my life, I feel like I fit in somewhere! I mess up sometimes, but I’m loving it!! So, the moral of this long and confusing story is thus, wish upon your stars, pray your prayers, build your dreams up and be patient. Because God, the universe and destiny can only keep you hanging on for so long. Love from a very happy blogger =] M*

Pick-me-up :)

Hey out there!

This week has been rough.. My uncle on my mothers side passed away, people at work took an overdose of asshole pills and my teeth is killing me!

But on the other side, I’m smiling (mainly because of *him*), I sleep like a rock (due to painkillers for my teeth) and I’m trying a new technique, much like a duck and water, I try to let all negativity just ‘roll’ of me..

My pick-me-ups in times like these includes: pasta, cooking, alcohol, good music, a Jane Austen novel and a quick phone call to some one who, with just a single word, understands what I am feeling.

Also there is my mom and sis, who I can count on to make me smile and laugh, with the most odd and funny say things!

Another instant pick-me-up is, of course, retail therapy! But instead of just over indulging and buying things I don’t need, just because I want a distraction. I go out and look for something amazing, and I found it!
I got my eyes on one pair of boots, tan, knee-length leather boots!! Who wouldn’t want it???
(To all my fellow ladies, I will post a picture asap!)

What is your pick-me-ups in the midst of a terrible week??


The best and worst of my week!!!

Darn Thursday…. How appropriate…

Today alone was filled with numerous best and worst, and so was the week! But let’s start with the worst and go on from there!!! =]

Worst of the week…

  • Finding out my harddrive crashed and I may or may not lose ALL my stories!!!! =[
  • Being bribed into making coffee at work till end of FEBRUARY!!!
  • getting a BAD stomach flu
  • Crying multiple times…
  • Throwing my back out!!!

Best of the week!!!!

  • Getting a cream donut in exchange for the coffee bribe
  • Waking up recharged all week!
  • Getting free cold drink…
  • Hearing I can, from now on, wear jeans to work as long as I look neat!! =]
  • Sticking mostly to my diet [except for the donut]

I am starting to think this was a great week! The atmosphere at work was great, mom had her birthday, and ignoring the minor sickness and major headache [and sad PC news!!!]. It was actually good!

Any best or worst you want to share…???


A simple papercut!!


My first official work day.. Why does it feel so normal??

I did some filing [okay A LOT of filing], dressed nice and ate yogurt. That was my day. Okay, it was WAY cooler than that, but I am sure you don’t want a blow-by-blow of my first day!

I just got caught up with all the blogs I missed the weekend, and replying to most of my mails and comments. I know I owe a few people guest blogs [Nathan] and I have one to put up [Holly] but I am just trying to catch my breath and get everything ready for the journal challenge which is starting on Wednesday!

Which brings me to…. MY BUTTON!

As you can see the name of the challenge will be Discovering Me, because I think that is the essence of journalling!

Thank you, Kellie for the AMAZING button, you are awesome!

Please every one grab a button, promote this challenge and it will start on Wednesday!!

Now I have to go tidy the house, I apologize for the absence of Magic Monday as well as news on the camp [it was amazing!! we had 60 year old people play Musical chairs!!]

Now I am of to nurse a paper cut I got today!

Thanks for every one who thought of me on my first day [that’s you Idiot!!]