Carrie’s life: The final installment

Hey!! I finally finished Carrie’s life… I feel wonderful to say I finished something… But after I post anymore fiction on here, I want some real reviews on this story… Proper criticism… Please???

Here is the last chapter, I know it’s not as long a the rest, but it felt needless to stretch the story out. Just a FYI, this is a rough draft story… Barely any editing except for grammar were done! Enjoy…


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Carrie’s POV~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I start awake as my bed starts to shake uncontrollably.

“Allie!” I shout with my eyes still half closed, I can only guess who would wake me up this way. Especially after I refused to speak about Jake last night…

“Wake up Car!” She jumps a few more times and then lands on the floor next to me, sitting cross-legged in front of my face.  “I made pancakes…”

I sit up and stretch my arms. “You cooked? Then I’d rather just stay in bed thank you…”

Allie laughed and pulled me out of bed with surprising strength. “I made you a special ‘You are the best friend’-breakfast.”

I quickly make a detour in the bathroom and pull on a short pink robe over my black T-shirt night dress. As we enter the kitchen I realize we are not alone…

“Hey Girl!!” Oliver is the first to reach me and he pulls me into a tight hug.

“How are you?” He asks with care and I could see-in his eyes he was still worried about the whole Daniel-saga.

“I am brilliant! Slightly sleep deprived. But other than that, never been beter.”

“And about…” See I told you!

“I’m not breaking my head over some guy, O!”

I twist in my seat, trying to reach the pancakes and coffee, but instead I find myself facing Jake.

In seconds all is forgotten. Allie, Oliver, coffee, Daniel. Everything. So this is why they say guys and girls shouldn’t be friends!!

I shake my head slightly and tear my eyes away from Jake’s. I glare at Allie and send her a mental yell!

I can’t do this. I just realized I like this guy. He has a girl. I need time after Daniel! Argh!!!!!!

“I’m gonna shower,” with that I leave the kitchen without coffee or pancakes and take a long warm shower.

As I step out of the shower fifteen minutes later I hear a quiet knock on the door.

“Yes?” I answer and start drying off.

“We are going to the coffee shop, Car. See you there in a few?”

I scowled at Allie through the closed door and just mumbled “yeah” before I continue drying off.

What is up with me??? I don’t know what is going on in my own head! Yesterday… Yesterday’s kiss was something I never wanted to talk about again. Sure, I didn’t MIND kissing him, but he has a girlfriend, a girl I set him up with!! Maybe they are just playing me, trying to get me to realize what I feel. But if that is the case, then I will not play by the rules…

That’s the moment I realized I also wanted to play. If Jake made the first move to kiss me, and Oliver is telling the truth about him liking me…. Than a few subtle flirts would be enough to get him to fight for me… Shouldn’t it?

I smile to myself and quickly brushed my teeth. Today I win the game…


Half an hour later I stand in front of the mirror, the reflection in very satisfying… Shocking pink tights, pumps, a grey shirt dress that comes to my thighs and a black belt tied around my middle… Perfection! My hair is tousled and messy, Jake once mentioned he liked it that way, and the only make up is black eyeliner…

I get into my car, put it in reverse and head to the shop. My mind, body and heart ready for the game about to begin!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jake’s POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As soon as Allie tells us Carrie is on her way I order her favourite drink, neither Oliver nor Allie find this weird, as I have been doing this since I told them I like her.

This happen right after the Daniel situation, when Oliver figured it out. And when Leila joined us, supposedly to be my girl, Oliver filled her in on the likes and dislikes in the group. Immediately she came up with the jealousy plan! Allie thinks Leila just wanted to say I was her boyfriend, but perhaps she really wanted to help.

“Where is Leila?” Oliver pulls me out of my thoughts and I frown at him.


“She is supposed to be your girl; she should be here if you want to make it look real.”

“Oh, I’m not sure she would be needed any longer…”

“Why do you say that? Allie pulls herself away from Kris [who appeared as soon as we entered the shop]

“Well… Carrie and I kissed last night…”


That wasn’t really the response I anticipated…

“Wait, do you know??” I ask Oliver and Allie.

“Yeah!” Allie answers and Oliver nods to emphasize her answer.

Is nothing secret in this group???

“Do you think the kiss was enough? Or should Leila still be here?”

“We’ll find out soon enough!”

I follow Oliver’s eyes to the door and smile as I meet Carrie’s eyes.

The moment she sits down, her coffee gets put down on the table and she just smiles a thank you my way before she starts talking to Allie, Kris and Oliver.


No. She is supposed to be talking to me. Trying to figure out why I kissed her. Why Leila and I are together, not ignoring me!

The next half hour was spent with me trying to get her talking to me, and she trying not to. Every now and then she spots a guy, makes eye contact and smile at him.

Then suddenly, without warning, her attentions were diverted to me. She placed her hand on my leg and moved a bit closer. Making sure I knew her smile is just for me.

“So, Jakey-boy, how is your Romeo and Juliet project going?”

For a moment I was stumped but then I pulled myself together, grasping the chance I noticed, “Not so good, I really think I need help with it.”

She smiled, “what about tomorrow? We could make it another group session, and then we can all help each other?”

“I can’t,” Oliver was the first to reject the idea, “I have a date with Sam. Anniversary.”

“Neither can Allie,” Kris says and Allie giggled, “We have a bike riding lesson.”

“You go girl!” Carrie giggled and side-hugged Allie.

Carrie turns back to me, smile and say, “Looks like it’s just you and me, Jakey…”


The next few cups of coffee all went by in a blur; there were moments where Carrie would act as if I was the only person in the whole shop, and then suddenly I was ignored and she flirted with every guy coming in! I wasn’t sure which annoyed me more!!

But it looks like, against all odds, Allie and Kris was definitely a couple now. And I think of the three quick romances that occurred in the past few months, this would be the first to last!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Carrie’s POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I can’t believe Jake is coming here in a few minutes. Alone. Me and him ALONE!!!!!

Yesterday it seemed like a good idea to play with him, switching between full attention and none. And if I have to say so myself, IT WORKED!

But now we are alone. He has to have my full attention, as there isn’t really anything distraction worthy in the house!


Oh joy!!

I walk slowly to the door, each step accompanied with a deep breath in and out.

“Hey Jake!”

“Hey Carrie!”

He pulls me into a tight hug and I savor the smell of him before pulling away. Ever since I realized the effect he has on me, I started to enjoy it. I savored every second near him.

“Do you want some coffee or Cola?” I lead the way to the kitchen and feel him following closely behind.

“Cola, please.”

I grab two cans of cola, a pack of chips and walk past him, this time leading the way to the den.

Only when I sat down I realized he didn’t have any books with him.

“Jakey, how are we gonna work on R&J without your books?”

“Oh, my project is finished. I just thought it was a good excuse”

I groan and realized that once again, I’ve been played.

The glare I sent him was one of hatred. Or it was suppose to be. But the second my eyes met his, I dissolved. He looked lovely sitting there, just looking at me. Like no one could ever be more amazing.

But nowhere in the script did I anticipate the following words.

“I broke it with Leila.”

That suddenly made everything seem real. We liked each other. We were tired of games. We needed this. I needed him!

And then a tear escaped my eye. Where it came from still baffled me, but Jake was there to wipe it from my cheek and I fit perfectly into his arms. We sat there for a while, not speaking, not moving, just being…

Then I giggled. The conflicting emotions were funny to me. The whole scenario was entertaining. How did we get here? From Day 1 when he walked into me, to 3 days ago where we shared the greatest kiss of all time. To now. Where we just sat here.


“Now what?” Jake frowned at me as I push myself away from him.

“I will not get all soppy with you! We are fun together, we yell, we attack, we joke, we do not cry and sit here doing nothing.”

“Fine…” he said and smiled deviously.

He started backing away and I get up, “what now?”

“You want fun!”

The next moment he launches himself at me and hit me on the head with a couch pillow. In seconds there is a fully fledged pillow fight going on and as we fall down on the couch minutes later, his mouth comfortably finds mine and I smile before kissing him back.

Life really is perfect…

Hope you liked it!!!


Carrie’s Life! Chapter 8


It was a Saturday morning and I’m awake! At seven o’clock?! So lame…

I got out of bed and pulled my short boxer down, the dark blue looking weird against my tan legs. I skipped down stairs and poured me a cup of coffee, the wonders of a percolator…

As I took the first wonderful sip, the phone rang. Realizing I’m probably alone at home, I walked to answer it and said “hello” at the third ring.

“So Kris asked me out, and I don’t know if I should do it, because I only know him for like a day and he wants to picnic! I mean, PICNIC! He has tattoos and he wants to picnic? That just sounds wrong to me. And if I say yes, what should I wear?”

“ALLIE!” I yell into the receiver, “Calm down, I’ll be right over.”

“O okay”

I laughed out loud at my weird friend and picked up my keys, I looked okay in my pj’s (which consisted of a short blue boxer and a screaming pink crop top.)


I jump out of my car and sprint to Allie’s front door, feeling strangely energetic for this early on a Saturday morning.

“Hey A!” I greet Allie as she opens the door.

“C, C! Hey. You’re in PJ’s”

I only laugh and push by her into the house, grab myself a muffin from the kitchen and we walk upstairs to her room.

“So… What’s your crisis?” I flop down on her bed onto my tummy and eat my muffin

“Should I accept the date or not? I only know him for like a day! Not even a day…”

“Well, I think you should take it. But make sure he knows you are only friends and let it develop when it should?”

Allie sat down on the floor and look thoughtful, I could see the little hamster running over time in her head as she overviewed the pro’s and con’s…

“Okay. But I want you there.”





“NO! Allie, I will not double date anything, I want to relax today, curl up with a book and drink coffee the whole day.”

““You’re an addict. You need help”

“I know.”

We look at each other and burst out laughing. We could understand one another like no one else.

“Phone Kris and tell him you’ll go.”

“Fine.” She picked up her red Chatterbox and within seconds she was talking to him.

“Hey… I just wanted to say I accept the date… No… Okay… *giggle*… See you at eleven…. You too… Bey…”

“Eleven? That only gives us three hours to make you ready!” I shrieked and sat up straight on the bed.

“I think we are gonna ride on his bike.” Her face looked glazed and dreamy; she was a sucker for bikes.

“What makes you think that?”

“He asked if my parents object to me riding on bikes”

I nodded and pushed her of to the bathroom to go have a nice long bath while I invaded her laptop.

Within a few minutes I sat in shock as I stared at the screen…

Jake is now in a relationship… With Leila….

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be shocked or happy or disgusted or surprised or… or sad. I did introduce them, with the intention of them being together, but so soon?!

“Is that really what’s bothering you about this?” I asked myself and I knew the answer…

But Ollie said he liked me…

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Allie’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

“Carrie, I’m gonna be late! It’s almost time…”

“And you’re almost done, girl. Lemme just do your hair then you can chill!”

My hair, my body, MY EYES, have never looked this good. I knew Carrie was magic with makeup and clothes, but this! It looked unbelievable; I just hope Kris would like it. Would like me…

I was dolled up in Carrie’s black skinny jeans (very biker sheik) and a grey light jersey, the top itself was sexy… It came down low on my cleavage, but left enough for the imagination and it stretched down to the top of my thighs. On top of the top, Carrie threw on some beads, long black beads, lots of it.

Normally I would have objected, but this looked good!

“C, what if I get cold? You know it is autumn…”

“Then you steal his jacket, dummy!” She was busy with my hair, and just as I wanted to object to whatever she was doing, she finished with a “voila”

She turned me towards the mirror and I looked unreal. My eyes were light grey, probably the work of some clever make up.

And my red hair looked…. Wow! Carrie tousled it and now it stood around my head in flutters and framed my face and I just can’t describe this! It looked amazing.


“He’s here!!” I shrieked and looked at Carrie, my eyes huge.

She pushed black pumps into my hands and pushed me out the door.

“Go girl! And wow him…” I giggled, slipped the shoes on and walked down stairs. “LOVE YOU” I mouthed to Carrie and opened the door.


I stood in silence for more than a few seconds as I looked at Kris. He wasn’t this sexy last night, was he?? The black T hugged his body like it was made for him, the jeans hung low on his hips and made him look even more badass and over his one shoulder he was holding a [wait for it] leather jacket!

I could almost feel my legs melting at the sight of him…

“Hey.” Gosh! He even made a simple ‘hey’ sound sexy! Oh, wait I have to reply…

“H…H… Hey!” I smiled foolishly; before I remembered how sexy I look and that I am a confident (cheeky) girl!

“Okay no!” I begun, “You are so not allowed to have this type of affect on me!” Okay that so didn’t come out right!

Kris started laughing and only replied, “Ditto” Before he took my hand and led me down the front steps to his bike!! A big black and chrome Harley… Now if anything, this is sexy!

“Are you game?” I eyed the bike, which was most likely heavier than me, and hesitated.

“I thought we are going for a picnic?”

“We have to get there somehow, don’t we?”

I nodded reluctantly and took a big gulp of air to get my confidence back.

Kris got out a spare helmet and after putting it on my head (my poor hair!) he got on and I hopped on after him. Now, I have ridden bikes before, just none this big.

My hands went easily around his body, like they were made to be there. And I giggled as he started the bike up underneath us. Nothing ever felt this good! I inched a bit closer to his body and relaxed. His muscled back felt so good next to me, I never wanted to move.

All too soon, we stopped at a lake I didn’t recognize and Kris got of the bike. I scooted down and flipped my leg over so that they both hung on the same side. I leaned down on my hands and looked at him.

Nowhere ever before did I see a guy look sexy by just standing there, Kris quickly turned around back to me and caught me staring.

“Are you gonna quit that anytime soon?”

I giggled (way too girly!) and took my helmet off, somehow I lost my balance and slipped of the bike seat, into Kris’ arms.

“You planned that right?” He asked as he put me back on my feet.

I smiled mischievously, “You’ll never know…” I looked around once more, “What is this place?”

“Lake Serene. It’s just out of town, well hidden actually.”

“You bet, I’ve never been here.”

Kris took my hand and led me nearer to the river, where I spotted a blanket and a basket, so we are really gonna picnic?

“Take a seat, milady.”

I giggled again [I really need to stop that!!] and sat down, the view was perfect, to the left was a small waterfall, only high enough to make a bit of noise and on the horizon, you could see the mountains peeking out from the trees around the lake.

A peaceful smile escaped my mouth and I turned to Kris, “Thank you”

“For what?”

“For bringing me here. I love this place already.”

“Well, you just seemed the type to appreciate this.”

The rest of the afternoon was spent on us getting to know each other, I knew he had a sister whom he loved very much and he knew all about Carrie, Oliver and Sam, Jake and Carries’ experience with the idiot Daniel.

I was ready to fall asleep after a lunch that consisted of mini pizzas, sandwiches, watermelon and Cola. It didn’t sound like much, but the basket was empty after we invaded it!

“So, how bout it?” Kris asked.

“How about what?”

“You and I go and swim?”

“I don’t have anything to swim in, and no way am I swimming in my underwear.”

“Put on my shirt? I have a spare…”

I took a minute, analyzing the circumstances and swimming won out. It was hot for an autumn day and I would see Kris without a shirt! So worth it…

“Fine, gimme the shirt and turn around.” I felt silly saying this, I mean I am seventeen! But a girl has her morals and Kris accepted it without question.

I quickly stripped down to only my bra and hot pants, slipped into Kris’ shirt, savoring the sweet smell, and turned around.

Kris looked even sexier without a shirt on, but this time I held myself in. I knew I held the upper hand on this one, as Kris’ shirt only came to the middle of my thighs and I continuously heard I had great legs. Let him suffer I thought.

I slowly walked past him towards the river and heard a sharp intake of breath as I walked into his eyesight. A soft smile rounded my lips and I turned around, only to find him staring this time.

“Come on… I thought we were going swimming.”

He quickly recovered and ran up to me, grabbed me around the middle and ran to the lake side, paused only the slightest then he jumped. Instantly we were both wet and laughing…


The ‘date’ was perfect, Kris was amazing and he understood that I didn’t want to rush things.

But as we struggled out of the lake a half hour later, we realized it wasn’t the best of ideas to swim in autumn! We shivered to the blanket and dried us off with it; I hid behind a tree and pulled on my clothes, while Kris got dry clothes for himself out of the cubby hole under the bike seat.

“So, want to go home?” Kris asked as we sat against a big rock, both a bit warmer but cuddled under the picnic blanket.

“Not really,” I replied, playing with my fingers on his arms, tracing the veins up and down his toned arms. “I only really want to warm up now.”

As I said the words I realized what I could have meant by saying those words, but as I looked up in his eyes, I knew he didn’t take it that way. I never thought a ‘bad boy’ could be the much of a gentleman…

“Let’s go for coffee” he said and helped me up. I shivered as the cool wind touched my skin and Kris smiled at me. Without a word he handed me his jacket and helped me put it on.

“What do we do with this?” I asked and motioned to the picnic basket and blanket.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Kris say, “Some one will come fetch it later.”

I was too content to ask what he meant; I only got on the bike behind him and felt the comfy feeling of holding him tight.

~*~*~*~*~*~*Carrie’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

As I watch Allie and Kris riding off, I start to wonder what I am gonna do. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I decide to get some coffee and going further from there.

I grabbed my car keys on Allie’s dresser and noticed my pj’s in the mirror. Giggling to myself I rummage through Allie’s closet.

After a few minutes of searching, I quickly pull on a pair of jeans, pumps and a black hoodie. I push the sleeves up on my arms and examined myself in the mirror. I looked way emo!

I giggle once more and start to think I’m going mad!

The coffee shop was busy for a Saturday; I walked up to the counter and order myself a take-away coffee. As I was on my way outside, I bump into the last person I want to see.


“Hey!” He pulled me into a quick hug and grab a sip of my coffee.

“Hey!” I object and take my coffee back, “So congrats with you and Leila!”

“Ya, I am quite happy!” He replied and moved to lean against my car.

“You only know her a day Jake!” I reply and fold my arms across my chest. Not noticing I’m repeating the words Jake spoke to me after Daniel and I got together…

“Oh, but it’s enough” He replied suggestively…

“Ewh!” I reply and get into the car.

“Where are you going now?” he asked as he leaned on the window.

“To Ollie’s” I replied on impulse.

“See you there,” he replied and moved away from the car.

“ARGH!!” I groan as I drive away, not knowing what to make of this feeling in me…

On the one side I wanted to believe that Jake liked me, what else was there to explain his weird irrational behavior regarding Daniel and I? Okay well, there is friendship and just looking out for me.


“Oh Fuck it Carrie. You didn’t want him and you still don’t. Go to Oliver, visit him like old times AND FORGET ABOUT MEN!”

I spoke to myself in my mirror ignoring the weird look from the soccer mom in the SUV next to me.

“Just wait lady, your time will come!” I speak to the woman and drive at the green light. Well I think it was green.

My eyes looked dead in the rearview mirror and as I stop at Ollie’s house I get out my eyeliner. Quickly tracing my eyes and then jumping out of the car.

I soak up the sun and feel my mind relaxing. As Allie always say. I think way too much.


I hear the doorbell echo through the house and wait patiently for Oliver to come and open the door for me.

“Hey my girl!” He answers the door and pulls me into a hug.

No wonder so many people used to think we were together.

Well if I haven’t seen Oliver and Sam kissing with my own eyes I still would have tried to go for him. I mean he is HOT!!

“What are you dreaming about?” He asks as he takes my coffee and steals a sip.

“Urgh! You and Jake are the exactly the same!” I grab back my coffee and fall down on the sofa, automatically tuning the TV to MTV.

“Oh, so you are dreaming about Jake?!”

“NO!” I protest [a little too quickly I think]

Oliver narrows his eyes and stares at me. I hate it when he does that, he almost look as though he can see into my heart.


“Care Bear… Jake likes you A LOT!”

“Ollie… He is dating Leila, at my hand! So why would he like me. Have you seen the legs on that girl?!”

“Ever heard the expression JEALOUSY?”

“I… He… WHAT?” I stutter and drink the last sip of my coffee.

“He is only trying to make you jealous Carrie.”

I stare at Oliver. Not really knowing how this is helping me. I don’t like Jake!! Do I?

Before I could answer myself the front door opens, and in walks the devil himself!!

“Hey!” He greets us casually and hands Oliver a cup of coffee.

“Where’s mine?” I ask and turn my concentration to the TV, not really aware of what I am watching.

“Here,” he says from behind me and hand me a cup from over my shoulder, his breath in my neck causing me to break out in goose bumps and I stand up quickly.

“Thanks,” I mutter and walk to the kitchen. I hear them following me.

We all enter the kitchen and I push myself onto the counter. I beg Oliver with my eyes to just say SOMETHING!

“So where is Ally-cat?” He answer me silent plea.

I launch into the story of her and the biker man, not leaving out a detail and soon before long my mind was off the Jake subject. Let’s just hope it stays that way!


We spent the rest of the day playing board games, me kicking ass in mostly everything, except 30 seconds, where Jake was king!

“Okay I need to get home,” I announce as I stand up.

“Okay, bye love.” Oliver says and hugs me tightly.

“Wait, I have to go to. My car is behind yours.”

I just scowl at Jake; sure there is some ulterior motive to this convenient decision.

Oliver just leaves us at the door and walk away to answer his phone, immediately gushing with Sam.

Jake opens the door for me, and we walk outside. Jake follows me to my car and as I unlock the car with the remote, he opens my door for me. I frown at him and turn to get in.

Half way in, I turn around. Only to find myself way to close to Jake.


My head starts screaming, but my body won’t move and get into the car. So I just stand there, my back against the car.

Jakes’ face only centimeters from mine.

His one arm on the door and the other one is next to my head against the car.

I physically remind myself to breathe; I can’t get my eyes to leave Jake’s.

We stand there for what feels like an hour, but must have been only seconds.

I breathe in once more and inhale the sweet, faintly familiar scent of Jake.

I close my eyes in ecstasy.

Finally allowing myself to consider the possibility of me falling for Jake.

Jake moves closer, I feel his leg against mine, his breath on my face and I open my eyes. I found myself absorbed by him. Never have I felt like this.

He moves even closer and I feel him against me, every inch of my body is aware of him. His lips softly touches mine and I move closer against him. Feeling more comfortable than ever before.

##Tonight’s gonna be a good night! Tonight’s gonna be a good night##

Jake and I shock away from each other and he takes out his phone.

“Hey… Oh hey babe… I’ll be there in five… bye!”

I can’t believe my ears and I fall into my car.


What is wrong with me!!

And there goes Jake, with a simple “See ya” he takes off, to the arms of Leila. Urgh!!

Like we didn’t just share the most amazing moment ever! Or maybe it was only amazing for me…


What did I just do? What did just happen? Am I stupid??

The words keep turning through my head as I bump my head against the steering wheel. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

##Tick tick tick##

I slowly lift up my head as I realize the sound is coming from my window.

“Carrie?! I thought you were gone already?” Oliver spoke as I opened the window.

“Umh…“ I grasped around for something to say, something to explain. “I was waiting for Jake to go.” I motioned to the space behind me.

Oliver glanced at the empty space and looked bemused, “He’s at Leila’s already, Care bear!”

I winced slightly at her name, but held my composure. Oliver kept on talking.

“He just texted me and asked me to phone you and check if you are fine, because you looked weird when he left. And he can’t really phone himself as he is at Leila’s. So I phoned you and you didn’t answer. I was on my way to your place to check on you, and then I noticed the car out here.”

Throughout this whole speech I was silent, looked at him wordlessly, breathlessly and a little bit mindlessly. WHAT?!?!?!
That was the word that echoed through my head. What did Jake text Oliver for? Did he really care? What was I thinking being sucked into his eyes?

“Are you listening??” Oliver sounded… I didn’t really know how he sounded but I had to go. I had to be alone…

“Sorry O. I have to go!” I turned the key in the ignition and sped of as soon as the wheels touched asphalt.


The radio was on loud and I was glad I was home alone.

I needed time.




My mind was a mess. It was filled with scraps of thoughts and notions. I was about to go crazy!

I returned to my room with a cup of coffee and turned my attention to the radio. Playing was Avril’s “I Don’t Give A Damn”…

##Every time you go away
it actually kinda makes my day
Every time you leave
you slam the door

You pick your words so carefully
you hate to think you’re hurting me
you leave me laughing on
the floor

Cause I don’t give it up, I don’t give a damn
What you say about that
You know I don’t give it up, I don’t give a damn
What you say about that
You know I’m not gonna cry, about some stupid guy
A guy who thinks he’s all that

I thought we were just hanging out
So why’d you kiss me on the mouth
You thought the way you taste
Would get me high##

I instantly turned of the radio… This was how I felt! This was my thoughts. Why must I hear it too? I can’t even think it without breaking down!

Oh that idiot!! He kissed ME! I was sure of it. But then his phone rang and he ran off. Well to his girl .Which I introduced him too!

OH I’m the frickin idiot!!

##Bing Bing##

I grab my phone at the sound of my message tone and read the text.

Heya! Can I cm sleep ovr? Gt a lot 2 tell!

I instantly replied with “YES” and called for pizza. Tonight was going to be long! And all I needed now was a girls’ night in! Enough with this alone… It clearly isn’t working!

A few minutes later I hear a bike in the front yard and as I look out the window I see Kris leaning against his bike, a bag on the ground and Allie leaning close to him. It didn’t look like they were kissing, just sharing a moment.

Seconds later the front door swung open.


“Yes Al?” I reply from the kitchen.

I hear a loud thump as she drops her bag and get leaped over by hurricane Allie.

After hugging me she jumped on the island in the middle of the kitchen and fold he legs under her. I continue making coffee. Again.

“You won’t believe how amazing today was! We went to a lake, a few miles outta town. We picnicked there, and then we swam and chatted. It was so amazing! We went for coffee afterwards and sat chatting there for hours until I texted you.”

“Sounds perfect,” I said and handed her a cup of coffee.

“Oh, more than perfect! Wonderful. But we are still just friends. I don’t want to rush things and he understands. We didn’t even kiss!”

“I glad you’re happy girly!”

“Very,” she exclaimed and looked at me, “Hey, isn’t that my clothes?”

“Well I couldn’t go for coffee in my PJ’s..”

“Point taken… What did you do today?”

“Went to O’s and played board games with him and Jake.”

“Is Jake and Leila together now?”

“Yip.” I replied shortly and walked to the front door as the bell rang.

“Hey, Allie?” The pizza-guy asked.

“Yes! That was quick.”

“We’re not too busy tonight. So I have one Honey and Mustard with extra mushrooms and one Double Bacon with extra cheese.”

“Yip! Thanks.” I handed him the money and a generous tip.

“Bye!” He replied with a backward glance.

“Come let’s go the den!” I call to Allie and walk ahead with the pizzas. “Oh and bring my phone and coffee.”

“Coming.” She replied and I heard her bounce of the island.

“So what happened between you and Jake?” She just entered the den and I was about to sit down on the couch. Needless to say I missed the couch and landed flat on my butt.

“Nothing.” I replied and got up.

“So why did you just miss the seat?” She asked between giggles.

“I… I… We kissed.”

I sunk my head down in my arms and curled up into myself.

“YOU WHAT?!?!” Allie shouted so hard I think Oliver heard her…

“Jake and I sort of kissed…”

“Sort of? Sort of isn’t did or didn’t!”

“Pizza?” I ask, swiftly trying to change the topic.


I let out a big sigh and admitted defeat.

“We were standing next to my car; we had a moment, ‘a knees go weak’- moment. And he moved forward, touched my lips, I answered by also moving forward and just as the kiss was going to start getting good, his phone rang. He spoke to Leila, then he said good-bye and rode of. To Leila! His effing girlfriend!!”

“Do you… LIKE him?!” Allie gasped and took a slice of pizza, right, now the pizza is good enough…

“NO!” I object and hide behind my cup of coffee. Not wanting to look at her.

“Oh you do!” she exclaim.

“No Al! I don’t know what I feel.”

We sat there drinking coffee, eating pizza and watching Gossip Girl. Just as Blair got crowned Prom queen Allie jumped up and exclaimed “I got it!!”

I glare at her and try to catch Chuck’s words through her chants. Likely there was an ad break just in time before I had to kill her.

“What is so important that you interrupt GG?!”

“I know how you can realize if you like Jake!”

“Do I get to kiss him?” I ask and giggle at myself; hey if a guy can kiss he can kiss!!

“Perhaps. Later. Now get paper and a pen.”

I reach behind me and grab my sketch pad by accident, Wait… I thought I lost this one. This was the one Jake took by mistake…

“What now?” Allie asked as I sat and silently stared at the book in front of me.

“Jake had this. I’m sure of that.”

“When was he last in here?”

“Last week, we all had another R & J lesson, remember.”

“Okay…” Allie replied, “Maybe he put it back then. Wait why did he have it?”

“He bumped into me months ago and this fell, he picked it up and I never got it back.”

I still just sat there, and then something dawned on me. I open the sketch pad and went through it…

There’s the lake, Allie, Oliver, Allie’s dog, Sam, Oliver’s brother, my mom and that’s that.

I was sure there was another picture in here. I keep leaving through the pages and a pink post it note fell out.

**C. Thanx for the picture. But why me?**

Allie read the note along with me. “What??” She asked confused and frowned at me.

“I drew him. Out of memory. That first day we saw him. I drew him that day in art class.”

Allie raised her eyebrows at me and whispered deviously, “You LIKE him, Care Bear…”


Chapter 9 to be expected next week. I am sorry I didn’t post sooner!!

Carrie’s life! Chapter 7….

Chapter 7

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Carrie’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

That was how we entered the English class, laughing and joking. It was worth the look on Oliver’s face to be happy again. If I was going to try for any one, it will be for them, my friends!

Oliver looked so glad that I was almost back to normal, it was worth everything, but Jake’s face was disturbing to me. Why would he look so happy to see me smiling? Does he actually care?

My thoughts were disrupted with our English teacher surprising us with a pop quiz, on Romeo and Juliet!

My ‘good’ mood was instantly broke up! Why did today have to be Romeo and Juliet day??

Allie placed a soft hand on my arm and nodded slightly, as if saying ‘you can do this’

I took a big gulp of breath and faced the paper in front of me.

1) How is the reader introduced to the feud between the Capulets and Montagues?

Okay that was easy I thought and scribbled down the answer before looking at the second question.

2) How did Romeo come to meet Juliet?

Oh, I have a lot to say on this I muttered and slowly answered the question without letting my feelings get in my way.

3) Is their love real?

I would have like to think so, but maybe he was just using me, I started to think and then remembered this was about Romeo end Juliet. I felt a lone tear slipping down my cheek and quickly filled in the rest of the quiz.

Finishing just as the bell went of.

We filed out of class and stood in the corridor, all four of us, discussing the test. Then an idea suddenly dawned on me!

“We should get you a girl!” I turned to Jake as I exclaimed and took in his face… He looked well as always, normal. Clearly he didn’t have anything to say over that idea.

“Why?” Was his only word.

“Because you are handsome and you are too sweet to be left single, and after 2 months of friendship with Ollie boy here, we are sure you are not gay. So??”

The bell interrupted Jakes answer and I walked away with the determination to get Jake a girl. Why I didn’t know. But he needed one. Now.

I turned around and walked to Biology, a soft smile around my lips until I bumped (as always) into some one, as I looked up my smile faltered and I remembered why my friends had been walking with me the entire morning so far. I took a deep breath, braced myself and looked straight into Daniels’ eyes.

“Yes?” I asked as he refused to move and I collected guts from somewhere.

“I guess we are no longer a couple?” He asked with a disgusting wink, that a few days ago would have made my knees weak, and laughed!

“Go fly Daniel!” I replied and stomped past him, my heels from the night before catching his toes and I sank down with all the power I got.

As I walked on I just heard a “fuck” exiting his mouth and giggled softly, feeling full of power.

“Nice job CC!”

I twist around and lost my balance on the heels and feeling Jake catch me, the smell of his body seeming very too familiar.

I stood up quickly and asked: “What was nice?”

And we walked on, as if nothing just happened.

“You. Mutilating that ass’ toes!”

I giggled and entered the Biology class, and immediately started thinking about Jake’s girl again! He just had to get one. A.S.A.P


Free period went by uninterrupted, me, Jake and Oliver spending it in the library, I went searching for A song for summer by Eva Ibbotson and Jake sat and read Hannibal. Oliver just played on his phone, probably chatting with Sam.

For lunch we all went to sit in Oliver’s car, listening music. No questions asked by my friends as to why I didn’t want to face the cafeteria. We chatted and Allie and I spend the whole time discussing girls suitable for Jake. Jake not saying a word on the whole matter.


It was in my Art class that I noticed the perfect girl for Jake, she was shy, beautiful; with a strawberry blonde braid down her back and heaven blue eyes. I deserted my painting of puppy dogs and walked over to her.

“Hey I’m Carrie.” I introduced myself and she turned to me, softly smiling, looked liked she always smiled.

“I’m Leila; didn’t you date that sexy dude?”

I shake my shoulders slightly and said: “Yes, Daniel.”

“No I mean Jake. The new guy.”

I started laughing uncontrollably and wiped the laugh-tears from the corner of my eyes.

“No,” I said, “absolutely not! But I really think you and I could be friends”

She giggled and said I bet we could.

I moved my aisle over to her and we painted side by side, becoming friends in the short space of art class.

As the bell rang I invited her to coffee with me and my friends and we agreed upon a time.

I was finally smiling again. Funny what a new friend and a few dead toes could do to you…

It was after school and we were sitting in my living room, the guys convinced I can’t be left alone and I decide to bring out the big guns.

“Okay fine guys, stay here, but then you have to bear with the girl talk…”

Allie caught my drift an shot into a monologue about the *most gorgeous guy she saw on her way from school*

It’s wasn’t even half a minute before they gave up and left us with a promising, “see you at five for coffee!”

“Yes finally!” I groaned as they closed the door behind them.

Allie looked up confused and hurt that no one worried about the guy she saw.

“Alz! I got Jake a girl!!”

“What? Who?” As always Allie was into my plans without questions and went full on into the planning.

I told her about Leila and I could see she liked her, who couldn’t, for a shy girl she was cool!

“Let’s phone her? Let her come and dress here, you have enough clothes!”

I nodded and phoned Leila, inviting her over so we can all dress together for the night, it was a Friday, so we could stay out late. I wasn’t rich, but my parents gave me a monthly shopping allowance that I gladly took and I never had to look for things to wear


I ran to open the door and found Leila there.


She greeted me with a friendly hug and stepped inside.

“Wow! This house is huge!!”

I laughed, “No it’s not! My dad just believes there should be enough space for us not to bother each other.”

“I don’t think that’s a problem. How do you FIND each other”

Allie laughed and nodded! “That’s what I said the first time I came here!”

“Leila, this is Allie, the best friend ever”

Leila hugged Allie and we all went upstairs, it was all ready three o’clock, and we all needed to get dressed.

The next two hours was perfect girl time, just what I needed to get Daniel out of my head, and at the end of the dressing session I had forgotten that I was heartbroken!

We danced around on “Good girls gone bad” by Cobra Starship and choose clothes for each other, parading around in different outfits until we found the perfect one for Leila, a long black skinny jean, a brilliant blue top that suited her eyes, white strap sandals and a long chain of white beads that hung till the middle of her tummy. She looked gorgeous and I just knew Jake had to fall for her!

Allie found a short green dress that fell to her knees which she paired with a black bolero and black ankle heels, a look no one but she could pull of.

I was dressed in a pink skinny jean, with black pumps, plain black printed T that came to my thighs and a lot of bangles.

Finally we were all ready!

“Guys, why did you do so much trouble?” Leila asked and I looked over at Allie, she slightly nodded and I told Leila.

“Well…. I kinda wanna set you up with Jake.” I blushed and looked at her for reaction.

“Sexy Jake?!” She squealed.

“Yes” I answered, “but Jake doesn’t know about anything. We just told them it’s our regular Friday night hang out and ya….”

Leila hugged me and Allie, clearly all shyness forgotten; let’s just hope her confidence stays with her for the rest of the night…


We walked into the coffee shop, ten minutes late of course, and I glanced around. Finally catching Oliver’s puppy brown eyes in mine, I gave him a wink and felt my confidence growing, I was better than Daniel, which was the mantra that went through my head.

Jake looked sexy in a black Billabong T and plain jeans while Oliver looked, well like Oliver! His almost black hair was straightened and almost came to his shoulders, you could see his broad shoulders under his hot pink shirt and I giggled softly as I realized how gay his shirt was! But weirdly enough, it didn’t make him look gay! Ironic…

Sam was sitting next to Oliver, his arm casually possessive on the back of Oliver’s’ chair.

Sam was 20 and Oliver’s steady for about a year now, the first boyfriend he had and clearly his only. Now as much as Oliver didn’t look gay, Sam did! His green eyes were lined with eyeliner and his blonde (naturally curly) hair was so straightened it looked ironed. It fell to just under his ears and his fringe hung in his eyes. He could pull of a skinny jean like no other man, and for a gay, he was gorgeous!

We sat down, Allie and I strategically sat down quickly, I between Oliver and Jake and she next to Sam, the only open chair was between Allie and Jake and Leila took it without question, but with a warning glance at me.

I just smiled and said, “Ollie, Sam and Jake, please meet Leila, she’s in my Art class and I thought she could join us tonight!”

I couldn’t stop smiling and I didn’t know why. The boys all greeted Leila friendly and Sam broke the awkward silence, “Hope you don’t mind us…” And he glanced down at Oliver, smiling like a lover seeing someone for the first time.

“Oh, no!” Leila said and continued, “My own cousin is gay so I’m used to it! Just no kissing please, that’s just odd.”

Oliver laughed out loud and said through burst of laughter, “Don’t worry that’s Carrie’s rule too!”

I smiled at Allie and she winked at me, nudging her head slightly to the left in the direction of the bathroom.

Allie and I stood up and as Leila made to follow us I said, “No, sit Leila, you make sure these lot don’t order me something disgusting to drink. “

Leila laughed and sat back down, clearly aware of my plan to keep her next to Jake.

“They fit don’t you think?” Allie asked as we entered the bathroom.

“Totally,” I replied and pulled out my lip gloss.

Allie shook her new red hair and tousled it up a bit, not clear why, as she have gorgeous natural loose curls all the way down her back, her hair never into her face as she believed it would hide her eyes. I must say I agreed eyes like hers should never be hidden. It was gray! And with the red hair it almost looked black.

I glanced down at our bodies and couldn’t help but comparing my wide hips to her girly small middle. We were the same size, but somehow she managed to look thinner.

“Snap!” Allie giggled as she clicked her fingers in front of my eyes. “Wake up Girly!”

I laughed and grabbed her hand dragging her out of the bathroom, excited to see what was going on between Leila and Jake. Then I stopped, feeling Allie colliding into me.

“What now?” She asked shaking her hair right again.

“Why did you want us to go to the bathroom?” I asked, not noticing we were in the way of everybody wanting to enter the shop.

“Ummmmmmmmm I don’t know! I’ll remember later.”

“Weird…” I muttered and started to walk away. Noticing Allie wasn’t following me I turned around to find her in a stare down with some guy!

I turn my back for a second and she picks up some guy, I thought.

“Do you have to stand in the effing door?” The guy asked angrily.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I have to; it’s the only place we can gossip!” Allie replied sarcastically.

I watched the two of them with an amused look on my face. He was definitely Allie’s type. Tattoos, Rock band T, a small goatee and common bad boy looks.

“Well get a live!” He huffed and stomped away further into the shop.

Allie turned to me and her eyes were huge! “Carrie, who was that?”

“Well Allie-babe I didn’t know I knew everyone in town…”

She linked arms with me and we walked to our table.

“He’s yummy!” she muttered just before we reached the table and I sat down with a soft giggle…

Jake and Leila was deep into convo and Oliver and Sam was clearly gossiping about something as we sat down, I only caught the last few words…

“….and I don’t think she will handle it too well”

“Who won’t handle what?” I asked immediately and took a sip of the drink in front of me, Iced Choccochino. Hmmmm delicious.

“Well…” Oliver looked pointedly at the back of the store and me heart gave a small stab of pain as I saw Daniel and Amanda giggling and smooching in the corner… Where we use to sit!

Does she seriously not know he only wants sex? Or maybe she does…

I shook my head and turned my seat so that I couldn’t see him. I took another sip of my drink and change the subject, trying to rescue myself…

“So, thanks for making sure I got something good Leila!” I said, referring to my drink.

“Oh,” Jake interrupted, “I ordered that, you told me that was your favorite last time we were here.”

I frowned slightly trying to remember, it was almost a month ago that we lot went out together, because that was when Daniel started getting possessive…

I turned my head looking at Jake, trying to figure him out, but he and Leila was already back in convo. I turned my head back, pushing Jake’s weirdness to the back of my mind. Then I caught Allie’s eyes.

It was all sparkly and clearly not into her moccachino in front of her, but very into some dude by the PC’s. The same idiot from the door…

“Allie…” I waved my hand in front of her eyes and then she stood up! She walked over to the guy and introduced herself… Just like that!

That’s when it hit me.

I’m alone now!

Ollie got Sam. Jake and Leila seem good. And now Allie got the tattoo-dude…

I grabbed my Iced Choccochino in its take-away cup and ran.

Out of the shop. Into the street and down the road.

I heard someone behind me, but I kept on running.

I needed to be alone now. I needed to think. Without Ollie, without Allie and Leila, and especially without Jake and his understanding eyes…

I found myself slowing down after a few blocks and just sat down, drinking my coffee and thinking…

Maybe I was supposed to be alone, the matchmaker, the best friend to everyone. It always suited me! Why was I so upset now? Then I saw Daniel in my head and I knew this was his entire fault!

But softly his head float away, and I realized he meant nothing to me. It was fun while it lasted, but I think I knew from the start that we weren’t supposed to work out.

It was to perfect and no flame can get started without a spark…

Then another face entered my mind…

“There you are…” I looked up and smiled, confident that everything was going to be all right…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ALLIE’S POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I stood up and walked over to him, he looked gorgeous, even though he ruffled my feathers, and I could not get over his body!

That buff arms and tattoos. Sure I reckon he has a great personality, but now, I just know his body, and I don’t really care!

Normally I wouldn’t have the guts to walk up to a random guy and just introduce myself, but what can I say, the red hair changed me…

“Hey I’m Allie” I stood next to him and checked him out, ooooh I loved his tattoos!

“And?” He replied obnoxiously.

I stared down at him, trying to figure out the best way to approach him. I think bitchy should do the trick…

“And… I want you to buy me a drink. Now.”

“Oh, attitude. Am I supposed to be afraid now?”

“No, just obedient.” I replied and walked away, the best way to get a guy into you is not to be into him my older cousin always said…

But just then I saw Carrie run out of the shop! WHAT?!?! I glanced over at our table and only saw Leila and Sam left. Then I saw Oliver and Jake running after her.

I ran over to the table, the guy forgotten for know. Girls come first…

“Leila, Sam! What happened? Why did Carrie run out?”

It was Sam who replied, Leila still looked a bit shell shocked; “She was still fine after you stood up, then she looked at all of us, and bolted.”

“What’s going on?” I turned around, right into Mr. Tattoo, with a mocchachino in his hand. I couldn’t help but smile as he held it out to me.

“My friend ran off, but Jake and Oliver is after her so I think all would be fine.”

“The one with the black hair?” He asked, sounding truly like he cared…

“Yes…” I stuttered and sat down. Breathing deeply in and out.

“And you are?” Sam asked at Mr. Tattoo, why did he have to wear a sleeveless T I silently thought…

“Kris, Kris Grim.”

At that, I had to look up. That name sounded so Friday the 13th… I caught his eye and he winked at me and for a second I almost forgot that my best friend just ran of…

~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Carrie’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Then I was surprised, my smile still on my face, for the head in my mind had appeared in front of me almost instantaneously. I was utterly and completely surprised, because Jake didn’t make my stand up and go back to the cafe; he sat down next to me and began talking about the stars.

I mean WHAT?!?! There were no stars out, it was cloudy and dark. But then Jake took my chin into his hand, lifts my head slightly up and pointed. Then I saw it! A lone star peeking out between two clouds. Looking more beautiful than anything I have ever seen before.

“See, even something that looks alone, is beautiful, but it never is alone, you know. When the clouds clear the star is surrounded by other stars, not alone anymore, but ever so beautiful.” He spoke so softly I almost thought it was all in my mind.

But I knew that Jake was the one who realized (or guessed) why I ran from the cafe. I took my eyes of the star and slowly looked at Jake. My eyes were soft on his, not his usual glare I gave him…

“How’d you know that was why I ran?”

“The way you looked at every single one of us, and you just looked so alone, like you only just realized what that idiot done to you and that it was over…”

I just stared at Jake, now remembering why I was so sure I wanted to be alone, because the care in his voice, the understanding in his eyes and the soft, friendly smile etched along his mouth, broke me down.

I started crying. For the millionth time in two days I was crying again. But not hystericly, angry or even sadly.

No. I cried for relieve and for ridding myself of everything in my heart and mind that was breaking me up, to let it all out and just feel better when I’m done.

Jake surprised me again, not taking me in his arms and consoling me like every other person might’ve done. But letting me sit, with my arms on my knees and my face buried in my arms and letting me cry it all out.

That was how Oliver found us, Jake sitting and staring at the stars. And me crying…

Oliver made me go sit with him in the car while Jake walked back inside the cafe…

Clearly my good hearted ‘I could deal with anything’ friend needed some answers!


“Carrie, what is going on with you?! You were the one who said you are ready to go out again and then you run off?”

“Ollie! I saw my not really ex-boyfriend smooching some slut and all my friends are suddenly into someone and there I am. Little lonely me. It does take some getting used to! I know Daniel was a crap boyfriend, but at least I had some one!”

“You were the one who introduced Leila to Jake, when everyone could clearly see he was only into you!”

That stunned me to silence…I sat there and the past few months rolled through my mind…

The joking in the halls. The caring eyes. The envious judgments. The wanting looks. The understanding of when I needed to talk. When I needed to just sit. And I remembered… The way he looked at me last night, he let me sit knowing I was afraid of everyone; he just sat there looking at me.

“That’s why I wanted to let him have a girl…” I softly said, mostly to myself…

“What?” Oliver stared at me.

“I wanted him to have a girl because I wasn’t sure I could stay his friend any longer if he didn’t have one… I just lost my boyfriend Ol! And Jake is my friend! I don’t like him! I can’t. I won’t.”

“Well, that’s perfect then.” He looked over my shoulder at something and I turned, looking straight at Jake and Leila, walking hand in hand out of the shop.

I took a deep breath and turned to Oliver.

“I don’t like him!”


Carrie’s Life! Chapter 6…

Chapter 6

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Carrie’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Daniel slipped even closer to me, almost on top of me now, he pushed me back unto the blanket; held me there with a steady hand on my shoulder. I tried to come up more than once, but he pushed me down roughly every time.

I tried to scream by the thoughts of what he might do to me and he muffled out my screams by kissing me. He crushed his lips on to mine and tried to force his tongue into my mouth. Once again I protested against his body, trying to get free but then I felt it…

He lifted up my dress and I felt a hand tugging at my underwear. I remembered my stilettos and I managed to get my leg free from under his legs, I pulled my legs back and kicked. Hard. I kicked everything my legs could reach and felt his hold releasing a bit. The moment I felt free enough I jumped up.

I pulled off my stilettos and ran, stiletto’s in hand. I didn’t know where to go, or what to do, but I ran. I had to get away from that monster!!

In the run I realized I still had my handbag with me, I pulled out my phone and looked around me. Hoping he wasn’t following. Then I heard it, “Carrie. Carrie”

My name echoed through the silent park and I ran faster, needing to get as far away from Daniel as possible! I didn’t realize I was crying until I felt the wind blowing on my face and I felt it drying the wetness on my face… Why did I have to fall for him? I thought he liked ME??

I automatically dialed Allie’s number and got no answer, I then dialed Oliver’s. He picked up on the second ring. I sat down next to a big bush, hidden from every side..

“Hey”…. “Carrie, are you there?”….

The moment I heard his voice I collapsed in tears, I needed to hear the voice of someone I love…


“C, what happened?”

“Come fetch me?” Is all I could get out…

“Where are you?”

“I don’t know, in the park, there is a big bush, really big, I’m in the middle of it…”

“We are coming.”

I was so distraught; I didn’t even ask who we were.


That is where the found me ten minutes later, in the middle of the bush, somewhere in the park. Once or twice I thought I heard Daniel, who was certainly the last person I wanted to see at that moment.

I was crying hysterically when I saw Oliver, with him was Jake.

Not really my favorite person, but a friendly face is a friendly face…

“Carrie, baby! Are you okay?!” Oliver rushed to my side and hugged me awkwardly.

I was sitting bundled up, my knees pulled up to my chin and my arms wrapped tightly around my legs. Oliver looked at Jake and he moved forward, making to pick me up, like Daniel did only a few hours ago.

A small shriek escaped my mouth and I crawled into Oliver’s’ arms. I was save there. Ollie wouldn’t touch me. He would never hurt me. But Jake was another guy! I had forgotten he was another friendly face. I didn’t trust him. He was male! Once again hysterical tears and sobs escaped my body and Oliver held me tightly.

“Care Bear? Let us take you to the car. Please?”

I could hear him begging and replied softly against his neck, “You take me. He can’t touch me.”

I glanced at Jake and saw the look on his face, a look I couldn’t comprehend. He was shaking with fury. I glanced back at Oliver and wanted to ask him if Jake was okay. But the soft eyes that met mine stopped the question. It was the eyes of a friend, telling me everything was going to be okay.

Oliver picked me up, fairly easy for a gay dude, I thought.

He was more built than anyone thought gays should be, which was probably one of the reasons no one liked him being gay…

He carried me all the way to the car, Jake following silently behind. He made to put me in front, but I protested, needing to lie down.

“Should I sit with you?” Jake asked.

I just made shook my head violently and Oliver just shook his head at Jake and laid me down in the back seat. I couldn’t face men now. Ollie was okay. Ollie wasn’t a man. But Jake was!

He had MAN written all over him, from his perfect fit jeans to his angry, handsome face. Why did he look so angry?

My head was a mess! All I wanted now was a hot bath and a bed… A warm warm bed. Maybe food… Nah, I couldn’t stomach anything at this moment.

“Carrie?! Care Bear?!” Oliver shook my shoulders and I looked up at him. “We are at my house, C!”

I sat up and got out of the car automatically and then I felt my legs collapsing and my head blacking out. I couldn’t stop the pressure against my eyes and just let my body fall into the warm arms. The only thought entering my head before entirely blacking out is the sweet smell off the arms I was in…

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Jake’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

How could anyone do that to a girl so perfect?! Not that I know what happened in that park, but I could venture a pretty good guess. He tried to rape her, or maybe he did?!?

I tried to stop this rage in my heart by concentrating on the fragile body in my arms. When I saw Carrie collapsing I couldn’t help but catch her, even if she didn’t want me touching her.

Lucky for me, she was so out; she didn’t know who caught her.

“There is only one person who could have done this to her,” I said to Oliver. Talking seemed to stop my rage.

“We don’t know what happened,” Oliver replied.

“Two guesses,” I said with a sarcastic sneer and laid Carrie down on Oliver’s bed.

“She would want to bathe now, she always takes refuge in the bath,” Oliver said, ignoring me.

I walk to run her a bath, whilst Oliver tries to awake her. By the time I returned to the room, she was still asleep and Oliver was begging her to wake up.

“Dude the water is ready.” Oliver just looked at me and back down at Carrie.

“You wake her up then.” He walked to the door and stood there waiting.

I walk to her side, brush her jet black hair out of her eyes before whispering softly so just she can hear me.

“Carrie, love, please come bath? You will feel better.”

She just stirred a bit and slept further. I looked hopelessly at Oliver.

“Let’s just leave her,” we said simultaneously.

We silently walked out of the room and made our way down stairs to the kitchen. Where we found Oliver’s older brother, Adam.

“So what are you two up to so late?” Adam asked, “Playing around?” he added suggestively with a wink.

“Unlike you, I have friends. Not just flings!” Oliver replied and got two Cola’s from the fridge and flinging one at me.

I have gotten used to Adam and Oliver this past two months.

Adam was a jock, and the biggest player in the school, who just couldn’t comprehend that his equally beautiful brother would settle for boys while he could get any girl he wanted. But Adam loved his brother and if anyone but him picked on Oliver, there was trouble.

Oliver and I had developed a close (weird) friendship and his boyfriend, Sam, accepted our friendship for what it was. What made it easier for me to get over the fact that my best friend is gay, is the fact Carrie stole my heart. I was utterly and completely in love… Just too bad she had to fall for that scumbag!!

My furious shaking started up again as I thought about what might’ve happened in the park.

“Whoa, dude, what is Jake’s case?” Adams’ voice dragged me back to reality.

“We just went to pick up Carrie…” Oliver answered and I knew he was about to tell the whole story to Adam, they shared almost everything!

“From where?” Adam asked and took a bite of the pizza he held in his hand.

“The park,” Oliver said, leaving the statement open for interpretation.

I placed down my bottle of Cola and walked back upstairs. Not in the mood to relive the story again.

Back in Oliver’s’ room, Carrie was awake. When she saw me, she cringed back against the wall. She pulled the duvet up to her chin, leaving every bit of her body covered up.

“Caroline….” I whispered her full name and sat on the edge of the bed. She shifted back once again and stared hopelessly from under her hair.

“I won’t touch you,” I promised, “I just want to be here for you.”

She nodded slightly and relaxed a bit. We just sat there looking at one another until she was completely comfortable with me being there. But I was careful not to talk or move suddenly, as that made her tense all over again.

We just sat there, not talking, not moving. Just looking and breathing. Until Oliver returned to his room.

“Care Bear! You are awake.” He rushed up and hugged her. A twinge entered my heart when seeing how easy he could touch her. While the mere sight of me repulsed her.

“We ran you a warm bath and I phoned your mom. Told her you are depro because you and Daniel broke up and you are sleeping here. She was fine with it.”

She just looked at him and cringed slightly at the sound of his name. Oliver helped her up from bed and walked her to the bathroom. Her body moved automatically. Her eyes was blank, her usual sparkly eyes was dead.

“Dude! What’s up with you?!” I twist around to see Oliver entering the room and realized it is the first time we are alone since we found Carrie. Now is the perfect time to tell him about my love for the torn up girl in the bathroom.

“Why?” is my only reply…

“Because ever since we found C you are shaking with anger! Are you… Wait. Are you angry at Daniel for dating Carrie?”

Sometimes Oliver could be just daft!!

“Dating?? No! I’m furious at him for hurting Carrie!”

He looks at me intently and throws himself on the bed, still waiting for an answer to the unasked question.

I sat down on the desk chair and sink my head into my hands.

“I like her,” I mumble softly. Only loud enough for Oliver to hear and suddenly jump up and down!

“Dude! What now?!” I ask, frowning up at him.

“Come on, J! You two are perfect for each other. Allie and I both saw it. We just waited for you to realize it.”

“Hold on Mister Matchmaker, I can’t make a move now!”

“Why?” Oliver sat down again as if I stole his sudden burst of adrenaline.

“Because she is cut up! She is terrified by the sight of me. She doesn’t need love now. She needs understanding and friendship.”

Just as I finished talking, Carrie entered the room. She was wearing one of Oliver’s’ T’s and a boxer. She fell into Oliver’s’ lap the moment she was close enough and started crying again, silently.

He put her down on the bed and tucked her in like a small child. Just before she closes her eyes, she caught mine and mouthed a silent “Thank you”

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Carrie’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

As I opened my eyes I saw the familiar surroundings of Oliver’s room. Then the memories came flooding back. And, although my body protested with sobs, gasps and tears, I made myself face the memories and thoughts that entered into my head.

How could someone I trust, someone I LOVE use me like that? Did I really love him…. ?

I never wanted us to end, let alone end like that! And now I was stuck with this ridiculous fear inside me! This fear of all the men I trust. Would they too turn on me? I just had to shut them all out. All except Oliver, he was an exception.

“Morning sunshine!” Oliver came into the room, as if my thoughts summoned him, with a cup of coffee.

My savior. He came to sit on the bed with me and I took the cup gladly. Drinking the coffee like it’s my only life essence.

Somehow I could stand being with Oliver. He would never trick me into anything.

Then suddenly I felt my anger growing. No longer was I distraught or sad or even hysterical. I was angry!!

I picked up my small handbag from Oliver’s bedside table and took out my phone…

5 NEW MESSAGES it proclaimed…

All five was from Daniel. Various exclamations of I am sorry and please forgive me’s.

I grew angrier by the minute and told Oliver I needed to go shower. He just nodded and said he was going to go get ready for school. Then I remembered school.

“Are you ready to go to school?” Oliver asked concerned.

“Yes,” I replied bravely and went to the shower.


I tried to clear my mind, but all that keep repeating in my head is the look on Daniel’s face as he tried to grope me!

I wondered if he really would have raped me if I haven’t gotten away. Did he really think I wanted it? When have I ever given any signs that for my anniversary present I wanted to sleep with him! I only ever slept with one other guy, the boyfriend I lost in January when he moved away, and that was after a year of dating!!

I considered sex as a show of love, not lust or happiness, and I certainly didn’t LOVE Daniel after two months! I felt a lot for him, and I believe it would have grown to be love, if he had handled it correctly! Maybe Jake was right and we went into this relationship too fast! I hated admitting Jake was right.

I entered Oliver’s room with just a towel around my body as I had forgotten to get myself some clothes before going to the shower.

When Jake saw me coming in, he opened his mouth (probably to greet me) But closed it again as he saw what I was wearing (or wasn’t, for that matter)

“O, I don’t have clothes for school,” I proclaimed as Jake shut the door behind him and I heard him trudging down stairs.

Oliver threw me something and I caught the scrap of material. I opened it and saw a small dress I left here a few weeks ago.

“This?” I ask shocked as I took in the small piece of pink dress. “You can almost see my ass in this! I don’t want to wear stuff like this again!”

Oliver nodded understandingly, “But Girly! You have to face your fears. You are better than Daniel. Now wear that over this,” He threw me a pair or knee length jean I was looking for days ago, “And face the school as if you own it. Never let a man bring you down.”

I looked down at the clothes and quickly put them on over last night’s underwear (no replacements for that sadly) and then looked down at my bare feet. Oliver followed my eyes and he kneeled in front of me, putting on my stiletto’s of the previous evening as if I was Cinderella.

“Ollie-boy, I can’t go to school in heels!”

“Why not?” He asked and stared me down.

I shrugged and towel dried my hair, letting them hang on my shoulders, not even bothering to brush it out, just shaking it right.

Oliver pulled me into a tight hug and smiled down at me, “You are gonna make it!”

I smiled and got my guts back. I smiled softly up at him and said, “I’m ready!”


Oliver and I made our way down stairs and Jake cheered as I entered the kitchen and I sent him a glare…

He laughed out loud at me and I frowned at him, “What Jake?”

“You are yourself again!” He laughed as I glared at him again.

I grabbed myself a granola bar and hugged Oliver’s mom as she entered the kitchen.


Oliver scooted me and Jake out of the door and we all yelled a quick good bye to his mom who was walking upstairs again with coffee. I then realized I was minutes away from seeing Daniel again.

I tried to regulate my breathing but I saw the concerned looks on both Oliver’s and Jakes’ faces.

“O, did you tell Allie about last night?” I asked for the sake of saying something as we get into the car.

“Yip, she texted me while you were in the shower, she will meet us as soon as we get to school.”

I mentally hugged him and smiled as I thought about how amazing these two boys (well one and a half) has been to me from the moment I called Oliver. There was no one who knew me like Oliver and Allie, and if Jake could be a little less obnoxious, maybe I could grow to love him too…

Ever too soon, we stopped at school. We were a few minutes earlier than usual, so there wasn’t a lot of people.

My eyes caught something red flying at us as soon as I stepped out of the car. The red thing collided with me and pulled me into a hug. I was instantly comforted by the feel of my best friend near me.

I held Allie out at arms’ length in front of me and took in her new her, red red red hair, like fire red hair! And it suited her as much as everything else she ever done with her hair!

“Allie Cat! What did you do???” I asked, still slightly in shock.

“Well, this was what I was doing last night when you phoned me. I put of my phone because I wanted to concentrate on the awesomeness I call my hair! But Carrie! I am so sorry I didn’t come!”

“Al, calm down. You look amazing and I am fine! No harm no fowl.” I smiled more bravely than I felt, my friends’ energy seeping into me. Normally I would be the one bouncing around and talking too much. But I could feel that wouldn’t be my attitude today.

We walked into school, all four of us next to each other, Allie and Oliver both linked into my arms and Jake walking next to Allie like our protector. As we walked inside I could feel my stomach clenching together and Allie held me tighter sensing my uncomfortableness…

Our way to our lockers was quite uneventful and the boys left us to go to their own lockers. Allie and I got out our English books and as I turned around, I gasped.

“What?!” Allie instantly asked and turned around.

In front of us stood Amanda, Daniels’ ex. She had a smirk on her face which loudly said, “I win” and that’s exactly what her words to me was.

“Amanda, I didn’t realize we were in a competition, and if the price is Daniel. Then I forfeit! I wouldn’t want him even if he was offered to me on a silver platter”

Amanda’s’ smile faltered a bit with each word as she realized I never saw her as an opponent and I got a little braver with the sense of pride because I had the guts to walk away.

“I hope you didn’t take him back?” I asked and heard Amanda’s’ smirk before I saw it. Clearly she still thought he was a god…

“Of course.” She said and walked away.

I looked at Allie and we both spoke simultaneously: “What was that all about?”

We started laughing and I felt my old self return a bit. I think I am ready to seize the day.


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Carrie’s life! Chapter 5….

Chapter 5

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Carrie’s POV~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

I sat alone in my car, my head against the steering wheel, I’d just dropped of Allie and is now sitting in front of the small Chinese restaurant Daniel asked me to meet him at. It is five to six and I can’t get myself to get out of the car.

I don’t know what I’m thinking. Why am I still sitting here??

Daniel is probably inside already… Then I hear Jake’s words…

“And for how long have you and Daniel known each other….”

How did he know that was what was on my mind the whole day?! I have only known Dan for one day, but I know him! We have a connection and I know he likes me!!

Yes, I heard the rumors, I replied to the silly little voice in my head. The rumors of all the girls he had already slept with this year…

I shake the thoughts out of my head and open my door; I quickly get out and shut my door. I walk briskly into the restaurant and ask for Daniel Egan. The waiter showed me towards a tiny table in the back and all thoughts left my head as I looked into Daniel eyes…. Now I know why I fell.

Daniel stood up and hugged me before pulling out my chair for me. I smiled at him and started relaxing. Tonight is going to be just as good as yesterday!


I let out a big sigh. WOW…. Was the only way to explain this night.

We talked for hours, we laughed, and we had fun and most of all I had the most amazing time ever!! He kissed me over and over again and each time my heart flopped over. Never had I felt this way… Jake is simple to think we don’t know each other good enough. This is going to go very good. I know this…

I softly fell asleep with a smile on my face and dreams in my head….


The week went by in a flash, my friends came for an English tutoring session every afternoon and Daniel and I had lunch together every day.

We met each other every night, in restaurants, on my front lawn, in the park and of course in our coffee shop. It was a magical week, a magical relationship. Never had I had anything like this before…

I was flying on a fluffy pink cloud, the world around me seized to exist and I went on to live in a world where everything was perfect.

I still haven’t got my sketch pad back, Jake misplaced it apparently. But I started to enjoy painting… I was working on a still life of a wood landscape. But I missed my portrait drawings.

It was late Sunday night and I was playing around on Facebook when I noticed I had a friend request.


I clicked on the ADD button and almost instantly I received a message at the bottom of my screen.

JAKE## hey C

ME## hey J

JAKE## so you and lover boy still going strong?

ME## all the way…

JAKE## still not thinking its all too fast?

ME## never.  I actually like him!

JAKE## what a great basis for a relationship…



I scowled at the screen and then remembered he cannot see me. I then logged out of Facebook and turned on my radio. And ironically enough the song that started playing was “Tell me something I don’t know” By Selena Gomez.

I turned off the radio and decided to go for a shower. As I got into the shower I started thinking, maybe the reason I get so pissed at Jake is because what he is saying is true. Because he is just telling me what I know, but don’t want to admit….

Daniel is so perfect, and I already can’t imagine a day without him near. Perhaps I am falling too hard too fast, but I enjoy this feeling. I think…


The next few weeks melted together, and before I could blink it was my and Daniel’s two month anniversary, 9 November…

He was taking me out to the little Chinese restaurant where we had our second date and I was extremely excited.

After I had taken a long bath and washed my hair I started picking out my clothes, a pink dress with huge black flowers on it, the dress ended a few inches above my knees and had a big white belt around my middle.

I added a 2 long black necklaces and plain black stilettos that accented my legs. My hair was softly blown out and my make up consisted on only black eyeliner and pale pink gloss.

I was just finishing with a pink bangle on my wrist when I heard my mom at the front door; I rushed down the steps and saw Daniel waiting for me… He looked delicious, I met him at the door with a hug and after a quick goodbye to my parents we walked out to his car.

As he opened the door for me he gave me a kiss and said, “You look good” with a smug smile on his face.

We drove to the restaurant and then he surprised me by turning off to early, I looked at him, startled.

“What now?” I ask and look around me.

“I decided I don’t want the restaurant anymore.”

I started feeling excited at the thought of only us two alone, in the past two months, we never spent time alone alone, there were always people around, and I wondered what romantic setting he had set up this time. Remembering the teddy and all the other romantic stuff he loved doing for me.

Then he turned into the parking lot at the park, he stepped out of the car and opened my door for my, he helped me out and blind folded me. Then he picked me up like a baby in his arms.

I giggle and ask, “What are you doing Danny?”

“I want to surprise you,” He replies and after a brief walk he puts me down on a soft blanket.

I take of the blind fold and see nothing but the blanket around me, no food, no people, no light and no candlelight and surprises.

Daniel, what are you doing,” I ask, starting to get a bit freaked out….


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Carrie’s life! Chapter 4!!

Chapter 4

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Carrie’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I let out a sigh of relief as I exit the Science class, English with Jake and Oliver was bad enough, but Vanessa kept going on and on about how SWEET and CUTE it was of Daniel to give me ‘such a beautiful present!’ I felt like strangling her after the third exclamation of Daniel’s sweetness. Perhaps it was just Jakes’ constant laughing that was irritating me.

I’m just glad I have free period now. I approached my locker, only to find Daniel standing there.

“Hey!” He exclaimed and hugged me.

“Hey you,” I replied as I hugged him back. I opened my locker and stowed away my Science books.

“You also have free period now, don’t you?”

“Yep,” I said and looked at him.

“Why don’t you and I spent it together today? I really want to get to know you.”

I blushed and nodded, locking my locker and walked beside him. I felt at home there, at his side. Laughing and joking, being myself. I saw Daniel glancing down at me and looking away quickly, as if he was caught doing something bad.

We walked outside and towards an old oak, Daniel sat against the tree trunk and after careful consideration, I decided to stop caring and be spontaneous. So I lay down on the grass, with my head on his upper legs…

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sun that just touched my legs and felt something on my forehead. I quickly opened my eyes, only to see Daniels’ hand in front of me, playing with the small wisps of hair that escaped my loose bun.

“Daniel…” I softly whispered, leaving all inhibitions behind.


I sat up, and turned towards Daniel, we were only a few inches away from each other.

“I know, I don’t know you for very long, and the only real time we spent together was last night. But I just have to do something, to make sure I really, really want to lose my heart…”

To any one else, I might have sounded over hasty, or rushed, but I have decided never to let some one else’s meaning stop me. I needed to do what I wanted. And right now, I wanted this.

Daniel leaned in closer and I moved forward the rest of the way, first our lips only touched slightly, then we both went deeper into the kiss, meaning it, wanting it. And soon I have forget where I was, forgotten that that yesterday this time, he didn’t even know my name. And I have forgotten how easily I could lose my heart.

The rest of free period was sprinkled with the occasional kisses; we talked, debated and rested. As the bell rang for Lunch, Daniel pulled me up, against his body and kissed me again, a soft, lingering kiss that made my heart flutter. And then, as he held me tight, he whispered into my ear, “Would you please be my girlfriend, Carrie?”

I leaned back to look him into the eyes and whispered yes, only to say it out louder to make sure I was really saying it, and the collapsing in happy giggles as he kissed me again, lifting me up into the air with my arms around his neck.


Daniel and I entered the cafeteria hand in hand and headed for our own secluded corner in the cafeteria, we only had eyes for one another, not seeing the eyes on us, the whispers behind hands and the pointing.

“What do you think you are doing?!”

We both looked up simultaneously, only to see Amanda, the most popular girl in school. Also known as Daniel’s ex-girlfriend. She had dark dark brown hair and the perfect body, athletically skinny. I don’t really know why they broke up. She looked perfect, and acted perfect; she was a loyal friend and had a bubbly personality. I wondered what is the reason behind that break up…

“What do you mean Mandy?” Daniel asked.

“I mean, what are you doing, sitting here with HER?!”

“She is my girlfriend Amanda, something you haven’t been for over a month now”

I just sat quietly, watching the verbal exchange.

“But, Daniel?! She’s NORMAL! And her best friends are emo and gay!” Amanda shrieked.

“Amanda that’s enough!” Daniel stood up and towered over Amanda, he was easily two heads longer than she was, “you will leave us alone, NOW.”

Amanda stalked off with a glare towards me and a disgruntled noise at Daniel. She went to sat down with her popular friends and they instantly put their heads together, talking about the recent developments.

I turned to Daniel to thank him and leaned across the table to kiss him. I was vaguely aware that this was all happening to fast, but I didn’t care, I felt at home next to him.

*cough* *cough*

Daniel and I turned again towards this new interruption and saw Allie.

“Hey Al. Can I help you?”

Allie sat down next to me without invitation and immediately started talking, not worrying about the fact that Daniel and I was trying to be alone…

Daniel and I shared a silent glance and pretended to listen to Allie while Lunch dragged on, I went into a total day dream about Free period. What happened between me and Daniel and the kiss and the fact that I have a boyfriend? O My Gosh!!

I just realized I had a boyfriend, for the first time in so long!! And he is gorgeous. I can’t believe one simple bump in the hallway could lead to this. I let out a silent sigh and felt a sharp jolt against my head.

“What?!” I glared at Allie. I rubbed my head and stared at her.

“We still on for Romeo and Juliet?”

“Yeah, we still on,” I replied to Allie, “After school?”

“Yip,” Allie said and took a huge gulp of her Pepsi.

“What’s happening after school?” Daniel asked, clearly not paying attention.
“I’m giving my uneducated friends a Romeo and Juliet lesson” I answered and smile at him whilst stealing a French fry of his plate.

“Sorry, lover-boy, no more room for you, or else Carrie here won’t be concentrating at all…” Allie giggled and jumped up as the bell rang.

“Come Lover-boy,” I laughed and he took my hand as we stood up. I hugged him and we walked on.

Our walk out of the Cafeteria was the same as entering, looks and whispers following us all the way. Was it really that weird for me to be dating Daniel…?

Daniel dropped me of at my locker and we arranged a date for later that night, after my tutoring session. Since Allie made it clear he was not welcome, and I respected her opinion, we had way more fun alone. I temporally forgot about Jake also being there.

I got out my sketch pad and art stuff and walked to class, once again falling into a daydream… *BANG* I felt a bump growing on my head at the same place Allie thumped me and was instantly outraged!

What is it with the dumb people in this school and walking into me! I was going to be blue all over after this week. I picked up my pencils and stood up to glare at the offender, I found myself lost in Jake’s green eyes.

He held out my sketch pad and laughed at me.

“What are you laughing at?!” I yelled.

“Well, I just find it funny that you keep walking into every one.”

“Listen, I don’t walk into them, they walk into ME!”

That only made Jake laugh harder and I stomped past him, He turned and fell into step at my side.

“So, I see the whole school is talking about you…”

I glared at him and said, “It’s only because I’m dating Daniel”

“Is it really,” He asked and I turned towards him and narrowed my eyes.

“Well…” I started, “No. They talked about me, Allie and Oliver before.”

“Why?” Jake asked, “Because O is gay?”
“Not just that, more the way he came out.”

Jake looked intrigued. And looked at me with questions in his eyes.

“No, I won’t tell you. Oliver will tell you himself one day.”

With that we stopped at my Art class and I left him out side in the hall way with a simple good bye.

It was only when I wanted to continue with yesterdays’ sketch that I realized I never took my sketch pad from Jake…


I resorted to painting that period, not my first love, but just as satisfying as drawing.

When the bell finally rang, I let out a sigh of relief, never in my life had an Art period felt so long… I now remember why I prefer drawing… Creating something beautiful with just a pencil is amazing.

Luckily Gym was much short and Allie had little time to talk about anything

The drive home passed quickly and Allie and I came there in about five minutes, much quicker than the boys who was still standing and talking when we drove off at school.

“Hey Al, I’m just gonna go for a quick shower, I’m meeting with Daniel after this!”

“Sure Car! I’m going to steal myself some food before the boys come.”

I laughed at her as I jogged up the stairs and quickly jumped in under the shower. I decided to get dressed now, so that I can leave as soon as we are done.

My shower went by quickly and as I dressed in a short hot pink skirt and a plain black crop top, I heard the boys and Allie laughing in the kitchen. I quickly put eyeliner on and some gloss and tousled my wet hair slightly before rubbing on some scrunching mousse to make it curly.

I grabbed my Romeo and Juliet books and notes and jogged back down the stairs, bare feet.

“Whoa… You dressed up for us?! So beautiful!!” Oliver acted melodramatic and I just laughed him off, I had enough of his random sense of humor.

“Come on, let’s go sat at the dining room, and let me teach you some things.” I told them and led them towards the dining room.

As we all settled in, I noticed that half of our fridge was packed out on the table. 2 bottles of Cola, a packet of Ham, a pack chips and 4 custard cups.

“Wow, did you guys came for the food or the tutor?”

“Well…” Jake started, “I came for the tutor.” He said suggestively.

I narrowed my eyes at him and opened my book.

“So you all know, the whole story started with the fight between the Montague’s and Capulet slaves. And then we get informed on the Prince’s new rule, any disturbance and you will die.” I looked at them, to check that they were listening, “Then we learn of Romeo’s love for Rosaline. He encourages his nephew and friends that they should crash the party, because Rosaline will be there. But, when they come to the party, he lays eyes on Juliet, and he fell for here.”

I stopped talking from laughing too much, the last words of my speech was extinguished by laughter.

“Is she okay?” I heard Jake ask.

“Oh, that? No, that’s normal. She finds Romeo and Juliet’s love ludicrous.” Oliver explained.

“Why?” Jake asked.

I stared up at him, “Come on! They didn’t even know each other and decided they loved each other! They were twelve…”

Jake returned my stare, somewhat more challenging. “And for how long have you and Daniel knew each other before you decided to date?”

I stuttered over my words and heard Oliver and Allie escaping, probably aware of the mini battle that was about to come….

~*~*~*~*~*~*Jake’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

I just knew I had her cornered now. Oliver warned me about her views on Romeo and Juliet and I took it on as my own personal challenge! What is so different between herself and Juliet? They are both pretty, both going for what they want, both extremely headstrong…

Carrie seemed to have collected her thoughts because she started talking again, very fast and angry as if trying to bore the words into my head…

“Juliet and Romeo was two silly children, she was not even thirteen!! And I am almost seventeen, the mind and heart of a seventeen year old is way more precise than a thirteen year olds’! And secondly Daniel and I chatted and connected for about five hours before either of us fell… SO!”

I started laughing at her ridiculous choice of words and she sent me her famous scowl before running up the stairs and into the bathroom. I made my way towards the kitchen, only to find Oliver and Allie laughing themselves to death.

Allie ran forward and hugged me, “Thank you Jake!! We so needed some one to tell her that!”

I frowned at them and asked why?

“Because she doesn’t realize Daniel is using her, he has made it his goal to de-flower every girl in our grade before graduation, and if we tell her that, she will think we are just jealous. But the way you made her think just now, WAY better than what we had in mind!!”

I slowly grasped the implications of all that Allie just told me and realize that I want to destroy Daniel! No one should talk like that about girls; no one should talk like that about Carrie!!

We looked at each other as we hear Carrie coming down the stairs, Oliver quickly went to the fridge and busied himself with cold drinks, Allie took out her phone and convincingly looked busy and I just sat on the counter waiting for an ambush…

“Okay…” Carrie entered the kitchen and looked at us, “No more snipes about me and Daniel,” she looked pointedly at me, “Now let’s get some work done. I have a date at six”

I glanced at my watch and saw that it was half past five…

“What do you want to get done in a half hour Princess?” I asked.

Oliver sniggered into his glass of Coke and Allie avoided eye contact.

Carrie scowled once again at me and then replied, “Fine, we will continue tomorrow.”

She then stomped up the stairs, clearly dismissing us.

“You guys should go; I’ll go help her get dressed.” Allie said, clearly feeling guilty for laughing at her friend…

*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*Carrie’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

As I stomped into my room I realized there is nothing for me to do. I got dressed before the boys came, my make up is done and my hair turned out perfect. I slipped my feet into pink flats and threw a few gold bangles onto my left wrist.

I turned around as Allie entered my room.

“So the idiot twins left us?” I ask sarcastically and smear more gloss on my lips.

“Yes, Allie replied. “You know, Jake is only looking out for you.”

“What?” I spun around and looked at her as if she just stated I have a tail growing out on my backside.

“Seriously girly! He wouldn’t have said that if he didn’t.”

“I don’t care who Jake cares for. I am happily dating Daniel and I can’t stand that self-righteous ass! Who does he think he is, telling me I don’t know Daniel well enough! I know more about Daniel than about him!”

I grabbed my car keys from my desk and started walking out of my room. I looked at Allie over my shoulder and my expression softens, “Come on girl, I’ll take you home before meeting Daniel.”

She just follows me and keeps quiet, clearly she is agreeing with Jake. AHHH I hate that guy, he is in school for two days and already he is turning my friends on me, telling me who I should date and upsetting me for no reason…..

Well, on that note! Good night! =]

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Carrie’s life! Chapter 3!!

Chapter 3

My books tumbled out of my arms for the second time that day as I slid down to the ground.

“Oh, I am so sorry, I didn’t see you there!”

“No, don’t worry it’s my fault, I was running like a maniac round that corner anyways.” I looked up from my books, only to find Daniel staring back at me.

Daniel was popular, but not the snobbish, player popular. Just the normal friends with every one kind of popular. I knew him from what I saw, but I doubted that he knew me.

He helped me up and returned my books to my arms. I smiled at him and started walking away; he grabbed my arm and looked at me intensely.

“What’s your name?”

See, I knew he didn’t know who I was. “Carrie,” I replied and walked away.


I rushed into my gym shorts and top and ran out to the track, after a quick, “Sorry I’m late” to Coach, I ran around the track, trying not to think about my day.

“Hey late-ass” Allie popped up besides me and we jogged together.

“You know me,” I replied, “Always late.”

Allie laughed, “But you don’t usually blush because you are late, do you?”

“Well no, but I do when Daniel Egan runs into me…”

“Daniel? Daniel Daniel??”

Now, Daniel was handsome, brown hair, blue eyes, built body, tall. A perfect popular…

“Yes Al, Daniel Daniel.”

“You have to tell me everything!”

“There is not much to tell, he ran into me, picked up my books, asked for my name and then I left.”

Allie stared at me and we ran the last few meters full-out as the bell rang. Allie continued to cross-examine me while we were dressing and all the way out of the school building.

“Allie! He just bumped into me! It’s nothing!” I yelled as I finally had enough.

She just smiled slyly and said, “then why is he standing next to your car?” before quickly running of to her car before I could even register her words.


I stared at Daniel leaning against the drivers’ door of my Mazda 3, a 17 birthday present, and slowly walked to the car.

“Hey, Daniel. Waiting for something?”

He laughed and replied, “Yes, you. I just wanted to apologize again for trampling you in the hallway.”

“It’s okay, really.” I said and pushed him lightly aside to open my door.

“It won’t be until I get to buy you coffee. Please?”

I looked at him and decide for once to ignore the mumbling voice inside my head.

“Fine,” I smiled and got into my car.

“4 o’clock? The Chill Bar?”

“See you there,” I replied while starting the car.

“Can’t wait Carrie,” He said just as I reversed away.

The Chill Bar was the most amazing coffee shop any one could ever imagine. It had every possible flavor of coffee, and I just loved the place. It’s specifically designed for teenagers and it was a very popular hang out for every one in our school.


As I parked my car outside the house I looked on my watch, 15:15. I only had three-quarters of an hour to get ready. I quickly ran upstairs after I locked the front door behind me. As always after school I first had a shower, I just hate school grime and then I got dressed.

Another skinny jean got picked along with a longish green shirt. I put on my black gladiator sandals and went to sit in front of the mirror. My black hair got a quick blow wave and I put on some Black eyeliner. I looked at myself in the mirror and was satisfied with what I saw.

Not looking to pretty, but like I made an effort, I mean Daniel is the most popular guy in school, and even if this is just an ‘I’m sorry’-coffee, I hadn’t had a date since January, after James and I broke up.

I slapped on some lip-gloss and saw that it was already five to four. After a quick note for my mom telling her where I’m at, I ran out of the house once again and into my car.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~3rd Person*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
(WRITERS’ NOTE: I just feel this part needs to be objective)

Daniel was already seated at a small table for two when Carrie came inside the shop.

“Can I help you miss?” the waitress asked as Carrie entered.

“No thanks, I’m meeting some one” Carrie saw Daniel in the corner and walked over to him.

Daniel stood up as Carrie approached him, he gave her a hug and they both sat down.
“Wow, if I knew we were suppose to get dressed up for sorry-coffee, I would have looked as nice as you do.”

Carrie glared at him and said, “I’m a girl, we enjoy looking nice”

“Oh, we enjoy it too, believe me.” Daniel laughed and summoned the waiter over.

“Two Iced Choccochino’s please”

Carrie looked at Daniel as he ordered and tried to shake the weird feeling she had away.

Daniel on the other hand looked at peace and very happy to be there.

And it was also Daniel who started up the conversation again.
“So, how come I haven’t seen you in school before?”

“Because the popular crowd doesn’t usually notice me.”

“Why?” Daniel asked confused.

“Because my best friend is gay.” Carrie replied, straightforward as always.

“That weird Oliver dude.”

“No, that normal Oliver dude.” Carrie looked challenging at Daniel as their drinks arrived.

“Okay okay, calm down girl.” Daniel laughed.

“No, Daniel. There’s a lot I can take, but never insult my friends.”

“Carrie please, I’m trying to get to know you. And clearly I’m not doing a great job at that.”

Carrie laughed and suddenly felt more comfortable, as if that small fight made everything better. The two off them chatted for hours that night, until Carrie’s mom phoned her at nine to remind her that she had school tomorrow.

“Come, I’ll drive behind you, some one has to make sure you don’t get into trouble.”

Daniel lightly hugged her and so a wonderful night had to end….

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Carrie’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

O.M.Gosh!! That was the most amazing night!! Okay, we did hit a glitch at the beginning of the evening, bit it only got more amazing after that. We talked about absolutely every thing, from useless groups in school to Black Sabbath. And I think I’m falling, for the first time in 8 months I’m falling again…

I just hope Daniel doesn’t just use me, or become a snob and don’t want to be seen with me or well just break my heart. I know it’s stupid and dumb to fall for some one on your first date, but I’m not really falling falling, I just really like him…

I pulled on my PJ’s and climbed in under my duvet before pulling out my phone.

**5 new messages**

ALLYCAT: Hey girl, whr r u??

OGuy: Babez, me & J needs ur help.

OGuy: So ur nt gonna hlp?

DANNY: Hi, thanx fr a gr8 nite. C u 2moz. mwa*

OGuy: CALL ME!!!

I laughed silently at Oliver and replied to Daniel before I phoned Oliver.

**Hey D! 2nite ws amazing, cnt wait 4 nxt tym. swt drmz. Mwa**

I quickly typed in Oliver’s number and listened as the phone ringed on the other side…

“Carrie!! Why didn’t you reply to any of my texts?”

“I have a live OJ!”

“Oh, what where you doing? Reading Harry Potter for the tenth time?”

“Bite me! I was drinking coffee with someone. Now what did you want Ollie?”


“No one, tell me what you wanted?”

“We need help with Romeo and Juliet. And you are the cleverest person in the whole grade.”

“Flattery will get you no where. Who are we?”

“Me and Jake?”

“You know how I feel about Romeo and Juliet”

“And still you get an A. Please Carrie, we are begging.”

“Tomorrow after school, my house.”

“Thanks Babe!!! You are a lifesaver.”

“Night Oliver.”


I put the phone down and dove back into my day-dream about how amazing tonight was until I fell asleep.



I sprang awake as my alarm clock sounded and turned on my radio as Iron Man from Black Sabbath played. It is the perfect wake up song. I danced my way to the shower and relaxed under the hot water as I washed my hair and body.

After I was finished in the bathroom I ran down the stairs to get me some coffee.

“Morning Mom! Morning Seth!” I greeted my mom and little brother before running back upstairs with my cup of coffee. I was rarely this energetic in the morning…

My clothes for the day consisted of a short knee-length jean short, a longish black crop top and a long pink necklace. Once again my gladiator sandals was pulled onto my feet and I pulled my hair into a messy bun after I towel dried it.

I drained the last of my coffee and skipped down the stairs only to remember I forgot my phone and ran back up again.

**1 new message**

ALLYCAT: Hey grl, could I get a lift plz? M car is stubborn.

After a quick piece of toast and a goodbye to Mom and Seth, I was finally ready for school. And smiling all the way.

As I pulled to a stop in front of Allie’s house I softly honked once and saw Allie running out.

“Hey Al’z!” I greeted her as she jumped into the front seat.

“Hey C! So what happened yesterday?”

“Yesterday?” I asked, playing dumb.

“You know, with Daniel.”

“Well, he just apologized again.”


“Asked me to go drink coffee with him.”


“I said yes.” I was beginning to enjoy this torture.

“And then??”

I laughed out loud and pulled into the school parking lot.

“We just talked and well, I really did have a great time. I may just like him.”

“Just be careful, babe” Allie warned half way out of the car.

“Why thought? I want to fall. I want to be happy.”

“Well start falling, C” She replied and looked over my shoulder at something before quickly walking away.

I twisted around and was amazed by the sight in front of me…

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Daniel’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Today I decided to surprise Carrie, yesterday was the most amazing time I have ever spend with a girl and I needed to show her that. She had to know I liked her. Even if I was popular and she wasn’t really, I liked her and that’s why I brought her the biggest teddy bear I could find at 8 o’clock in the morning.

It was pitch-black, almost as high as a small child and held a huge pink flower in his hands. I thought it was adorable and just the right amount of sweet not to say anything too clingy as of yet. And also the best way to get a girl to fall…

I smiled as I got closer to her and everyone in the parking lot turned to stare. Her eyes were wide in amazement and her mouth formed an unsure smile.

“Hey Carrie” I said as I reached her. She was standing next to her car, with the door still open behind her.

“Daniel,” She replied breathless.

I handed her the teddy bear and laughed at the expression on her face.

“Why?” It looked like that was the only words she could get out of her mouth.

I laughed again, “because you told me last night how much you liked teddies and I just happened to see this one and thought you would love it.”

“OH! I do!” She threw the teddy bear into her car and threw her arms around my neck, whispering a sweet ‘thank you’ into my ear.

I hugged her tightly and laughed as I saw her feet lifted of the ground as I hugged her.

Softly, I put her back on solid ground and closed her door with the bear sitting behind the steering wheel.

“Let’s go Shorty,” I joked as put my arm around her shoulders.

“Hey!” She softly hit me on the shoulder with her fist, “I’m not short, you are just abnormally long!”

We both laughed as we walked into the school building and I hugged her again as we went in different directions for our lockers. Carrie started walking away, but I just stood there looking at her, not believing she’s already starting to fall.

Just as Carrie made to turn around the corner, she turned back and noticed me still looking at her, she laughed at me, gave me a little wave and wink then walked out of sight.

“Whoa man!” I turned to see Darren, my best mate looking at me strangely.

“What man?” I asked as I turned around towards my own locker.

“That look only means you have fallen. And from what I heard, you have fallen.”

“What did you hear?”

“Well, Larissa enjoys gossiping and every one saw you giving that Carrie-girl a huge bear.” Larissa is Darren’s’ girlfriend, a total cheerleader, only bred to gossip and shop.

“And?” I replied, “Can’t I give a girl something without the whole school knowing about it?”

“Dude, as long as her gay friend leaves us alone, we don’t care.”

“You people are so prejudiced,” I said to him starting to lose my temper. I got out my books for first period and closed my locker. “It’s my life, man.”

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Carrie’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Walking through the corridor towards my locker I could feel the eyes on me. Absolutely EVERYONE saw Daniel and that huge bear. I secretly smiled to myself and loved every moment. I can be spontaneous as well; I don’t need to wait for something planned. I don’t need ‘the perfect guy’. I just wanted this.

Daniel clearly adored me, and I could say I felt any different. He made me smile, he understood me, Gosh, and he even ordered me the right coffee drink without even asking.

I was still smiling as I walked to English, basking in my own happiness for once and not caring about what any one else had to say!

As I came into the classroom, I saw Jake sitting with Allie and Oliver and realized not even he can spoil my mood right now. I never felt higher…

“Good morning, gorgeous people!” I greeted my friends as I sat down next to Allie, in front of Oliver and Jake.

“Whoa, some one is happy…” Oliver replied and winked at Allie.

I looked suspiciously between the two, “What did you tell?” I asked Allie.

“Just that you had a little date… And got a small surprise this morning. Well not that small from what I saw.”

Oliver laughed and asked, “So are we still on for this afternoon? Romeo and Juliet?”

“O, yeah. I just have to drop of Allie, and then we can meet at my house.”

“No, it’s fine,” Allie interjected, “I will come with. I always need more help on this crap” She motioned towards her books and we all burst out laughing.

Nothing could break my mood today, I thought as Mrs. Wilkins enters the class. And so another boring hour of Shakespeare history droned on…