What book would you re-read again and again???

Harry Potter costumes

Oh…. Now this is a question I love!! Books are my first love and a passion of mine! But whenever asked this question I stumble a bit…There are so many books I love, and so many I love to re-read…

But if I have to go on current 'statistics' I have to say the answer is any book in the Harry Potter-series…

I love HP, I love the movies, I love the books, I ADORE the characters and I love the writing style. And personally I think the BEST fantasy books comes out of the UK… =] [I'm a sucker for the British]

But if I have to choose something NOT in a series, it will have to be…. No, sorry, I can't think of anything! I love my books too much… But if [when] I come up with a real answer, you will be the first to know!



My Favorite Summer Memory

Hmmmm, swimming with friends, eating watermelons! Pool parties, late night swimming and simply enjoying the sun!

Being in the middle of winter while the other half of the world is sweating to death in summer is SAD!!

I always love summer, even if I'm SO hot, bored, lazy. I love it! I can swim any time, I can go for walks, I just LOVE it!!



Oatmeal… Seriously??


So while I’m sitting at home, searching for a job, my dad decided it would be good if I actually do something while here, which is how I became the “maid” / “housewife”. Now for the past month or so my dad was busy at the house, building etc.

This morning, me still half asleep and with just one cup of coffee in, he came up to me and asked for oatmeal… WHAT? ? ? ?

There’s many thing I can do, dinner, pudding, chocolate cake. But porridge.. NO! ! ! So immediately I start panicking… I phone my mom and get the recipe ijfcutfulhbfd/gdh [sorry spider]. After a few deep breaths I start making oatmeal..

According to my dad it was delicious.But I wouldn’t know, there wasn’t enough 😛

So today I wanna give you My recipe of the day!


  • First boil water and get a bowl
  • Throw a bit of salt into the bowl
  • When the water is boiled thrown in water [about 4 cups]
  • Now add the oats [about two and a half cups]
  • Microwave for a minute
  • Stir
  • Add more oats if too runny, add more water if too lumpy.
  • Stir
  • Microwave another minute
  • Add butter [about a spoon full]
  • Microwave more until it taste cooked.
  • Voila!!

Now you have oatmeal, add sugar, more butter and enjoy! Or give it to some one else to enjoy if you don’t trust your cooking skills.

If anything explodes or harm anyone…. You never read this…



Happy blogging

Waking up…

*YAAAAAAWN*  *shakes head* *sips coffee*

Hmmm now I’m awake! Morning!!

Oh, I can’t decide if I’m a morning person or not, I enjoy sleeping late, I enjoy staying up late. But I work best late night or early morning, that’s when my creativity strike mostly. Or just before I go to sleep, then I get my best ideas!

Today is another cold day in SA, but the sky is blue and I feel good about the day, as if something nice is gonna happen, with my luck not! But let’s hope! 😀

Well I promised you a hottie and here he is!

This is an local [South African] singer, Bobby van Jaarsveld. He is drop dead gorgeous! And if life was a fairytale, I would marry him =] hmmmmmmmm I’ll just swoon all day over this picture!

  • I discover an oldie I wanna share with you, it’s a song my mom used to listen to when she was my age and I just grew to love it, A LOT!!

The leader of the pack – Shangri-Las

It’s kind of a tragic song, but beautiful! Hope you enjoy it!

Some days I wish life was perfect and I was part of the Upper East Side with Chuck or Nate begging at my feet and Serena and Jenny as my best friends. But life is not a Gossip Girl set and nothing turns out that perfect, oh they have problems, sure. But even their problems turns out perfect…

On days like that, when I realize I’m never gonna be a ‘Gossip Girl’ I just remember what I do have. Friends, loyalty, parents that love [and sometimes annoy me], a sister that’s my best friend, music, books. I have somewhere to escape to, even if it’s just my own imagination. They can’t, they have to stay in their perfect world and deal with it…

So take a day to escape and discover yourself outside the ‘fantasy’ world of TV [unless you wanna live in Mystic Falls with Stefan or Daemon, then you have to take me with!]

Loves! ☺

Hello world!


This is blog is gonna be for every girl out there. It will cover various subjects:

  • Boys
  • Make-up
  • Clothes!!
  • Problems
  • Food =]
  • TV and movies
  • Music

What more can a girl want? Well except a hunny-bunny to keep you warm all winter and rub you with suntan lotion in summer.

Today I only have a few things to share….

  1. My hottie for the day!
Hmmm Stefan Salvatore....

I cannot think of a hotter guy in my sight at this moment! He is GORGEOUS, he adores Elana and is actually a softie with his brother, Damon Salvatore [another great beaut! – Ian Somerhalder]

2. Song for the day…

Sad to say it, but it is a Disney song today… The new movie Starstruck [Disney channel original] was amazing. A real chick flick with great music. My fav is Hero by Sterling Knight. It’s a song every girl wants to be sung to her by her knight in shining armor…. Listen and fall =]

3. Just a little something I learned…

Never be anyone you don’t wanna be. Go out and speak, scream, yell. Do what you have to do to get YOU over to people. Never let go of your dreams, ideals or morals. No one is worth it!

Well thats that Bloggers!

Be the best you!