Miss 101!

So, Miss Alysia over here at this epic blog was follower number 101, and as I am still waiting for number 100 to reply on my guest blog offer, I asked her if she would like to contribute something, and boy did she deliver?!

Here is an amazing poem from the hands of Alysia!

Shadows Array
From the moonlight we see
Those who dwell within
Cross my heart and pray
It was just but him
I can see no more the light shining through
But feel the rain that bears I shall do
Standing there, just shadows array
Falling above from within the sky
From the sunshine we glimpse
Those that form the ray
Holding each breath
Hoping he would say
I can feel the heat burning right through
But sense him say that I did too
Standing there just shadows array
Falling above from within the sky
From the gathering we eye
Those that lie beneath
Placing what’s left
Nothing but wreath
I can hear the final words echoing through
But say to myself why is it you
Standing there just shadows array
Falling above from within the sky
written by alysia

Thank you, Alysia!!




Hey faithful readers…

It’s been about 72 days since I have last posted!! (I think I should’ve gone with two months… It sounds shorter) But I am not here to make excuses or anything… I am just here to tell you why and what is my next moves!

WHY????? was I MIA? Well as most of you know I am working now… And it has gotten hectic since January! Two of the girls resigned and I am now doing double work, which gives me DOUBLE stress, I promise you I wake up at midnight and remember nonsensical things that I should have done at work! And I just can’t seem to find blogging time… When I get home it is chores, dinner and then I curl up with a book waiting for half past nine so that I can sleep!

And I felt guilty, because I promised to blog regularly, to stay in touch, etc… But I just couldn’t. SO I decided to start a new blog (mixed signals hey, no time, but new blog)… This blog will be more irregular, it will be about books, and I won’t make any promises about postings!!!


^ that is the new blog’s site!

Then I want to apologize… I haven’t read ANY blogs in about 3 months… I have about a 1000 emails in my inbox for blogs I have to read… I am going to delete all that emails, I am going to start afresh… I will never catch up on that posts and for that I am disappointed in myself. But I will from today read blogs DAILY…. (Hopefully) so I won’t get so behind anymore!!!

Thanks for everyone still reading… And I will not discontinue this blog, I will just not post till I know I have time for the commitment I want to make to it!

Please do visit Books and Babbling, where you will be hearing from me!


Let the celebrations begin….


I am beginning the 1000th comments party!

I will head each post with the name of the poster and I will link htem! My thoughts will be in pink [I should get some say!!]

Also, every one of you… Please grab this buttons if you want to!

The marvelous Kellie made them for me!

Be sure to contact her if you need a button made for your blog! =]


Enjoy the celebrations!!!!! =]

My blogging Family…

I dedicate this poem to every single one of you… My Blog Family.

You touch my heart
From a million miles away
You fill my soul
With a thousand smiles a day
Never forget…
These post we share,
I know there is many,
But they are rare…
I love you dearly,
I really do!
Not a day goes by,
Without thinking of you.
This is simple words,
They aren’t really fit.
To say what I feel,
I’ll need a whole new bit!

Yes, okay the last line sucked a bit… Lol. But I think it is pretty good for something made up on the spot!

You guys really deserve more than an impromptu poem, these words aren’t enough! Which is why I am inviting EVERY ONE of you who has ever commented [or haven’t] on my blog to write me a guest  post. To be released on the day I get a 1000 comments![Just write anything up you want, and e-mail it to me!] [marliz3e@gmail.com]

I really want you all to be part of this special occasion, because without you all, this blog wouldn’t be!

I love you!!!!



I realized something today… Most of the blogs I read is of  ‘older people’ [don’t get me wrong you guys, I love reading about your lives!!]

I JUST tallied up my blogroll… The results are in, blogs around my age… 11.

Blogs by people from about 25… 19

Not such big a difference actually. And I just somewhere between counting blogs and typing about blogs lost my point for this post! So I will just continue being random!! =]


Today is the 19th, which means only SIX days till Christmas, it also means only SIX days till I see the coolest cousin in the whole world! =]

The dorky looking one on the right is me, the blonde, cute one is her! I absolutely adore her! And I just realised I haven’t gotten her a gift yet! [GASP] ***Need to go shopping NOW****


I just realised I haven’t done a resolutions update in a while… Let’s fix that!

  1. Write a little every day! Poems, flash fiction, fiction. Anything. Just write! I wrote!! Well I re-read my story to get the feel of it back, but at least I made a move towards it!!
  2. Blog every day!! Umm, I’m not sure, I blogged semi-reguraly, and I double posted most days, I am sure it counts each other out! =]
  3. Journal everyday, or every two days. But VERY regularly!Nothing, I didn’t even LOOK at my journal! =[
  4. Stop fighting for no reason and admit when wrong……..Nope…. I fought…
  5. Read every day. Slipping up on this one!
  6. Postcross and pen pals, more regular!!I didn’t sent any letters or cards, but then again, I didn’t receive any either…
  7. Eat a bit healthier.Uhhh, yeah, let’s try this next week! =]
  8. EAT BREAKFAST!!I did this! Every day this week! =]
  9. Exercise at least every other day. Nope… One day this week!
  10. Go to bed by ten pm. Nope, but I’m not at work anymore, so I think this one is null and void until next year!
  11. NO junk food… [I’m going to struggle here]I did eat take-aways, but they were semi healthy. Let’s not count the KFC…
  12. ONE sweet per week.Less than usual, but cookies in the house is very evil!!!
  13. Cut out ALL the negativity in my life, get rid off the ‘bad’ people, draw the ‘good’ ones closer.Well, I stopped talking to the ‘bad ones’
  14. Stop being negative!!I still don’t believe in me… So no.
  15. Do not suppress emotions. But DO think before speaking. I am more honest, and I think before I speak!! =]


I will try to journal tonight and post the pages tomorrow


If you still want to read my protected post, you are welcome to. Just email me for the password [marliz3e@gmail.com]


Enjoy your Sunday! [Now I want a sundae]


Beware!!!! [a guest post]

Hello, my name is Mark. Many of you know me as “The Idiot” who writes the blog The Idiot Speaketh. Marlize has asked me to write a guest blog for her, for about the 12th time this year, which of course, I am always happy to do for her. [I am sure it is not THAT much, and if it is. Then it is his own fault for commenting so much . But don’t stop!!]

Marlize, like most 19yr old women, is having a few issues in the “guy” department at the moment.

While Johan is her physical father…

I am her online Father… [he truly is…]

And if you are a living and breathing South African male in the 18-23 [one of them is 24, does that include him in the hit list?] yr old range, and you happen to hurt my online daughter Marlize…. I WILL hunt you down and will HURT you!!

Marlize is one of the happiest, upbeat, and most positive women you will ever hope to encounter. [awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww]She loves to laugh and giggle. If you are unable to make her laugh, you might as well leave now. You will never be worthy of her, and if you truly do not make her laugh, I WILL hunt you down and will HURT you.

She is very devoted to her family. She has a loving Mother, Father, and older Sister. All are excellent rugby players. I have it on good authority that the sister and Mother both crippled men in the past during particularly rough rugby matches. Translation: If you hurt Marlize, her family WILL hunt you down and will HURT you.

She has an office full of co-workers that all love and adore Marlize. Marlize is way too professional to get tangled in a relationship with a co-worker, so if you are a co-worker, and you have any dreams along that line, you might as well give up now. If not, you know the drill, I WILL hunt you down and will HURT you!

Marlize will make one of you an excellent girlfriend. She will probably be the best girlfriend you will ever have. But just know this…..

She chats with me often…

and will tell me everything….

yes…everything…. [LOL, this is true…]

I have many friends and have many resources at my disposal.

Even though I am thousands of miles away…

I WILL hunt you down and will HURT you.

Make my little girl happy!

Or else!!


The Idiot  (Marlize’s Online Dad) [I love this post soooo much!]


[Thanks Mark! This post was accounted to the fact that Mark was my 950th commenter, which means the next one is BIG!!! A 1000 comments… =] All remarks in THIS colour is my opinion]

My apologies!!

Hey lovely readers og my blog!!!

This post is all about apologies!!!


Well, because it is my blog and I can say what I wanna blog about! =]

  1. Apologies to Kellie for neglecting her 25 days of Christmas wish-list!
  2. Apologies to THIS guy, for still not completing his questions!!
  3. Apologies to MYSELF for not finishing my journal challenge!
  4. Apologies to all of you for not blogging so frequently!
  5. To all I need to apologize to and have forgotten/didn’t know

But I know apologies alone cannot solve the problems, so I will try do finish the journal challenge before week-end, as well as the questions [surveys] for YourJadedVoices.

As for my wishlist, I am hoping to resume regular wishing tomorrow.

For now, me and my lovely sister are going to the movies [yes AGAIN!] and I am anticipating a night of great fun!!

Be good y’all!! =]