Almost Christmas!!!

Tomorrow is the 1st of December!

WOW!!! Where did this year go??? Before I [finally] put up a journal page… Here is the Top Ten Things I want for Christmas!! =]

  1. A laptop… LOL
  2. A BlackBerry
  3. A Webcam [okay now I’m done with the tech stuff!]
  4. A snazzy new handbag!
  5. BOOKS!!!!
  6. Harry Potter Box set DVD’s!
  7. HIMYM DVD’s
  8. A week-long vacation with the Sister!
  9. Small pretty things…. [Lol, I like random pretty things Okay!!!]
  10. A new duvet set!

Weirdest list ever…. What do you wish for this Christmas??

Now, a journal post!!!


This one is all about guilty pleasures… I named my page “I secretly Love….” so I went with that rather than guilty pleasures, but it’s all the same!!

I KNOW Glee is a secret nor guilty pleasure, but how can I NOT put it in???

Hope you have a great day!!!


Why I like working….

Hello dear blogging world!!

Today is Tuesday, which [on a normal non-rushed post] means Top Ten!!!

**Claps and cheers**

So I present to you….

The top ten reasons why I enjoy working!!

  1. I ::love:: the people…
  2. I can Facebook every now and then
  3. Coffee whenever I want it
  4. Of course, I get money…
  5. I have a reason to stand up! [staying at home meant no real reason!]
  6. The ‘bed’ days remind me why I need to write and become self-sustainable
  7. Learning new things
  8. It’s an excuse to wear cute office clothes!!
  9. Making fun of each other!
  10. Not being BORED!!!!!!!

I :know: this was a slightly boring top ten.. But all the ideas for the post I had during the day flew away!!

Oh wait I just remembered one!!!

11. The time I got OFF work, most of you guys still have to GO TO work, or just started!! LOL

Anyways…. Here is my journal page!

Journal Prompt #20!

Name one MONTH you like and the reasons why…

I choose September for the obvious ‘It’s my Bday’ -reason as well as various other reasons!!

Have a wonderful, breathtaking day!!! =]

Can’t think of a cool name!! =]

Lol, I am sure that is the most obvious name ever!!!

I realized today that it is Thursday and that use to mean Top 10 day… Can any one remember when last I did one?

Yeah, me neither!!!

So before any journal pages is getting posted, I will do a top ten on things I found out this week…

  1. Some people just can’t be trusted… No matter how much they meant to you!
  2. With that in mind, I have to say I learned forgiveness… And although I have forgiven them for what have happened, I am still trying to forget, and until I do, they will not know they have been forgiven.
  3. The weirdest, strangest people sometimes make the best friends.
  4. If you think about something [to eat] long enough, you will get such a craving for it, you will bribe people to go and buy it for you
  5. The best memories happen by accident
  6. NaNoWriMo is not the best option for me!!!
  7. It hurts to hurt someone, but it makes you happy to know you prevented a bigger heartache!
  8. NEVER wear a white shirt when it looks like rain…
  9. People in the office… They gossip… POINT
  10. I am now the owner of a new nickname GIGGLES. [visit the Idiot Speaketh for more info…]

Yeah… An eventful week for me thus far!! And I just need to warn you, I may disappear again this weekend, just  a heads up, but maybe it won’t happen!!

Now a journal page!!

Put your playlist on random, and list the next ten songs….

I hope you can read all that… [Mark, PUT ON  YOUR GLASSES FIRST!]

I hope you are all well!


PS… I do wonder what was my nickname before Giggles…… What nickname would YOU give me??

What a [hilarious] day!!

Anyone who has been in contact with me today will know I am a bit out of it… Why??? LOOOOOONG story! But do not fret that will come up.

But firstly, Day 13!!

List SIX things you never want to or can’t live without….

I hope you can read all of that…

Now it is time for Magic Monday… This is wishes I feel like needing right now…

  • I wish…. My heart was made of stone or at least a few bricks
  • I wish…. Friends would never hurt you!
  • I wish…. For men to realize the powers the have over a girl’s heart!
  • I wish…. Every one knew the powers a friendly smile and some support could do to you
  • I wish…. Them happiness, but not if it causes me misery!
  • I wish…. She would realize I actually am her friend!
  • I wish…. He would know how much it hurt me…
  • I wish…. To quickly bounce back from sadness!

Yeah…. I take it for granted that most of you realized by now that I got hurt BAD by the Infatuation… And some one else! But I don’t want to elaborate… But if you really want to know e-mail or Facebook me…

Thank you all for being here, being true and not being backstabbers!!

I truly love my blog family!! [Layla you too!]

Pictures Galore! Holly The Strange

Once again… I SUCK!!!! You see her saying 550th comment? I am now at 800! So you know how much I suck….

Hey guys and girliez! Holly [The Strange] here, Marliz3e invited me to do a guest post to celebrate her 550th comment (which was mine!)

So what I’ve done here is Ten Things That Make Me Happy. Some are going to be incredibly obvious, but I’m just that type of person. To make this a bit different I’m including photographs to illustrate this list. Enjoy!

First one (and only one that’s in order) is *My Chemical Romance* (I said I’m obvious!) They have been my favorite band for what is coming up to 3 years now (at time of posting.) In those few years they went from being a band that make music that I love, to something that I now almost worship… the “almost” part might be officially omitted at some point.


Next up is *Books/Reading.* This has always been one of my favorite hobbies since I was really young. What really got me started was when my Dad read me the Harry Potter series, then I wanted to read it for myself.



Something that has always made me happy is *dogs!* I don’t have my own, but when I’m older I intend to get two. Instead of finding a real dog to photograph I’ve decided to take a photo of a few of my stuffed toy dogs. The Chihuahua at the back I call “Mega-Death,” because if I had a real one that’s what I’d call it.


Another thing that makes me happy is how I dress. You can probably blame my favorite band for turning me to the “dark-side” but after discovering alternative music I developed a love of *alternative clothing* to go with it. The brand “Emily the Strange” is where I took my blog name from.


Another fairly obvious one is *The Sims.* I’ve been playing ever since I was seven when I played Sims 1 at an old friends house. It is how I first bonded with my best friend and I plan to get a Sims tattoo when I’m older. What’s not to love about making then controlling the lives of virtual people? Especially when you know that there’s a whole community of other people who share your love and are just as willing to show it!


This next one I share with my Dad, one thing we can both agree on is that *New York* is the best city we’ve been to! He’s been a lot more times than me, but from what I’ve seen I’m pretty convinced. It really is as good as it’s made out to be.


You might think I’m a bit of girly girl when I say that I love jewelry, however my favorite kind is *jewelry that looks like weapons.* Creepy I know, but I’m such a sucker for razor blade earrings!


One that’s displayed here and on my blog is *photography.* I really enjoy taking photos, it’s like capturing created art. My photos are displayed on both of my blogs.


Another one that’s displayed on my blog is *drawing.* I’m no good, but I love that feeling of being inspired and creating the amazing idea that I’ve come up with. My collection is displayed on my main blog, (HollyTheStrange.)


This last one is the only time I’m proud of myself, I’m not the best writer in the world, but I’m probably the second worst. I love *knowing that I write better than Stephenie Meyer!* That woman can’t write. For anyone wondering how the photo is linked to this, it’s the front cover of the book I’m currently writing.

So that’s it for now guys! It’s been fun making this guest post and I hope you all like reading it.

Thank you Holly!! I truly am sorry to only get it up now!!! If I own any one a response to anything, please let me know, cause I forget so easily!!!

Kellie- a Musical top 10!!


I am such a scatterbrain!! This guest post was sent almost 13 days ago!!! What is wrong with me????

Thank you, the marvelous Marlize for inviting me to guest post! I am thrilled that you asked me to be a part of your awesomely entertaining blog! 🙂

I LoVe reading your top ten’s so I decided to do one myself 🙂

I am currently running a series of posts called The Treadmill Diaries, to keep everyone posted on my weight loss… or lack thereof lol … and music is of course, a major player in my motivation. If the D.J. is spinning some good tunes, then I am kicking some serious booty on the “beast” (that’s my treadmills name)!

But there are some times when my station slacks and doesn’t offer me up some booty kickin sounds to walk to. So, I have made this top ten playlist for my workout:
Eminem – I’m Not Afraid – This is my warm up song… nice steady beat, and it has officially become my fight song! 🙂
I Like It – Enrique Iglesias– because I LiKe Enrique! this one gets the heart pumping! Well, HE gets my heart pumping!
Baby – Justin Bieber – This is just a fun song, period.
Sexy Bitch – David Guetta – How can you not wana walk off the cellulite when your listening to this one?
Tik Tok – Kesha – Again, another fun song and great beat for steppin’!
Just Dance – Lady Gaga – Do-do-n-do just dance! LoVe it!
California Girls – Katy Perry – Well, if you follow my blog, then u know y this one is on the list!
3 – Britney Spears – Britney, like Katy has a body I want! So, if she’s sweating to this, so am I!
OMG – Usher– and this is because right about now, I’m saying “Oh my god, is it over yet?”
Disturbia – Rihanna – this one is just a must!
Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back – and just when im bout to give up, I have to remind myself that in order to bring sexy back… I must…. keep… walking!

Thanks Marlize! I hope this was even a tad bit as entertaining as your top-tens! You rock girlie!

Thank you Kellie from Magic in the Backyard! Please do go check her out!!

Discovering me # 7 and a little jail time…

Morning you all!!

I am excited for this day… For some reason! I feel good about today!

Journal Prompt #7

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what THREE things would you want with you… Once again this is a FUN prompt, so water and food is not allowed!

I really like this page of me… But the lighting is BAD!! My three things is Music, books and puck from Glee! =]

Now I have a Top Ten for you all…

TOp ten things I will probably end up in jail for…

  1. Stealing a road sign
  2. Road rage
  3. assaulting someone who is abusing woman and children
  4. Skinny-dipping on a public beach at night
  5. Being TOOOOOOO loud
  6. Jay-walking =]
  7. Randomly kissing someone just because he is sexy…
  8. Public disturbance
  9. Illegal street party
  10. assaulting of animal-abusers

Wondering how I came up with this list…. Well, after I put a very sweet and loving message to my sister as my status on Facebook, my sister and The Idiot, demolishes my sweet message by talking about how she had to bail me out of jail AGAIN, and that’s why I love her!

My response… Me? Jail?? NEVER!!! =]

Have a lovely day!!

Am I getting GREEN??

Today I decided to do my top ten on randomness, just to get every one filled in on what is happening and just because there is so much I want to share!

  1. I think I am getting more and more green [Eco-green, not jealous-green!] WHY?? I drink water from taps or bottles from home, I make coffee in my own carry-mug and not Styrofoam cups, I recycle paper every now and then, I don’t eat fish for five, almost six, years now. Ever since I heard they are endangered and now the taste puts me off! I WALK to work!! It’s only one kilometer, and only for this week. But still! Wow… I’m awesome!! =]
  2. This weekend at camp we organized an on the spot musical chairs. And the WHOLE church joined in. I’m talking the pastor, the kids, the parents, even the ‘old’ people!! We had a few fallers, but beyond that it was amazingly good fun!!!
  3. I, who live in jeans, can only wear jeans on Friday! ONLY!!! =[
  4. My mom and dad is currently in Kgalagadi, a wildlife park on the edge of Botswana!
  5. My rugby team [not mine, the one I support] is in the finals for the Currie Cup [that is a tournament between all our provincial teams]
  6. The dogs are still angry with us for leaving them alone all weekend!
  7. I am slightly terrified because getting this job means I am so much closer to getting my license! EEEEEEKKKKKK!
  8. I am SO very excited for the journal challenge. Please everyone join in! Even if you aren’t artistic. It is not about you talent or the ‘prettiness’ it is about you!!
  9. I [so far] love my co-workers, except for the fact that there is NO talent!! But I guess it is for the better… =]
  10. Lastly, I am so touched by you all. When ever I check my mail, or my comments, I see a comment from one or five of you, wishing my luck, cheering my on, just being wonderful! Please go read the post on The Idiot Speaketh’s blog titled My Blogging Family… It says what I am trying to say.

You guys touch my heart, I never though I would be some one to be such great friends with so many people all over the world! Thank you for everything!!

Top 10 Halloween Facts! [a guest blog!]

Hey Bloggers!! Tony over at All Phun and Games won a guest blog post!! [#650, keep up!] and he sent me the COOLEST Halloween fact post! Enjoy it!

My wife came back in the bedroom this morning to wake me up, and just when she was at my side of the bed I decided to wake up and swung my legs around almost kicking her in the face in the process. It was not a good start to the morning. I though I was doomed after that. But, since I didn’t kick her in the face, I guess that was a good sign. So, I go sit on our computer chair and drink some juice.  I turned on the computer to check my email, only because I forgot my iPhone in the bedroom. Much like Marlize, I was pleasantly surprised to find an email from the magnificent Marlize saying that I was the 650th commenter and I was selected to be a guest blogger. WOO HOO! So I thought to myself, WWMBA(What would marlize blog about)? A Top 10 Thursday it is. I realized coming into this post that it had to be one of epic proportions. Without further ado, I give you:


Top 10 Interesting Facts About Halloween
(If you’ve ever read my blog, you’ll know that I go a little more in-depth with my Top 10’s, but that’s just my style.)

10. There are 16 days until Halloween!
This one actually could be number 1, but I decided it to be best at number 10 this way you can see it first 😀

9. Halloween has many names.
It is most often referred to as All Hallow’s Eve though. Halloween originated as a Pagan holiday in which they honored the dead.

8.Hershey’s Krackel and Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins rank 1st and second among the most popular candy on Halloween. At least my favorite(Reese’s Cups) made second place. I dunno what it is about chocolate and peanut butter that is so good!

7. Spiders on Halloween.
If you see an actual spider on Halloween, it is said to be the spirit of a loved one watching over you. I’ll definitely have to look out for any spiders. I have quite a few that have passed away in the past 10 years.

6. 86% of American’s decorate their houses for Halloween.
Wow, I didn’t realize the percentage was that high. I need to find a statistic for Average Length Halloween decorations are left up. Some people in my area Decorate for Halloween as early as October 1st and sometimes leave them up until Thanks Giving. (Note to Marlize: How many people on average decorate in South Africa for Halloween? Is Halloween as big where you live as it is in America?) In South Africa Halloween is celebrated by the select few. I dunno why as it RULES, but I rarely get the chance to dress up, let alone go trick-or-treating! Very, very sad!! But I really don’t have an average!!

5. The colors Orange and Black
Orange represents the Fall Harvest, while Black represents the color of Darkness.

4. Halloween is the 3rd Biggest Party day, behind New Year’s Eve and Super Bowl Sunday.
(This is funny because where I work, Halloween is our busiest day, followed by Super Bowl Sunday and New Year’s Eve.)

Jack-o'-lantern on Halloween
Image via Wikipedia

3. About 99% of all pumpkins are used for carving Jack-o-Lanterns.


2. The origins of Collecting Candy.
Back in the 1930’s, the tradition of playing

pranks on Halloween went to an extreme and a movement began to substitute playing pranks for going door to door collecting candy. (I always thought playing pranks was just one Mischief Night, which is the night before Halloween.)

1. Halloween in Ireland is known as Samhain. (I’m Irish, what do you expect?)
Samhain marked the end of the harvest, the end of the “lighter half” of the year and beginning of the “darker half”. It was traditionally celebrated over the course of several days. Many scholars believe that it was the beginning of the Celtic year. It has some elements of a festival of the dead. The Gaels* believed that the border between this world and the otherworld became thin on Samhain; because some animals and plants were dying, it thus allowed the dead to reach back through the veil that separated them from the living.

*The term “Gael” is sometimes used for modern Irish or Scottish Celts regardless of their language.


Thanx Tony!! I really didn’t know half this stuff! SO cool…